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New Lives C

By Emma Iveli

Long Ago, there was a peaceful kingdom called Crystal Tokyo. It was a peaceful kingdom protected by the Sailor Senshi, a group of female warriors… however it eventually it fell… the queen of the kingdom sent the Sailor Senshi and her daughter to be reborn in different worlds, sadly in her depression she sent them to be reborn as male, of course after being reborn they had to be called to face a threat… so now they're a group of interdimensional cross-dressing super heroes… and yes… most of them are embarrassed... they are:

Kiyo Takamine (Takamine Kiyo): Of the World of the Mamodo Battle… Mamodo bookkeeper, Genius, easily annoyed and Sailor Mercury… the Senshi of ice and water

Monkey D. Luffy (Luffy D. Monkey): Of the World of Pirates… Pirate captain, rubber man, wanted man and Sailor Mars… the Senshi of fire

Ranma Satome (Satome Ranma): Of the World of Chaos… martial artist, aqua-transsexual, chaos magnetic and Sailor Jupiter… the Senshi of wood and lighting

Uzumaki Kazama Naruto (Naruto Uzumaki Kazama): Of the World of Ninjas… ninja, demon host (doesn't say that to his face), prankster and Sailor Venus… the Senshi of love.

Gary Oak (Oak Gary): Of the World of Pokemon… Pokemon Researcher, genius, slightly arrogant and Sailor Saturn… the Senshi of destruction

Hatake Kakashi (Kakashi Hatake): World of the Ninja… Ninja, slight pervert, someone who's chronically late and Sailor Uranus… the Senshi of the sky.

Portgas D. Ace (Ace D. Portgas): Of the World of Pirates… infamous pirate, fire powered, narcolepsy suffer and Sailor Neptune… the Senshi of the Sea

Uchiha Sasuke (Sasuke Uchiha): Of the World of Ninja… Disgraced ninja, court ordered butler and Sailor Pallas… the Senshi of Ice

Roronoa Zoro (Zoro Roronoa): Of the world of pirates… Pirate, swordsman, lazy ass and Sailor Juno… the Senshi of lighting

Eido (last name unknown): Of the world of the Mamodo battle… Book keeper, skater, free loader and Sailor Vesta… the Senshi of fire.

Ryoga Hibiki (Hibiki Ryoga): Of the World of Chaos… Martial artist turns in a pig, eternally lost boy and Sailor Ceres… the Senshi of Flowers.

And last but not least Ash Ketchum (Ketchum Ash): Of the world of Pokemon… Pokemon Trainer, hero, chosen one and Neo Sailor Moon, the Leader of the Sailor Senshi.

There is also Setsuna Meioh (Meioh Setsuna), the lone survivor of Crystal Tokyo and the only one who's not a cross dresser.

There's also the Guardian Cats (or hamster according to Ranma): Luna, Artemis, Dianna, Hermes and Aeries.

They have faced many foes, the Neo Dark Kingdom, the ones that brought down Crystal Tokyo… after their defeat they faced the Black Sun… just two weeks ago they defeated them had since gone into retirement (except for one incident… involving some friend of theirs)… but things couldn't have been going better… but how long will it last?

Chapter 1: Back in Action yet Again!

In the World of the Pokemon, Ash, Gary, Dawn, Brock, Pikachu and Dianna were eating breakfast…

"So… how far are we?" asked Ash.

"Still a long ways…" said Brock.

"Oh isn't it today Sasuke's hearing?" asked Ash just remembering something.

"Why what's going on?" asked Dawn.

"Well the council has been discussing the events of the Black Sun… and with Orochimaru… due to certain reasons, Sasuke might become ninja again today" said Gary.

"That's good for him." Said Dawn.

"Yeah." Said Brock.

Meanwhile in the World of Ninja… Sasuke, Opal, Naruto, Sakura and Hinata waited out side for the word to come.

"I can't believe their doing it…" said Opal.

"I know." Said Sakura.

