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Chapter 47: Peace Once Again

It was a party at the Thousand Sunny as tradition whenever the enemy was beaten once and for all… which was the biggest party yet.

"All right!" cheered half the people on the ship.

"Hey! Sammy and Sakura just got a piñata!" said Luffy.

"Really?" asked Naruto.

"Let's go see it!" said Chopper.

They got to the point where they saw what the piñata really was… it was wasn't a piñata at all… but a certain pervert sage tied up and hung.

"Sorry for the piñata rumors… but it's just something where people could punish the Pervy Sage." Said Sammy.

"Get me down right now! I mean it!" yelled Jiraiya.

That's when Beldum was thrown at his face…

"Ya know ya should realize that woman don't like when you peep on them or ask them to your inspiration." Said Sammy.

"Unless they get paid to." Added Sakura.

"Well said…" said Sammy nodding in agreement.

That's when various woman began to throwing things at Jiraiya.

"Wow Sammy… that's a pretty good idea for you." Said Misty.

"What's that supposed to mean!" yelled Sammy.

The to began to glare at each other big time.

Meanwhile Specs was talking to Setsuna, Kousagi and Ash.

"So Specs… where did Queen Mare come from?" asked Ash.

"Well it's a rather long story… see she was born on one of many planet with life from Crystal Tokyo's… well outer space. She was born with very strong powers." Said Specs.

"Oh so what happened… was she always evil or…" said Kousagi.

Specs shook his head no, "No because of her bully she was treated like a monster and was often teased… eventually she snapped and decided to take over… well everything with her powers. She created me and the other 4 commanders from her powers as well." Said Specs, "Even after what she did I'm sure you feel sorry for her."

"If only I knew that before." Sighed Kousagi.

"That's horrible." Said Gaara who listening on the conversation.

"You and Naruto knows what she went though the most." Said Setsuna.

Gaara nodded… "To become what people see you as… I wonder what was the thing that finally made her snap."

Specs looked at Gaara… tattoo like scar, "I don't know… but it was it must been extremely horrible."

"Hey Kousagi! Do you want to play?" asked Kolulu.

"Okay!" said Kousagi happily.

Meanwhile Zoro and Doll were talking…

"So… should I…" said Doll.

"No… that sword wasn't right for me… and neither was the one you broke." Said Zoro, "I'm going to have to wait until I find the sword that suited for me…"

Doll nodded, "I under stand." She said who then thought "Why am I sensing foreshadowing…"

"Doll!" said Eido, "Come on!"

"Coming!" said Doll who then turned back to Zoro, "Oh if I were you I'd try to befriend Nabiki if you know what I mean… you wouldn't want her to meet Nami would you."

Zoro sweat dropped and said "I think I'll leave it to someone else."

That's when they saw Vivi pull Nami away from almost starting a conversation with Nabiki.

"You're right…" said Doll with a sweat drop.

Meanwhile Kasumi watched Kousagi play with Kolulu and the other child Mamodos… Kousagi had told Kasumi about her destiny and promised to keep it a secret… well she could talk about it with the other Senshi.

"So is everything okay?" asked Nodoka.

"Of course." Said Kasumi with a smile.

"So what's wrong?" asked Delia, "Oh I'm Della… Ash's mother… everyone insisted I come."

"Hello.." said Kasumi, "I'm just worried about something that won't happen until Kousagi is grown up."

"Oh… Kasumi…" said Nodoka.

"So your Kousagi's mother." Said Delia.

"And Akane's older sister." Said Kasumi.

Kasumi began to explain about how she found Kousagi… and how she adopted her.

"Oh and your so young too." Said Kasumi.

"You must have had Ash while you were young." Said Nodoka with a slight sweat drop.

Delia began to laugh nervously.

"After my mother died I was the one that took care of my family." Said Kasumi, " I had experience taking care of people."

"That makes sense." Said Delia with a nod.

Meanwhile a poker game has started among the older party guests… well it wasn't so much poker as a game of "Let's win all of Tsunade's money"… which is what they won… in fact she did loose all the money she brought with her not too long…

"Oh man…" sighed Tsunade, "I an out of money, so I guess I'm going to have to stop playing…"

"Oh that's too bad." Said Kafk.

"Yeah…" said Arashi.

"I'm going to throw things that my former team mate…" muttered Tsunade getting up.

They made she was gone when the ones who played her cheered.

"All right! I can pay off my debts!" cheered Franky.

"What debts?" asked Kakashi.

"You don't want to know…" sighed Franky.

