Mixed Blood, His Heritage Chapter 9: Second Exam

"Alright maggots," their proctor shouted. "Behind me is training ground forty four, also known as the Forest of Death, and this is where the second part of the Chunin Exam is taking place." Anko announced very loudly.

"Oh wow the Forest of Death," Kiba said in a sarcastic and exaggerated voice to his teammates, both of which were laughing. "Looks calmer than the running grounds at my family's kennel," he said making the two blondes laugh harder.

"It's kind of hard to be intimidated by a forest once you've stared down a dozen jonin and an army of mercenaries," Ino said between laughs.

The three didn't notice the attention they were attracting.

"This forest is nothing compared to the training we've been through. Right now this forest is about as intimidating as Gato." Naruto got out between laughs. "It's kind of hard to be intimidated by a four nine fat business man with a broken arm. And if this forest is on that level then I think I might piss myself from laughing."

"O-oh-oh my God, I got to agree with you there Naruto." Kiba said while holding his side and taking ragged breathes. It seemed as if Akamaru was even in a laughing fit from the funny noises and movements he was making.

Everyone but the three of Team Seven noticed the angry look and killer intent that was coming off of their proctor.

Anko launched three kunai at Team Seven, intent on cutting their cheeks, and then quickly Shunshined behind the three. When she reappeared she set herself to scare the three genin.

Unfortunately for her that didn't happen as Ino put her right leg between Anko's legs and wrapped it around Anko's right leg. Ino was behind her and put a kunai to Anko's lower back.

Kiba was crouched and had his right arm wrapped around Anko's left leg, with a kunai in his left hand and pressing against her stomach. Akamaru was on Kiba's back barring his teeth.

Naruto had his right arm wrapped around her left, forcing it up and into the air with his hand on the back of her neck. His left hand had each kunai she had thrown between each finger and held with the points at her neck. Finally he spoke, "That wasn't a very smart idea," he said pressing the points of her kunai lightly against her neck.

"It looks like she underestimated us, right guys?" Ino asked. "Team Seven never drops their guard and we never abandon each other," she said harshly.

"You know guys, that was quite easy for her being a special jonin." Kiba said from his crouched position. "Though I must admit I love this view," he said perversely. A tick mark appeared on Anko's head.

The other two sweat dropped. "Kiba you're an idiot." Ino said. Then she opened part of Anko's trench coat. "Though I do admit she has a very nice body. I hope I grow that big." She got some very interesting looks from those around them. Anko was twitching even more now.

"Lucky bastards...at least you can enjoy the view." Naruto said. More twitching on Anko's part.

"Ah, Kiba...Naruto-kun's jealous. Well here," she said removing his right hand from Anko's neck and placing it on her left breast. "Now you can feel what we're enjoying," Ino said happily.

Anko's twitching was going so fast a humming bird's wings would have trouble keeping up. She got frustrated and twisted while jumping throwing the three genin of Team Seven away from her.

The three landed next to each other and smirked at her as she stomped off toward the front of the forest again. Behind their backs they were holding a scroll. Ino had an earth scroll while Kiba had a heaven. When no one was looking each of them pocketed the scroll they held.

"Now your goal for this exercise is to make it to the center of the forest within five days. That's not the only part though, each team will be given one of these scrolls," Anko said, before having to search her pockets for the scrolls, only to find them missing. She threw a glare at Team Seven who just smiled innocently, well two of them anyway. Huffing Anko walked over to another proctor and took his scrolls before holding them up in front of all of the genin. The white said 'heaven,' while the green said 'earth.' "To enter the tower you must have at least one of each scroll, that is what grants you access to the third exam."

She took a look around at all the genin teams. "Now before you start you have to sign these wavers, cuz I'm sure as hell not taking the blame if you die in there. When you turn in your teams wavers you will receive your scroll." She concluded.

Team Seven quickly signed their wavers and went to get their scroll. They received another heaven scroll and were told to take a position at a gate.

They chose gate number twenty seven and quickly sealed the set of scrolls they stole into a regular scroll, and then sealed it into Naruto's seal on his left shoulder. Kiba took their other heaven scroll and hid it in an inside pocket in his jacket.

"I think we should make a password only we know. In case we get separated," Ino said.

"I agree," Naruto said.

"It's a good idea. So what should we make the password be?"