"I might be free from being your butler…" sighed Sasuke.

"No that's why I can't believe it…" said Opal, "I thought Daddy like you being a butler…"

There was a silence in the room…

"I don't want to talk about it… but he's not happy with me." Said Sasuke.

There was an another awkward silence.

"Um… okay…" said Naruto wit ha sweat drop.

Shizune opened the door, "You can come in now…"

They entered the room where the hearing was taking place.

"Uchiha Sasuke…" said Tsunade, "Due to your betrayal of this village you are serving the sentence of butler to the Kazama Clan…"

"But due to certain circumstances it has come to the question whether or not you should be reinstated as a ninja…" said Arashi.

Sasuke only nodded...

"The council has decided to reinstate you in the condition that you are unable to obtain the rank of Chunin…" said Tsunade.

""The reasons why were that we saw that your information that you have on the Sound Village could prove useful, that it's best that we don't have the last Uchiha loyal to the Village squandering his gifts as a butler… and most importantly…" said Arashi who then took a breath.

All of the council and his fellow Hokage looked at Arashi.

"You haven't painted my fence!" yelled Arashi, "I asked you two weeks ago to paint my fence and he hasn't…"

"What fence… there is no fence!" said Sasuke.

"Paint my fence!" yelled Arashi.

"Make me!" yelled Sasuke.

The two glared at each other and Arashi was going to pound Sasuke but Tsunade managed to stop her fellow Hokage… by knocking him out with a single punch to the head.

"Had Arashi not been immature you would have gotten in trouble for that…" said a member of the council named Danzo.

"Combined with the fact that Arashi clearly started it." said Hiashi who was clearly trying not to laugh.

"Sasuke… you are once again a Ninja of the Village Hidden in the Leaves…" said Tsunade.

Sasuke only nodded…

"All right! Way to get Sasuke!" said Naruto.

"All right!" said Sakura.

"I'm going to miss my butler…" sighed Opal who looked at Sasuke and gave a small smile, "Maybe I should go easier on him…" she thought.

Sasuke received a new headband...

Not to long later Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Hinata and Opal were leaving.

"What am I going to do now that Sasuke isn't my torture victim?" asked Opal.

This of course made Sasuke sweat drop.

"Well do you know any good gossip?" asked Sakura.

"Well there's a rumor going around Nerima…" said Opal, "And it's a good one…"

"What sort of rumor?" asked Sakura.

"Well the word is from what Aquamarine told me is that Ryoga… has a girlfriend…" said Opal.

"who'd date him… he turns into a pig…" said Sakura.

"Apparently, this girl loves piggy…" said Opal.

Naruto and Sasuke sweatdroped at the conversation.

Meanwhile in the world of Chaos, at the three Jewels snack Shack.

"Where's business?" asked Sea.

"It's a slow day…" said Aquamarine reading Make-Out Paradise, "Just wait…"

That's when two people entered the restaurant… it was Ryoga and a girl with black hair with some colored streaks in her hair.

"Hey Ryoga!" said Ruby who was on a laptop.

"So the rumors are true… you do have a girl friend…" said Amber, "So it's true she knows about the cruse?"

"Yes I do." Said the girl.

"This is Akari…" said Ryoga, "This is Amber, Aquamarine, Ruby and Sea…"

"It's good to meet you all." Said Akari.

"Yo!" said amber.

"Are you here because you're running out funds?" asked Amber.

Ryoga sweatdroped…

"Ryoga's on our "Eat Free" list…" said Aquamarine, "We sort of owe him our lives…"

"Especially mine…" said Sea, "Ryoga's a good friend who kept me from making a horrible mistake."

"Really?" asked Akari.

Both Akari and Ryoga sat down…

"Wait isn't today your day off?" asked Ryoga to Sea.

"It is… but I need to make more tips so I picked up extra shifts…" said Sea, "Doll's making a fortune in tips… and I barely get any!"

"Oh you're probably exaggerating…" said Ryoga.

