Mixed Blood, His Heritage

Chapter 1: Tears of Blood

"He ran down the alley way, quick!" a villager shouted. Some of the other pursuers gave a roar and the mob jumped into the alley way, one after the other.

Down at the other end a blonde haired boy flew out of the alley and turned onto the street, running as fast as he could. He was hoping against all hope to get away from those chasing him. "Gotta get to Oji-san," the boy chanted to himself. He believed if he could get there, he would be safe.

If they were just villagers, he would have no problem getting away but that was not the case. There were ninja mixed in with them. There were a few genin level shinobi but mostly chunin and jonin, and there were a lot of them. They were the reason he couldn't get away. They would jump on or over the buildings to get in front of him or catch up quickly.

He saw a masked ninja, an Anbu, but he didn't recognize the mask. He new a lot of Anbu liked him, but a lot of the ranks had been changing, and the friendly ones were leaving and being replaced with a lot that didn't care for him so much. Then another Anbu met with the them, this one was wearing a cat mask, and he immediately recognized this one as friendly.

"NEKO-SAN! NEKO-SAN!" he shouted. The cat Anbu turned to him and lifted a hand in greeting. Then the Anbu realized the situation by the look on his face, the look of terror. Thought were confirmed when a chunin landed and kicked the child into the wall. Cat gave a nod to her companion who wore a bear mask. The two darted down the street and to the child's aid.

The child hit the wall and landed in the dirt. His head was slammed into the dirt road and he was kicked in the side. He spat blood onto the ground and tried to pick himself up. Another kick was coming for his face, but was blocked by the Anbu with a cat mask.

Cat had thrown off her cloak to free her movements to the fullest to fight the crowd. Her long blue hair and figure gave away her gender. Bear had done the same and her figure was shown and she had long black hair like cat's. the two got into ready stances. The mob crowded around them with the jonin and a few chunin in front. The rest of the crowd was farther back than them by around ten to twenty feet.

"Move out of the way little girls, you may be Anbu but there are more of us, and we are going to kill the demon this time," a large man wearing a jonin vest said.

"We can take you, you people are idiots, I'm not holding back!" Bear shouted.

"None of you will live if you touch him," Cat said in a low, but clear voice.

With that the fight started. Working quickly Cat and Bear took out a jonin each before the crowd could react. The genin and non-ninja stepped back further. Cat was fighting with flowing motions and palm thrusts. She was seemingly just tapping them, but her enemies were coughing up blood. Bear was using fire jutsus and a fighting style where she waited for the enemy to attack and reacted to it.

They were each taking on multiple opponents, but they were forced into a defensive position and could do nothing more. The fighting continued and some of the villagers were beginning to edge around the area to the boy who was watching the battle in front of him.

All of a sudden another Anbu appeared who he recognized as "INU-SAN." The man in the dog mask nodded to him before he dove into the fight to help bear and cat. More bodies were hitting the ground as the three Anbu took the lives of the assailants, still unaware of the more daring villagers still trying to get the boy.

The boy was still unaware as he watched the Anbu he looked up to most join the fight. The three could now attack since the mobs forces were either loosing strength, running, or were dead. Even most of the crowd was gone.

Dog killed two more chunin while Cat defended Bear who was stabbed in the leg. The jonin smiled and then ran as well. The three didn't understand what happened and voiced such. Cat helped Bear to her feet while Dog scanned up and down the street. The three heard a scream from behind them, chilling all three to the bone. It was a child's scream of pain. Hesitantly the three turned to find a man holding the boy across the chest with his left hand. The right hand held a bloody kunai and the boy was screaming while holding his bloody face, or more accurately, his eyes.

Dog let out a growl of rage and grabbed his right hand that was pointed at the ground. A crackle was heard and lightning appeared in his hand. Another shout of rage and he ran at the man holding the boy, putting his hand through the man's face. The man's head exploded, spraying blood everywhere. The boy was still screaming in pain and holding his face.

Dog looked down upon the boy in sorrow, hidden behind the mask. Cat and Bear, supported by Cat, came to stand in front of the boy. Unseen tears straining their faces. Dog reached down and hit a pressure point, putting the boy to sleep.

"All he wanted was acceptance," Dog said with sorrow in his voice.

"He wanted to become a ninja, just like Inu-san," Cat said in a shaky voice.

"Those bastard made sure he can never do that now," Bear said in an uneven voice.

"We'll take him to the hospital, you too Bear. Cat, you'll get Hokage-sama after we drop them off, I'll stay to guard him." The two females nodded and Dog picked up the boy.

It was October tenth and Uzumaki Naruto's ninth birthday. On this day he lost his eye sight, his bright blue and innocent eyes were now useless.