"Its got to be something only we know," Ino said. "Naruto? Does anyone other than me, Kakashi-sensei, and the Hokage know who taught you when you were gone?"

"No, they think I just met Zabuza and Jiraiya." He replied.

"You mean you didn't?" Kiba asked.

"What I am about to tell you is an S-Class secret and will be our password," Naruto said. Ino and Kiba nodded in agreement.

"I was taken to train outside the village by two Anbu, Bear and Cat. Uchiha Kasumi and Hyuuga Aoi," he said.

"I see. I'll keep your secret Naruto," Kiba said. "Also this way nobody could ever figure our password." He was grinning maliciously, hoping to catch someone in a trap. That would certainly be an easy way to get a scroll.

Soon a proctor landed in front of their gate and unlocked it, yet still barring their path. Suddenly Anko's voice was projected over a speaker system at each gate.

"There is five minutes remaining before the start of the second exam. All teams report to their gates."

Naruto took his time securing his pouch straps and his armor before he finally checked the Raijin. As he grabbed the hilt he felt something uncomfortable about the blade, but it wasn't the sheathe or the way it hung from him, it was more like the sword itself. Further thought was pushed from his head as Ino and Kiba moved toward the gate.

"Your five minutes are up...the second part of the Chunin Exams begins NOW!" Anko yelled over the speaker and instantly every proctor kicked the gates open as the teams charged in.

Team Seven was flying through the forest at breakneck speeds, Kiba in the lead, Naruto in the center, and just slightly behind Naruto.

"I don't sense anything," Naruto said aloud. "Can't hear any other teams either."

"Me n' Akamaru can't smell anyone nearby," Kiba shouted back.

"Are we stopping to make a plan or set up camp?" Ino questioned.

"I got an idea," Kiba shouted back, before he stopped and let the other two catch up.

"What you got?" Ino questioned.

"Your bunshins are able to use jutsu right?" He asked Naruto.

"I got ya...KAGE BUNSHIN...HENGE," he called out. Four clones appeared and immediately three change into Ino, Kiba, and Akamaru.

"And now we just send them ahead of us," Kiba said proudly.

"Not yet Kiba," Naruto interrupted. "Ino, do you know the false shadow genjutsu?"

"Um, yeah. You taught it to me a while ago," she said slightly confused.

"Please perform it on the fake team," he asked and she did. The clones shadows stretched and became the image of the clones as the clones turned into the images' shadow. The jutsu would throw a person's perceptions off and if they attacked they would actually be missing the target by a few feet while the user is protected and hidden.

He sent the clones a little ways ahead of them and onto the lower branches of the trees. "Follow me," he said and led up to the very top of the trees. They were still able to see the fake team in front and below them. At the top Naruto grouped them close. "Stay within a fifteen foot radius of me," he said pulled out a kunai while wrapping a slip of paper around it. He then did hand signs around the kunai, "Genjutsu: Imagery Field: Surrounding Camouflage," Suddenly a sphere surrounded the team and took a slight silver shimmer.

Naruto held the kunai out in front of him. "This genjutsu bends the air and light around us to make our surroundings wrap around us. We're not invisible but a trick of the light to pull the image of the surroundings around us so we are hidden. A Hyuuga or an Uchiha could see through it as well as someone versed in genjutsu as I am only average with the ability," he said. "I can probably keep this up for enough time to find an opposing team or two hours, which ever comes first, but then I'll have to drop it during the fight and take the time to regain some chakra."

His team members nodded and they took off after the clones which Naruto gave orders to move forward.

Not an hour later the False Shadow Genjutsu was dispelled as a rain of senbon hit the illusion. When the genjutsu dispelled the enemy team came in close to inspect, revealing them to be Kusa. They didn't get very close though as the clones struck out. The clone of Kiba and Akamaru attacked with their claws. Ino's clone was throwing kunai and the Naruto clone was swinging his kusari-gama above him by it's chain.

While the enemy was distracted the real Naruto dispelled his camouflage genjutsu and whispered to the others to spread out. Kiba and Ino each took up a position to form a triangle. Down below the clones pushed the Kusa team apart and toward each hidden Team Seven member.

Before they knew what happened Team Seven struck the enemy. Each of them knocked out the opponent from behind. When they raided the enemy they found another full set of scrolls, but Naruto's stomach dropped slightly when he ran his hand over a Kiri crafted knife.