"We've been working here for two weeks… two weeks… and Doll managed to make enough money to buy a really, really, really expensive gift for someone…" said Sea.

"Doll decided to replace the sword Zoro broke in their fight." explained Aquamarine, "It's a really good one too…"

"Really?" asked both.

"Wait?" asked Akari, "Who's Zoro?"

"A friend…" said Ryoga.

At that moment in the World of Pirates on the Thousand Sunny, Zoro was just waking up from a nap… when he saw a bright smiling face.

"Good morning sleepy head!" said the person who was Doll.

Zoro screamed and jumped in surprise, "What the hell are you going here!" he yelled.

"I came to give you a gift… geez…" said Doll.

She tossed him the gift that was a sword with a blue scabbard, he began to examine it… which was of great work.

"That was worth two weeks wroth of tips…" said Doll with a shrug.

"How much do you get paid in tips?" asked Zoro raising an eyebrow.

"A ton…" said Doll, "A few hundred thousand yen a day…"

"Oh Doll!" said a voice.

She slowly turned around and saw Sanji, she kicked him in the face.

"Look! Just because I'm in love with Eido… don't mean I go with any guy…" said Doll, "Even if he is a perverted idiot… got it…"

"Got it…" said Sanji as Doll lifted her foot from his face.

"Besides… what about your girlfriend…" said Doll.

"She's been body for the last week studying her ancestry with the other Neo Pokemon Guardians…" said Sanji, "With what happened a couple weeks ago that's understandable..."

"Oh… I see…" said Doll, "Well I have to go…"

"What your going to tell Eido your real feelings?" asked Zoro.

Doll gave Zoro a death glare before snapping her fingers and disappearing.

Meanwhile in the World of the Mamodo Battle, Koko decided to vacuum… but found that Eido was asleep on the couch…

"Wake up…" said Koko shaking him lightly.

Eido didn't move…

"I said wake up!" yelled Koko screaming in his ear.

This woke up Eido.

Eido screamed in pained and fear…

"What's going on?" asked Kiyo coming down the stairs.

"Not cool!" said Eido, "Yo u have to work on that!"

"Sorry…" said Koko.

"You have to work on that…" said Eido, "Really…"

"I know…" sighed Koko.

Ever since Zofis' book was burned she has been going though weird bursts of anger… which everyone has chalked up to the effects of her brainwashing…

"Yelled in Eido's ear again?" asked Kiyo.

"Yeah…" sighed Koko.

"That's okay…" said Kiyo.

"Your not her torture victim…" said Eido glaring at Kiyo.

Kiyo sweatdroped and walked away.

"So…" said Koko, "I was wondering… why does Kiyo still let you live here?"

"I have no idea… maybe because of Hyde… but other than that… no idea…" said Eido.

Eido sighed, "I really hope it just isn't Hyde…" he thought.

At that very moment in the world of Chaos a ball of light shined in the sky… the ball touched the ground and disappeared… when it did a girl about the age of two or three stood there… she has light pink hair put into two heart shaped buns and with ringlets coming from the buns… she looked around and began walk round like nothing happened.

At that very moment in a mysterious location, a group of 5 people, two women and three men… were bowing to a beautiful woman with long black hair… wearing a navy blue dress and had a dark colored crown on her head.

"Have you discovered the Platinum Light's location?" asked the queen.

"I have…" said one of the woman with green hair, "She has been found in the World of Chaos."

"Find her and bring her to me…" said the mysterious Queen.

"Yes… my queen…" said the woman disappearing.

Back in the world Chaos, Ryoga and Akari were walking down the street when they heard a yell of "Back off you pervert!"

They turned around and saw a very angry Ranma-Chan and Akane walking towards them.

"Honestly doesn't that pervert quit!" yelled Ranma-Chan.

Akane noticed the happy couple… "Oh hey Ryoga… Akari!" said Akane.

"Oh hi Akane…" said Ryoga nervously.

"Honestly…" said Ranma-Chan.

