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Long Distance Call

In her sleep his voice spoke in Hana's mind, as it had often spoken through the years. But she sensed an urgency she had not experienced before.

"You must come to Yamanouchi," he instructed her.

"I plan to come again this summer. I have asked a friend, Sheki Possible, to come with me. I should have asked your permission first-"

"No, you should have asked the permission of Hiro. I have not run the school for years. It is his choice, and a grave insult that you failed to consult him."

"I am sorry, Sensei. You are right. But I can not speak with him as I speak to you. Will you please apologize for my insult and ask if I may bring her?"

"I will ask. The daughter of Kim Possible should be welcome here. When had you planned to come?"

"In two weeks I will have-"

"In two weeks I will be dead. I must see you before I die."

"Before you die? I don't-" she could not accept that the old man was dying and wanted to keep the specter of death away through her denial.

"Please, there is much I have never told you. Much I should have told you. Before I die I must ask for your forgiveness, Master."

In her bed in Middleton Hana sat up and yelled, "Mom! Dad! I have to go to Japan. I have to go now!"

Rachel Stoppable reached the bedroom first. She sat down on the bed and took her sobbing daughter in her arms, "It's okay. It was just a bad dream. You're fine, dear."

"It is not okay, Mom. And it wasn't a dream. Sensei is dying and wants to see me. I have to go."

The Stoppables looked at each other. They understood the frequent trips to Japan were part of the conditions attached to Hana, but they always worried that some year she would not come back to them. She was eighteen or nineteen now - without an exact birth date they could never be certain.

"How do you plan to get there?" her father asked.

"I don't know, Dad. I just know I have to go."

Her mother sighed, "Think about it overnight. See if you can check the information in the morning. We'll help in anyway we can."

Hana called Sheki's cell at an indecently early hour in the morning. The Japanese girl, still not sure how to get to Japan, but knowing she must go, told Sheki about the change in plans. "I've got to leave as soon as I can. I don't know if I can take you… No, I'm sure you can come. But I don't know how I'm going to get there. Can you ask your Mom if she still has any connections for rides?"

"I'll ask. This is really an emergency?"

"On a scale of one to ten I believe this rates a twelve."

"I'll call you back as soon as I talk with the parental units."

The dark haired girl heard the sound of television news through the open doorway of her parents' room as she padded down the hallway. Mom and Eemah were propped up on pillows, with Jane resting against Shego.

"Oh, look," Kim told Shego, "We got one of the big ones." She slid closer to Shego and patted the bed beside her, "There's still room for you."

"Got a problem," the teenager confessed as she snuggled up in the crook of Kim's arm. "Hana called-"

"Is your trip off?" Shego asked.

"I'm really not sure what's happening with her. She says she needs to go to Japan, like yesterday. Major emergency of some kind. She wants me to ask Mommy if she still has any ride connections."

Kim asked, "You have no idea about the nature of the emergency?"


Kim looked at her partner, "I'm inclined to trust her, she's just about family." Shego nodded in agreement. "The problem is, I haven't kept up the old ride network. Wade ran that, and Global Justice takes me where I need to go now."

Shego rolled over and picked up a phone from the nightstand, "Speaking of Wade and family," she muttered as she punched in a number. There was a minute of silence as a phone rang on the other end.

"Hello?" Shego adopted a simpler tone as she spoke on the phone. "No, this is auntie Shego. … Is your daddy awake? … Will you look, please? … Okay, I'll hold on." There was a minute of quiet before she spoke again, "Yeah, and I love you too. I hope you didn't use language like that with your son in the room. … Damn it, how stupid do you think I am? Is your brain in gear yet? I wouldn't bother you at home this early if it wasn't an emergency. … I need Lipsky and Load's corporate jet for emergency trip to Japan. … No, for Hana - Ron's sister. … Anything you need delivered or beancounters who need to attend a meeting? … Great! … Oh, and Wade, thanks."

Shego got out of bed and began pulling open drawers, "Move!" she told Sheki. "You got to pack, we leave about one. Call Hana."

"What are you doing," Kim demanded.

"I'm the pilot. Good luck with the two red heads, all three of you are trouble."

"Eemah!" Jane protested.

"And I love you all," she told the youngest daughter, kissing her on the head.

Author's Note: This falls after Spook Chasers.