"Ino...I need you to look through their memories," Naruto said. "I need to know where they got their other scroll from."

Ino didn't say anything and jumped into one's mind. Moments later she returned to her body and spoke. "They met that Kiri genin you were talking to, and they lost their scroll to him. For revenge they searched out the other two Kiri teams...Naruto-kun...they, they killed them all. They killed the boys then raped the girl before they killed her." She finished in a sad whisper. "Then they decided to search us out as well."

Though the two couldn't see his face they could feel his anger.

"I want you two to travel north by at least a hundred meters and set up camp. I will join you before nightfall, remember the password." His words left no room for argument.

Ino and Kiba looked at each other before they took off, both with a feeling that they didn't want to see what he would do to the Kusa.

After Ino and Kiba left he tied each of the Kusa to a tree and woke them with a low powered water jutsu. "We're going to have a small talk," he said simply. Then he performed a few hand signs and ice needles appeared everywhere.

"You really should have let the Kiri nin live, but no matter. When I'm done with you, you will know why I'm feared and you will beg for death...that's a promise!"

Four hours later Naruto found his team with camp set by a river under a tunneled out hill. Naruto chalked it up to Kiba's affinity and a jutsu. He called out to them and gave them the password before he settled against the earth wall with a tired sigh.

"It took you four hours to question them?" Kiba said.

"No, it took me twenty minutes to question them, another twenty to kill them, and another twenty to find the two dead teams. An hour to clean them up and properly seal them away so they may be returned to their families for proper burial, and finally another two hours to find Hidetaka's team and calm him down enough to think rationally."

"Why would Hidetaka take so long to calm down?" Kiba questioned.

"One of those teams had his one year younger brother on it."

"What did you do to calm him down?" Ino questioned.

"I had to knock him out, then his teammates decided it would be best to head back to Kiri, so I gave them the scrolls with the bodies with each of their family markings on it. They in turn handed over the scrolls they collected."

"What did you find out from the Kusa?" Kiba asked.

"They killed them with the help of another Kusa team, but they said something wasn't right about their comrades. They were quirky...different than usual."

"What does this mean?" Ino asked.

"More than likely that their comrades were dead and an imposter is seeking something other than becoming Chunin. Tomorrow I am going to kill the bastard who killed Hidetta."

"Should you really do something like that?" Kiba asked coldly.

"Do you really think that they are only after Kiri teams?" Naruto shot back with venom. "Would you let our comrades be hunted down if we could warn them or possibly help them?"

"We could be killed," Kiba shot back. "And I wont fail this for revenge for someone I don't know."

"Fine...I'll go myself and meet you at the tower tomorrow night."

"We are not breaking this team up!" Ino interjected.

"I will go with Naruto tomorrow, but if we do not find them tomorrow then we finish the exam and get them back during the third part."

"Agreed," Naruto said.

"Fine, we'll do it Ino's way," Kiba growled. He stomped off to the water's edge with Akamaru in tow.

Naruto created a dozen bunshins and put them on watch duty before closing his falling asleep.

The next morning Naruto was woken by one of his clones that went scouting. Apparently it spotted the leader of the Kusa team heading quickly in another direction.

He quickly woke Ino and Kiba before taking off after him. He blocked all of his senses before pouring chakra into his nose to advance his sense of smell further. Searching out the sent the clone gave him. He quickly found it and began to follow it.

When he finally found the source he was rewarded with the sight of an injured Chouji and Shikamaru on the ground while Sasuke was trying to hold off the enemy, and failing.

"Ino, Kiba. Get Shikamaru and Chouji to safety and then one of you come back and get Sasuke."

Before they could argue he had jumped at the fray while performing hand seals and activating his eyes. "WATER DRAGON" he shouted. A giant water dragon formed out of the air and launched itself at the Kusa nin.

The nin not expecting the attack was hit from the side and launched through the tree branch he was standing on and through another tree.

Naruto hit the trunk and pushed off while grabbing the Uchiha's arm and taking them to another branch. When they got their Sasuke tore his arm away from Naruto's grip.

"I don't need your help!" he shouted while focusing his sharingan on the blonde.

"Yes, you were doing so well. Now shut up, he's coming at us." He pushed the Uchiha off the branch and jumped straight up while performing seals. He launched a Wind Scythe at the place the enemy landed.

