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Snow White- Blood Red


He's late, he knows. Xemnas had called them over for a meeting, a small ceremony for celebration. Roxas can still hear the droning voice and see the excited little smiles. It hadn't been all that long. Maybe half an hour. It takes so littleā€¦ He can understand the slinking shadows of Heartless a bit more, now. Why.

The giddy red-soaked smile reaches for pale ears.

Memory of a memory - a skyscraper- left at infinity and down the lane of forgotten naught. When he enters the dinghy little room on top of Nowhere, Riku is on the perfectly dustless bed, his gaze trained at an empty sky.

He must be twisted. He must be sick. He must have succumbed to the madness of the whole Organization, a nothing-well of darkly sinister warped desires written in blood.

Because he steps up and lodges a knee on the edge of the mattress and hauls Riku up by his pretty-silver moonless hair, kissing him deeply. He can still taste the blood, seeping bitter copper. He can still feel the thickly slick, soft, muscle. He can still hear the echoes of a pulse on his tongue.

"How do you like it? It'll be your last taste of him."

Because he's twisted, he'll tell Riku he'd eaten his snow white from a more honest hunter's dish.


A/N: Anyone who knows what the unsanitized Snow White story has in it should get the ref ;D. I rather liked how this turned out, foreshadowing. :) Do you know what happened? Look carefully and tell me. :) The title is based from an old grimm's fairytale with two girls in the woods called Snow White and Rose Red. I thought it fitting.