title: as lovers go
prompt: bed (hee.)
rating: strong T, because of implied activities
pairing: SasuSaku
disclaimer: Naruto is so absolutely not mine. Neither is the song from whence my inspiration came.

When she comes, it is with little more than a stifled groan, a grunt really, not unlike the one she makes when she's battling a particularly fierce enemy shinobi. It's throaty, and deep, almost guttural, and vaguely masculine.

He thinks it is the most beautiful sound he has ever heard.

And for a moment, she's suspended in a place without time, without season, without anything except the feeling of the man inside her, and for the millionth time, she cannot remember where he begins and where she ends.

It lasts for a small eternity, and not nearly long enough.

She turns to him, still panting, face flushed with exertion, bright green eyes already half-shut.

She is tired, and he cannot help but feel satisfied in the afterglow. This woman who has taken him by the hand, guided him through the process of redemption, and led him to

(peace, tranquility, nirvana or as close as he can get anyway, or may be even completion, but he doesn't have that much hope, not yet)

something he is still hesitant to name, who is small, and - deceptively - frail, and impossibly strong, and he thinks it could be very easy to love her, so

(She turns to him, moonlight sifting through soft pink hair, and his fingers pause in the waltz they are playing on her skin. She lets out a breathy little sigh.


He nudges her hand when it moves to brush away the black strands that are blocking her view of his dark eyes.


he does.

This is the beginning of a collection of drabbles - various pairings (I'll write anything except Sasuke x femaleotherthanSakura - only because my own preferences will probably interfere with writing out a good drabble). Prompt me at my LJ, (if you wish) because I'm not quite sure what the rules are here for writer - reader interaction.

Thank you for reading. Please tell me what you think.