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Alert! Cute little OC in this chapter. Do not be fooled by her cuteness!

Chapter 11:

Shut down

Although they didn't know why, Professor Membrane's team started working on the spaceship that was big enough to hold the whole town. On the inside, it should look like a hotel at the top with a lab at the bottom. The professor had called a few of the professor's world wide and they had also started building it. Unknown to the civilians, scientists and engineers all over the world were working on a spaceship. No one knew why, but professor Membrane told them that they would know soon enough.Dib and Gaz had packed a few things to take along with them. Zim on the other hand, had to just click a button and his whole base would be packed into his voot cruiser. GIR had no idea what was going on and just packed a few taquitos realizing that they would be going somewhere.

(Page Break)

One day, Zim walked out at night while it was raining, because he liked to walk in the rain. While walking through the park, someone grabbed Zim from behind and put their hands on his mouth to stop him from yelling out. His spider legs automatically shot out but then a weird feeling took over Zim and the spider legs went back in. It took him a while to realize that someone was petting his antennae.

"W-what are you doing?" asked Zim, and he guessed it MUST be Slay.

"It's a shut down, petting your antennae makes you relax, completely…" she smirked. It was indeed, Slay. Zim's body went limp,

"You're planning to drag me onto your ship, aren't you?" he asked, sleepily. His eyes were drooping.

"Exactly," she replied, an evil glimmer in her eyes.

"You lowly life form," he whispered. She smirked. Zim couldn't move anymore and his eyes were drooping so low that he could only see a sliver of the world through his eyelids. Slay was still petting his antennae, and by the time they made it to the ship, he was asleep.

Slay pulled him inside and dropped him into a corner. Her ship was a newer version of the voot cruiser that Zim uses. It was the size of a bedroom, unlike Zim's, which was the size of an airplane bathroom. Well, maybe a bit bigger…

She called the Tallest. Their picture came onto the screen, and Red asked,

"Did it work?" she smiled evilly, and nodded. Red continued, "good, return to Irk, there is no need to blow up the planet, they have good snacks." Slay saluted,

"Yes my Tallests!" and they hung up.

"Don't you think that was a little… low? You know, using that trick on Zim?" asked Purple.

"Oh come on! Don't go soft on me now Pur! Remember, Zim put Irk into complete darkness for three years! And he was only 5 minutes old!" said Red.

"Yeah, I guess your right… HEY LOOK!! DONUTS AND MILKSHAKE!!!" replied Pur. They whooped and ran to get some. The scientists controlling the Massive shook their heads and sighed.

"They really do love snacks, don't they?" said one.

"Yup," answered another.

(Page Break)

On her ship, Slay got out her keys and put them in the ignition. When she turned them, nothing happened.

"What?" she tried again, "what is this? This stupid ship is brand new!!" she kicked it, and then grabbed her foot and yelled in pain, "OW! That's some hard metal!"

"Boy, you sure can say that again!" said a squeaky voice from somewhere.

"What the..? WHO ARE YOU! SHOW YOURSELF!" she yelled, a laser gun coming out of her pack. The steering wheel was knocked out, (or whatever those things you drive airplane things are called,) and out of the big hole came a small little light purple alien, no bigger then the height of where a full grown Human's knee would be. (A/N: A head smaller than Dib of course! Lol.)

It had two black antennae type things on its head. They were as thick as arms and long enough to drag on the floor. She had dark purple hair that fell to her shoulders in a circular shape. Her eyes were huge and the color of her hair. Her clothes were a simple dress reaching down to her knees, they were, you guessed it, dark purple. The only thing on her that didn't seem to be purple were her huge antennae.

"HI! I'm Zlig! Who are you!?" Zlig said with such cuteness that Slay put away her weapon, and kneeled down, but even so, was still taller then her. (Slay is average human height, which is very tall for an Irken. She's only about an inch shorter then the Tallest.)

"AWW! You're so cute!" Slay was automatically taken in by the cuteness, "I'm Slay!" Zlig looked Slay over. Like Zim, she had grown hair. It blond and wavy and it reached down to her shoulders. She was wearing an Invader's uniform, but it looked cooler than Zim's old one. Her eyes were not one red and one black like Zim's, but instead they were blue.

"My ship crashed here on this pwanet and I don't knows how to gets home! So I took your ship," she smiled adorably.

"That's okay, you can have my ship!" yelled Slay.

"Okay!" shouted Zlig. Completely hypnotized by Zlig's cuteness, Slay didn't even budge when Zlig dragged Zim out the ship and left waving goodbye. Slay waved back and yelled to her,

"Come back anytime! Please!"

(Page Break)

Zlig dragged Zim across the street. She was thinking to herself, it's so easy to hypnotize someone with my cuteness! I better get this runaway Irken home and awake before they decide to blow up this planet.

The rain had stopped and Zlig was trying to avoid the puddles, for Zim's sake. She knew Irkens were allergic to water, and she didn't know that he was un-allergic now.

(Page Break)

Gaz and Dib were at Zim's house. He had called them over to prepare when they would leave. Zim had to stall the attack as long as possible, to let the scientists finish the spaceships. The professor said it would take them a month. (They are some FAST workers.)

There was still no sign of Zim, and they were starting to get worried. GIR was sitting on Gaz's lap and sucking a lollipop, Dib was pacing. They all turned to the door when it suddenly flew open. A purple alien was dragging Zim along.

They stared at her and she stared back.

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