"So you tow are n a date?" asked Akane.

"Yes… we went to that the 3 Jewels Snack Shack." said Akari.

"What… is pig boy out of money…" said Ranma-Chan.

Akane hoot her in the head.

"Ranma… be nice…" said Akane.

"Got any ht water on you?" asked Ranma.

"Sure…" said Ryoga taking out a thermos and gave it to Ranma-Chan who changed back with the water.

"Thanks…" said Ranma.

"So did you like it…" said Akane.

"It as good." Said Akari.

The little girl walked over to a nearby street… and saw the 4 just talking… while it was more the girls talking… the guys glaring at each other slightly. The little girl simply giggle then walked away… she had no idea where she was going.

"So isn't it the platinum light…" said a voice.

The little girl tuned around and saw the woman… she began to get scared.

"come little one your coming with me!" said the woman.

The little girl began to run away…

"This is going to be fun." Said the woman with an evil smirk.

Back with the Ranma, yoga, Akane and Akari.

"Really… so Ranma has that too?" asked Akari.

"Yeah." Said Akane.

"Why do they get to eat free?" asked Akari.

Akane sweatdroped, "I think you going have Ryoga that…"

That's when everyone heard a scream.

"What was that?" asked Ryoga.

"I have no idea…" said Ranma.

The 4 ran towards where the scream came from and saw the little girl running away from the woman.

"What the…" said Ranma.

"What kind of person would chase a little girl like that?" asked Akari.

The little girl saw the 4 and ran towards them… and ran to Akane…

"Give that child!" yelled the woman.

"Why should we?" asked Akane.

"That's none of your business!" yelled the woman, Hand over the child… wait a second…"

She look at Ranma and Ryoga then chuckled… "So I had no idea that I'd run into you two… though I should have known that chances are good…"

"What are you talking about?" asked Ranma.

The woman laughed, "My name is Lilie of the Dark Wave… of course you have no idea what I'm talking about… do you? Ranma Satome… Ryoga Hibiki… better known as Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Ceres… am I right?" said the woman named Lilie.

Both of them froze…

"What… are you kidding?" asked Ryoga.

"You mean…" said Ranma.

"There's already a new Senshi enemy!" they both yelled.

"Senshi enemy?" asked Akari.

Akane sweatdroped, "Yeah…" said Akane, "It's a long story…"

"It's barely been anytime since the Black Sun was defeated…" said Ryoga.

"it's a shame really…" said Lilie she lifted her arm to reveal a strange bracelet with a large gem, "Go my Mangai!"

The light came from her bracelet and a creepy looking monster that resembled a mutated dog appeared from that light.

"I'll call the others…" sighed Ranma taking out his communicator.

Meanwhile in the World of Pirates, Zoro was training with his new sword.

"Wow… Zoro where did you get that new sword?" asked Luffy walking up to him.

"Doll gave it me." said Zoro.

"That's cool!" said Luffy.

That's when both of their communicators rang.

"That's strange…" said Zoro.

"Ace's too…" said Luffy pointing to his sleeping brother.

"I just hope it isn't something involving Mina's enemy again…" said Zoro.

"What's going on?" asked Ace waking and noticed his communicator was ringing.

In the world of the Mamodo Battle, Kiyo was doing his homework, when Zatch came into the room… looking slightly dirty.

"Naomi?" asked Kiyo.

"Yeah…" sighed Zatch.

That's when Kiyo's communicator began to ring… a second later Eido burst though the door.

"Hey I yours ringing too?" asked Eido.

"Yeah…" said Kiyo.

Meanwhile in the World of Ninja, at the Kazama Mansion in the Game Room, the group that went to hearing were watching a DVD of one of the Princess Gale movies… when both Naruto and Sasuke's communicators began to ring.

"Oh man!" said Naruto pausing the movie.

"This better not be about Mina…" said Sasuke.

At the same time at the KIA stone, Kakashi and Setsuna stood there silently. That's when the communicators began to ring.

