Hey everybody!

Sorry, I know I concluded this but a few of you had some questions that I thought It was fair to answer. Just here clarifying a couple of things about Edward's color/soul issue some of you have asked me about.

First whether or not Edward had a color/soul before he met Bella, if he had a color/soul then?

Yes he did. He was always able to change colors, but it wasn't until he met Bella that his color changed according to her. He had no inspiration, no muse until he met her. He became her mood ring … I guess is the best way to put it.

So how did Bella know Edward was her soul mate then if he was always able to change color then, you ask?

When she realized that he would change along with her. He changed constantly, not just day to day. If one minute she felt blue then orange the next, then he to would change that instant. He was her rainbow, but one color at a time.

3. Why doesn't the same thing happen to to the others if they are soul mates?

Again, Edward is unique. Only Edward changes colors. Just like Jasper's rainbow soul, One of a kind!

But this is my explanation, but you are allowed to make your own conclusions. It is interesting what you all come up with. :-P

Again, Thanks for reading.