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Chapter 5


Alice and I brought all the food over to the table as Dad hung up his belt. The conversation soon picked up as Alice talked endlessly about everything. Charlie and I hardly talked as we couldn't get in much.


"Girls, that was a great dinner," Charlie commented. "Now, if you don't mind I am going to go watch the game."

I handed Alice a plate for her to dry, "So, Bella I still have tons of clothes to unpack and I figured you could help me unpack them. Then you could sleep in my room tonight. It'll be like a sleepover!" She was practically bouncing by the time she finished her sentence.

I couldn't help but to giggle at her buoyant nature, "Sure, Alice, sounds good. As soon as we finish the dishes."

Her face fell as she turned her eyes back down to the pile of dishes being contained by the sink. "It's going to take us forever to do them. How in the world you survive without a dishwasher is beyond me!"

I felt slightly defensive as she said this. There's nothing wrong with not having a dishwasher. "It will take us forever if you don't start drying these," I pointed to the clean, soap swathed dishes waited to be rinsed and dried.

"Oh, right."

Conversation halted as we picked up the pace on washing. And as I predicted, it didn't take us forever. But that's Alice for you, always being overdramatic. Just as I put the last dish I heard Alice take a big intake of breath, "Yay! We're done! Okay, come on, upstairs!" She looped her arm through mine and tugged me up the stairs. Most would think it was a wonder she even could, but looks can be deceiving, right? She actually has a vast reservoir of strength.

We immediately dug into her suitcases when we arrived at her room. It's quite funny how to people who shred wombs can turn out so differently. Aren't twins supposed to be alike? Because Alice and I sure aren't. I would NEVER own this much clothes. How could any one person possibly need so many clothes?

I can't deny it, though it did take forever, I had fun spending time with Alice. Conversation never died, but then again, we did have various events from our entire lives to tell each other about. Talking with Alice also distracted me from my dilemma. You know, my do-want-to-date-my-boyfriend-or-try-my-luck-with-my-best-friend dilemma.

The two of us were absolutely dead by the time we got Alice's clothes, and other various items, unpacked. We dropped as soon as the last article was safely tucked away in the dresser.

The black void in my mind was quickly filled with a scene of Jasper, Edward, and I. Each arm was latched to one of them. I continuously glanced between the two of them. I think my unconscious body was telling me that I needed to pick between the two of them. I didn't get to see if I picked one of them in my dream due to the phone ringing, waking me up.


On the other end of the line I heard, "Hi Bella! It's Jasper! We were all hoping that you and Alice would come to our house today. Seeing as how we know next to nothing about Alice," He paused for a second, "And I also wanted to see you."

"Sure Jasper. What time should we come?"

"Oh, say, an hour? We figured you could hang out the whole day. You know, go do something eventually."

"Alright. Is Rosalie coming?"

"Yes, she'll be here soon."

"Okay. Well bye."


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