"What's going on…" said Kakashi.

"I don't know." Said Setsuna.

Meanwhile in the World of Pokemon, both Ash and Gary's communicators began to ring.

"What the…" said Ash.

"I think this might be sign if both of ours are ringing…." Said Gary.

Ash was the one that answered his, to find that Luffy, Naruto, Kiyo, Setsuna and Ranma were the ones that were on.

"Is something wrong?" asked Ash.

"Seeing that you're the one that answered last…" said Naruto, "It has nothing to with Mina…"

Ranma sighed… "There's a new enemy and she's right in front me…"

"What?" said everyone else.

"You serious?" asked Ash.

"I am…" sighed Ranma, "We need everyone to come as fast you can!"

"Ryoga's there isn't he?" asked Setsuna.

"Yeah…" said Ranma.

"That was lucky…" said Luffy.

Just get here as fast as you can!" yelled Ranma who hung up.

Ash sweatdroped… "I guess… the Senshi are back in action…" said Ash crying anime tears as he hung up his communicator.

Back in the World of Chaos…

"Okay!" said Ranma with a sigh.

"We don't have a choice do we?" asked Ryoga.

"Not at all…" said Ranma.

"Jupiter Crystal Power!"

"Ceres Asteroid Power!"


Both of them once again transformed into their Senshi forms… causing Akari to sweat drop.

"I'm sorry to have hidden this from you…" said Sailor Ceres.

"That's okay Ryoga…" said Akari.

"Don't worry… you'll get used to it…" said Akane with a sweat drop.

"Okay…" said Sailor Jupiter, "Let's do this!"

"Jupiter Oak Evolution!"

"Ceres Flower Blast!"

The two attack hit the monster but it didn't even fazed by it.

"Oh man!" said Sailor Ceres.

"Dead Scream…"

"World Shaking!"

The two orbs hit the monster who was knocked into a nearby wall… as Sailor Uranus and Sailor Pluto jumped in front of the two World of Chaos Senshi.

"Wow…" said Sailor Jupiter, "Your right on time…"

"Yeah… I was at least expecting you to be last…" said Sailor Ceres.

Sailor Uranus could only sweat drop.

That's when the monster got up… as if not being hit by the attacks…

"What the!" said Sailor Jupiter, "It's not even fazed!"

The monster turned it's attention to the 4 Sailor Senshi.

"Mars Gum Gum Bazooka Shot!"

"Deep Submerge!"

"Juno Lightingbolt Blast!"

Three more attacks hit the monster… the 4 Senshi that were already there and turned around and saw all three Pirate Senshi.

""Wow! Kakashi beat us." said Sailor Mars surprised.

Sailor Uranus merely sweatdroped even more.

The monster got up once again, unfazed by the attacks…

"What the!" yelled Sailor Juno.

"Mercury Aqua Rhapsody!"

"Vesta Flare Wall!"

Two more attacks hit the monster… and Sailor Mercury, Sailor Vesta, Zatch and Hyde appeared.

"Wow… Kakashi is here before us…" said sailor Vesta.

Sailor Uranus began to hang her head in shame.

"If you weren't late all the time…" said Sailor Pluto.

The monster once again got up…

"What is it with this monster?" asked Sailor Jupiter.

"Venus Love Me Chain!"

"Pallas Ice Kunai Barrage!"

the attacks hit the monsters… and the tow Ninja Senshi jump form nowhere.

"He Sasuke!" said Sailor Mars, "How did your hearing go?"

"Now's not the time…" said Sailor Pallas.

Once again the monster got up unfazed…

"Why does that thing keep getting up?" asked Akane.

The little girl began to hug Akane's leg… this also caught Sailor Pluto's eye.

"That little girl…" thought Sailor Pluto, "Chibi-Chibi? No… it looks like her… but it's not…"

The monster was once again about to launch itself at the Sailor Senshi…

"Saturn Star Slice!"

"Moon Tiara Action!"