The Kusa nin replaced himself right before the jutsu hit and sliced through the thick tree branch. Finding his targets he moved quickly and appeared behind the two. Kicking the blonde in the back while grabbing the Uchiha. He was surprised to see them both poof out of existence and had to duck under the swing of a pair of blades. One a kunai held by the Uchiha and the other a kusari-gama held by the blonde.

Acting quickly he jumped back and pulled down his eyelid, trying to catch both in his death seeing genjutsu. It didn't work however a he noticed the Uchiha had activated his sharingan and the other had his hitai-ate over his eyes. This intrigued him slightly.

"You're not bad, though I don't know how you can fight blindfolded." He said.

"I have to fight without my sight...Orochimaru!" the blonde said hissing the name out.

"Oh, you know me then?" he said slightly surprised and removing the fake face.

"Quite a lot actually," Naruto said back, still in his fighting stance.

"I'm quite curious as to how you recognized me if you can't see me," Orochimaru said with a chuckle. He was quite curious indeed.

"You smell like snake," a voice said from behind him.

Orochimaru was forced to dodge to the side but he still got a deep cut from the kusari-gama. He looked to see the blonde jumping at his again while the other blonde by the Uchiha disappeared in a cloud of smoke. 'Shadow Clones? That's a Jonin level technique. His stealth is amazing as well...I didn't sense him until the last second,' he thought to himself.

"WATER DRAGON!" Naruto shouted. Again he surprised Orochimaru, because of the dragon's size and the lack of a water source.

Orochimaru dodged the attack and returned with a jutsu of his own. "Wind Style: Great Breakthrough"

"GREAT BREAKTHROUGH" Naruto shouted, countering with the same jutsu.

Both began flashing through seals again "EARTH DRAGON MISSLE" Naruto shouted as Orochimaru had to stop making seals and dodge.

Naruto used the jutsu as a distraction and hid in the shadow of a tree. He focused on his enemy but began running plans and attack patterns through his mind. What he came up with was not very appealing. No matter how he looked at it, he would lose. The man new more jutsus, more tactics, more strength, but most of all, more experience. He knew he was strong, but he still couldn't hold a blade to an unarmed Sennin and hope to win.

'Maybe I can slow him down?'

He was broken from his train of thought by a shout of "Hidden Snake Hand."

Naruto turned to see a large amount of snakes descending down on him from Orochimaru's sleeve. Cursing to himself he made a single hand sign and formed a quick water wall. It proved unsuccessful as the snakes shot around or through the water. Some where destroyed but still some got through.

Naruto used his kusari-gama to destroy some as he ran up the tree's trunk. That proved to be a bad tactic as Orochimaru appeared above him and punched him back down. He fell through the branch he was originally on and through to the next one.

"Fire Style: Mythical Phoenix Flower!" Sasuke shouted. The fireballs flew toward Orochimaru who put them out with a wind jutsu. The fireballs disappeared to reveal shuriken that he was forced to dodge again. Orochimaru dodged to the ground and retaliated on Sasuke with a Fire Dragon.

Sasuke's smoldering form fell from the tree and hit the ground with a loud thud. Orochimaru advanced on the groaning Uchiha.

"GIANT VORTEX" Naruto shouted, watching the jutsu tear through the forest floor, smashing trees and throwing debris around.

Orochimaru replaced himself with a Tsuchi Bunshin and launched a taijutsu attack at the blonde. Naruto was unprepared for the assault, thus taking some massive hits before he could begin to block and counter with the interceptor style.

Naruto was cursing himself for using so many high ranking jutsu because Orochimaru had mostly dodged what he threw at him while he himself used very few. He hadn't used up his reserves, but the way things were going he was guaranteed to tire out first...after the Uchiha of course.

He landed roughly on a tree branch and watched Sasuke try to wrap their enemy in wire and attempt a fire jutsu. Naruto had to admit that it was impressive, though ineffective as Orochimaru was perfectly fine.

Orochimaru broke out of the wires and summoned a large purple snake. "Take the one down below us, I can't have him interfering now," he commanded.

Naruto heard the command and dodged the snake as it tore through the branch. He hopped around the tree and replaced himself with a tree branch higher up.

'Guess I have to do something to give me the advantage. Good thing I had Zabuza-sensei teach me some new jutsus before I left. Hidden Mist.' He struggled to make the mist as the dryer climate made him use more chakra. After the mist settled he shut off all of his sense except hearing and smell. Quickly he followed up with a clone.