Elsewhere on the ship Tsunade had pretty much taken over the Jiraiya piñata... while most of the other girls talked

"So… what has Jiraiya done?" asked Haruka.

"Jiraiya is a super pervert like Happosai, expect instead of groping he just peeps and writers porn." Said Akane (B).

"Oh… that makes sense…" said Kasumi, "But why is Naruto throwing things at him?"

"He's also one of Naruto's trainers… he's not a very good one whenever he has to so his "research" other than him being a pervert, he's on our side and will help us no matter what." Said Hinata.

"So he's powerful and good… yet perverted." Said Akane (A) razing an eyebrow, "Never heard of that before."

"What about Dragon Ball?" asked Sammy who the realized what she said, "Oh god… I need to spend less time with Mina."

"Who's Mina?" asked Hikari.

"The unofficial leader of my group… she's a huge anime fan girl." Sighed Sammy, "And the weird thing… she doesn't even like Dragon Ball."

All of the other girls shrugged…

And so the party raged on into the night… after around 8 everyone headed home and rested…

The next day in the World of Chaos, both Akane and Ranma weren't feeling too well.

"I think I ate too much," moaned Ranma.

"Me too…" whined Akane.

"Well maybe you two shouldn't have eaten so much." Said Luna trying to laugh with Kousagi nodding agreement.

"Kousagi, are you ray to go get ingredients for tonight's dinner?" asked Kasumi.

"Okay!" said Kousagi.

The two of them left to get the ingrates for dinner tonight.

As they were walking to the stores, they talked.

"Kousagi…" said Kasumi.

"Yeah…" said Kousagi.

"I was wondering… before you came here..." said Kasumi who isn't know how to answer the question.

"I woke up in Crystal Tokyo… I knew I had to go to the one of the other worlds I wasn't sure which one I would go to… I knew I had to think about but I didn't have a chance… because members of the Dark Wave showed up and tired to kidnap me… so I used my powers to transport myself here." Said Kousagi.

"I see…" said Kasumi.

"Kasumi-Mama… is thing going to be different from now on?" asked Kousagi.

Kasumi shook her head, "Maybe a little but things won't change… you're still my daughter and I love you very much."

Kousagi smiled… she knew her adoptive mother was right… even if she did know the truth about her origin it didn't change the fact that they were now family and that's all that mattered...

End of New Lives C

Trailer for New Lives C the Movie!

(Dramatic music plays as the Senshi look on at the ruins of a place in a dead world… for some reason Ash, Sasuke and Eido are missing… all of them are shocked… most people couldn't even bare to look at the ruins… Kousagi (who' noticeably a few inches taller) couldn't bare it the most and was burying her face into Ranma's leg crying. However the most shocked of them was Gary… who for some reason was just a small kid.)

Chibi Gary: What… what happened?

Setsuna: This… this world died almost 4 years ago…

(The screen pans out to show that the ruins are of Pro Oak's Lab)

(Lie, Lie, Lie begins to play)

Setsuna's voice over: About 4 years ago in this time line Ash died… creating a domino effect that lead to the destruction of this world and what happened… has effected each of you worlds.

(Scene Shifts to Kiyo sits in a pristine living room…)

Kiyo (with a sweat drop): It's… so quiet…

(Scene shifts to Ace showing Luffy and Zoro his wanted poster with the bounty obstructed from view)

Zoro: What the…

Luffy: I've never seen such a high bounty!

(Scene shifts to Kousagi. Tripping, falling and knocking into stuff while adjusting to a slightly older body)

Akane: Are sure nothing's wrong?

Ranma: I'm sure!

(Naruto sitting at the deck of his old apartment with Opal sitting next to him)

Opal: Naruto-Niichan…. Are you okay?

Naruto: I'm fine… (thinking) Why did this have to happen… Sasuke… dad… why did this have to happen?

Setsuna's Voice Over: What's worst about this time line… is that the Neo Dark Kingdom… never fell.

(Scene sifts back to the ruins of Pro Oak's lab)

Everyone but Setsuna: What!?

Random Voice Over: New Lives C: The Movie

(scene shifts to Eido's reunion to the Sailor Senshi)

Hyde: Wait I don't get it Eido… why are they calling you McLovin?

Chibi Gary: Because… that's his last name.

Eido: What did I ever to you!

Zoro and Chibi Gary: You know what you did!

Eido: I didn't even kidnap you in this time line!

(black screen, with the words coming soon)

Hyde's voice over black screen: You kidnapped them?

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