Two more attacks hit the monster, and Neo Sailor Moon, Sailor Saturn and Pikachu showed up.

"Looks like we're all here…" said Neo Sailor Moon.

The monster again got up like nothing happened…

"What the!" yelled Sailor Venus, "All those attacks and nothing!"

Lilie began to laugh, "Yes… now our monster Mangai are much stronger than the Neo Dark Kingdom's Youma or the Black Sun's Jouji… our Mangai are on a whole other level…" said Lilie.

The little girl ran away from Akane.

"What…" said Akane.

"Why is she running away?" asked Akari.

Neo Sailor Moon looked at the monster, "Are you sure that your not just bragging?"

"I'll let you have one more shot before I send my Mangai at you…" said Lilie.

Neo Sailor Moon prepared her wand.

"All right!" said Neo Sailor Moon.

"Moon Starlight Blast!"

The attack hit the monster and still wasn't fazed.

Lilie just laughed, "It's a shame really…" said Lilie, "Now tear them apart…"

All the Senshi prepare to fight the monster hand to hand… but that's when something strange happened… a strange light hit the monster…

"Where did that come from?" asked Sailor Neptune.

The monster screamed in pain then turned to dust.

"Damn… the Platinum Light is missing…" muttered Lilie, "I'll be back one day soon… but you better prepare yourself for a fight…"

Lilie vanished… causing most of the Senshi to sigh.

"Why did this have to happened?" asked Sailor Ceres.

"It not that bad…" said Sailor Vesta.

"You don't know how bad it is…" said Sailor Ceres who began to detransform.

"Ryoga can you please explain what's going on?" asked Akari.

There was a silence among the Sailor Senshi…

"I guess the rumors are true about you getting a girlfriend…" said Sailor Venus.

At that very moment with the little girl she began to.

"Oh hello there… are you lost?" asked a voice.

The little girl turned around and saw someone who she knew she could trust, she wiped away her tears and hugged the person.

Not too long later, Ryoga sighed, while Akari just giggled... They had introduced the other Senshi to Akari… and of course scudded a meeting for the next day.

"Well that wasn't as awkward as I thought it was…" said Ranma with a smirk.

"Don't worry, Ryoga I'm fine with it…" said Akari.

"It just means one more person who know the Senshi secret…" said Akane with a shrug.

"I know… but it's still embarrassing.." said Ryoga, "And I wear pink…"

"Good point…" said Ranma.

"You wear pink too…" said Ryoga.

"Well at least it's not my main color… and my hair doesn't turn pink…" said Ranma.

"Want to say that to my face?" asked Ryoga.

"We should get home… Kasumi's planning to start dinner soon…" said Akane.

"But…" said Ranma.

Akane took out her mallet and whacked Ranma on the head and began to drag him away… and with that the tow groups separated.

After Ranma recovered…

"Hey Akane… what happened to that little girl?" asked Ranma.

"She ran away during the fight…" said Akane, "I don't know where she went…"

"I hope we find her… I have the feeling that this new enemy wants her for some reason…" said Ranma.

They got to the house, after taking off their shoes they got to the living room for a big surprise… the little girl was coloring… causing Ranma and Akane to blink… the little girl simply waved at them happily.

"Why is she here?" asked Ranma.

"Oh hello, Ranma, Akane…" said Kasumi walking into the room.

"Where did she come from…" said Akane.

"I found her on the streets, I took her to local Police Box who told and asked if there were any missing children in the area… the officer said no… and would inform me if there any reports, so she going to stay with us until we find her family." Said Kasumi.

Both Ranma and Akane sweatdroped… knowing full well that girl was in danger… and that was good luck that Kasumi was the one that found her… because not even they could foresee the danger that girl was in.

Next Time: That little girl is shrouded in mystery... who is she? Why does the Dark Wave want her? What is her connection to the Sailor Senshi... Well that what the Sailor Senshi want to find out... even if it means following Kasumi around and face the dangers of Furinkan...