"Go find Ino and Kiba, then tell Kiba to search for Sasuke by smell. Get them to head toward the tower as fast as possible and send help." He whispered to his clone. He didn't even watch it go as he jumped from his spot and launched his blade at the summon below him.

The attack proved useless besides alerting the snake to his presence. The summons tail lashed out at him and knocked him into the tree. Thinking of a quick plan he performed the seal necessary for his jutsu and melted into the tree as the snake snapped its jaw shut right where he was a second before. Naruto's upper body came out of the tree above the snake. It may have not got him, but it did get something.

"Exploding Clone," he said as he formed a single hand seal. He watched with satisfaction as the summon's head exploded.

He heard Sasuke scream up above him which quickly regained his focus. Taking a soldier pill he got off of Kiba, he took off to where he smelled Orochimaru.

When he arrived Orochimaru finished whispering in Sasuke's ear before he turned to Naruto and smirked. Naruto watched Orochimaru disappear into the ground. When his chakra signature completely disappeared Naruto deactivated his eyes and leaned against the tree.

Moments later Ino and Kiba came to their location.

"What happened?" Ino shouted.

"Who was that?" Kiba asked.

"The Snake Sannin Orochimaru...we fought."

"That's it?" Ino shouted. "That's the whole explanation?"

"That's what it all boils down to," Naruto said tiredly. "We need to get Team Ten and get to the tower."

"Are you insane!" Ino shouted. "Chouji and Shikamaru can barely walk, Sasuke is unconscious, and you look close to the same."

"Are you quite done?" Naruto asked, which further infuriated his fellow blonde.

"What do you mean 'Am I done?' you bastard!"

"You are alerting the whole forest to our position and while the two of you are quite skilled, you may only be able to take on one, maybe two teams top and that is without trying to guard an injured team. So again, are you quite done?" Not giving them time to respond he forced himself to stand.

"Kage Bunshin" four clones popped into existence near them.

"You two carry Chouji, you carry Shikamaru, and you get lucky to be stuck with Uchiha, now lets go!" Naruto ordered. The clone tasked to carry Sasuke was grumbling under his breath the whole time though.

Working under his own strength he shakily began leading the slow trek toward the central tower.

"Yo, let me know if you sense anything odd...and be on the look out for genjutsu," he said to those behind him.

During their trek Shikamaru began complaining and Chouji woke up, though Naruto didn't pay any attention to them, he was focusing on keeping himself stable enough to continue to the tower despite his exhaustion.

"Hey, troublesome blondes," this made both blondes turn toward Shikamaru, though Ino did with a growl. Ignoring the angry blonde he continued. "I'm not good with these things but I think we just entered a genjutsu field." Naruto thought he was done until he heard "...troublesome."

Naruto gave a sigh, "Damn lazy bastard." Quickly activating his eyes he searched for the caster while Ino dispelled the genjutsu over them.

"Damn it, the second I take it down they put it back up," Ino said. It was obvious she was angry.

"Keep going, I'm going to try to sense them," Naruto said while activating his chakra pulse. He sent out three pulses then waited a few seconds before sending out three more right after Ino dispelled the genjutsu.

Keeping his movements still he focused his eyes on where he felt a chakra spike in the pulse.

"I think I've got them, one more time Ino." Just as she did he focused a pulse right to the place he welt the spike. Watching the chakra go he realized that it didn't travel all around him, but more in a short wave in the direction he was focusing. It didn't circle him as usual, then he realized it traveled farther than the pulse. Setting that into the back of his mind he found three angry Ame nin rebuilding the genjutsu.

Acting quickly he made the earth underneath him slowly form around him, creating a shell around him. He then followed up with the earth melding jutsu and came out of a tree behind the Ame. Flying through hand seals he whispered his jutsu. "Mokuton: Final Confinement"

The tree branches underneath the Ame had wood pull off of them and form box coffins around them. Immediately the Ame nin started screaming and beating against the wood holding them in and causing them to fall to the ground. Naruto smirked as he performed more hand seals and the coffins sunk into the ground.

"That takes care of them." He said and began walking back to the team.

When he appeared they stared and then watched the earth shell crumbled.

"Now then, the tower?" he asked.