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The Eye of the Storm


Chapter 1

Blonde Beauty




Tsunade looked upon the four ANBU she had called. She knew that this mission was dangerous, for all she knew, there could be a new threat that was bigger than Orochimaru, Akatsuki, or the Council. The ANBU members had masks, one of a cat, a raccoon, a dog and a panda. She sighed and shuffled through some papers and folders before pulling out a small folder. "Understand this, the Akatsuki has been previously run out of their current hideout by some unknown force, and nothing else has left out of there. Be aware that there may be something more dangerous than them down there, so be on guard the entire time."

"Hai, Tsunade-sama." All four answered, one indifferent, one soft, one quiet, and one eager.

Tsunade nodded, brushing some of her blonde hair from her face. "Good, you'll be leaving in an hour, Neji, Shino, Tenten, Hinata."

The four ANBU nodded and shot off to their homes to tell their loved one's they were leaving.




"You freaking asshole!" A shout rang throughout the house, and the sound of someone being shoved into a wall.

"Please, koibito, I-" The plead was silenced by the person being shoved into another wall.

"Don't give me this crap! This is your fault, you can't leave, this isn't normal! What if… what if something goes wrong and you're not here! You can't leave me!" The first voice cried out and the sound of crying sounded through the house. "Please, please don't leave, what if you die? What if you don't come back Neji?"

Neji wrapped his arms around his lover, nuzzling into the soft hair, inhaling the sandy smell. "I'm not going to die. I promise to come back, this should take no longer than two days, and you have Kankuro, Temari, and Shikamaru if you need anything. Please calm down, stress isn't good for the baby." He spoke, moving one hand down to rub the slightly bulging belly. "I promise to return to you and Kanji, I promise Gaara."

Kankuro smiled as he could hear his brother being calmed down by Neji. He and Neji had a mutual agreement, if Neji took good care of Gaara, there would be no pain inflicted upon the Hyuuga… at least none from him. And as long as Kankuro protected Hinata and loved her right, Neji would have no reason to castrate him.

"So you're okay?" Hinata asked timidly, sitting down next to him on the loveseat.

The brunette nodded and smiled. "Of course… as long as you think you're fine. I know you can take care of yourself Hime."

Hinata blushed and leaned into the kabuki wearing man. "Neji-niisan and Gaara love each other a lot."

"As do I to you."




"You're leaving?"

A nod.

"Will you come back soon?"

Another nod.


Shino looked up from putting his shoes on and looked to his lover, and the guilty look on his face. "Yes Kiba?"

Kiba looked away and to the floor. "I'm pregnant."

Shino nearly dropped his jaw, but his composer kept him from doing so, but it did not keep him from standing up and capturing his lover in a searing kiss. "I love you."

Kiba grinned happily and wrapped his arms around the Aburame. "I love you too, please come home safe."

Shino nodded and pulled the Inuzuka closer. "I will."




'Clear.' Neji spoke through the headset as he gazed in a room that reeked of day old fish.

'Clear.' Tenten affirmed, looking through a room that looked extravagant.

'Clear.' Hinata said softly, looking in what appeared to be living quarters.

'We have movement in my room.' Shino said, listening as the others rushed to his position. "And we have two dead bodies, looks like Orochimaru and Kabuto." He said to them as they arrived, pointing to the two corpses on the ground, and peering inside the room.

Tenten looked up and spotted a girl with fearful eyes, that soon dashed off and hid in another entry way. Hinata, who had also seen the girl, walked in bravely and peered into the doorway to see. The girl they had seen had a ferocious look on her face, her hand gripping a kunai with the kanji for tiger monogrammed onto the blade, her eyes were red and spinning with the Sharingan and her teeth bore, showing prominent fangs.

Hinata moved warily as she walked closer to the girl. The girl backed away, diving behind a box at the first movement she made. Hinata walked to look behind the box, to her surprise there were four, all of them looking around five or six.

The original girl had long, silky, foggy black hair tied back in a lose pony-tail at the nape of her neck, her skin was as pale as the moon, and her eyes were onyx, making Hinata question if she really did see the Sharingan or if it was her imagination.

The second girl had long silky jet black hair, extremely pale skin and golden eyes that were also currently occupying the dead corpse of Orochimaru, though hers did not have the snake-like-slits to them.

The first boy had raggedy red hair, and maroon eyes, making him look like a mini-Sasori.

The second boy had semi-long blonde hair that was tied up in a Deidara like fashion, his baby blue eyes blinked at the new comers in confusion before breaking out into a grin as he took the hand that Hinata had held out to them, seeing as an enemy wouldn't do that.

Hinata smiled softly as she picked up the blonde boy, resting him on her hip, constantly aware of the first girl's watchful gaze over him. "Hey."

"Hello." The blonde replied softly. "Are you going to hurt us?"

Hinata's eyes softened as she heard him say this. "Of course not, why would we have such a reason?" She asked.

The red head finally walked forward, attaching himself to Hinata's pant leg. "Everyone else did?"

Hinata reached down with her free hand and picked up the other boy, the first girl still keeping a watchful eye on them. "What are your names?"

The blonde smiled brightly, wrapping his arms around Hinata's neck to keep himself upright. "I'm Hikari, he's Haruka, and they're Oto and Yuki-niichan!" He exclaimed.

Tenten walked into the room and picked up the second girl, the first girl refusing to be touched. "Do you know what happened?" she asked her.

Oto nodded fiercely. "Hai… Tousan attacked, and Sasu-tousan killed him." She answered.

Shino was the next to walk in and he went over and knelt before Yuki. "Are you okay?" He asked her, holding a hand out to her.

The raven was silent and still for a second before suddenly running into Shino and bawling her eyes out.




His breathing was uneven, his vision blurred, his heart hoping and aching, so much he had masked it into a dull throb as he stumbled over roots, rocks and stone. He could hear the trickling of a slowly flowing river. Birds fluttered in the trees above him and he finally came upon the river, collapsing down.

He dunked his raven hair in the water, letting all the matted blood wash from it, and washing his face clear of the dripping crimson. He winced as his movements caused his wound to open more and bleed heavier.

He silently hoped that someone would find him, or he would die here, this couldn't be how Uchiha Sasuke died, he hadn't even succeeded in killing his brother, he had to watch his girl, he had just figured out something important about someone, and he needed to tell them. How could he do that if he was dead?

He glanced up and his breathing stopped momentarily. There at the bank of the river, gazing at him with intense blue eyes. There was his blonde beauty.