It was a dark and stormy night. The wind whistled in the trees and the rain pounded against the glass of the windows. Deep in a nest of covers, a blue-haired teen huddled with wide, blue eyes.

"Dammit! Why did I have to act so damn brave and cocky? Why did I have to goad Ren into telling that scary story? The Hook can't get me… He's not real… He doesn't' come tapping the window…" Horo whispered to himself, closing his eyes tight. A tapping came at the window as a tree branch swayed in the wind.

"It's all in my head. All in my head." He whispered. The noise grew and the wind howled, as if daring him to repeat it again, and the tapping grew more insistent.

"It's not in my head! The Hook! I-It's after me!" he screamed and bolted out the door and down the hall. He glanced around franticly in the window of the Tao mansion. He screamed in terror and ran into the nearest room, hopping onto the bed and clutching the occupant.

"Horo? What's wrong?" the voice was groggy, but distinctly the young Tao heir. A small lamp was turned on, the dim light casting shadows about the room.

"It's after me!" Horo shrieked, holding Ren closer, tighter. Slender hands snatched up a sharpened kwan dao and the Chinese stood, secretly enjoying the Ainu's touch.

"What's after you?" he asked, weapon ready.

"The-The Hook!" Horo said, trembling. Ren sighed and lowered his kwan dao, returning to the large king-size bed and its black silk covers. He bit his lip, feeling guilty for scaring the other boy.

"Er… It isn't real. It can't get you." He attempted.

"B-But it was tapping my window…" Horo stuttered.

"Look, I'm not the best expert on these things, but I'll go check for it in your room if you like." He offered, feeling awkward.

"No! D-Don't leave me alone…" Horo Horo squeezed Ren's hand tighter.

"Alright, then…. I guess you can stay here." He said.


"Sure. I'll protect you from all the monsters in the closet." Ren said jokingly. Horo's eyes grew wide.

"There are MONSTERS in the CLOSET?!?!"