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Tails of Shadows

Chapter One


He hacked into the system, shutting down the lasers and alarms. He looked up and grinned as he saw the survailence cameras shift their gazes downward, thier red lights ceasing to work.

"Perfect..." He said as he adjusted his goggles, positioning them over his blue eyes. "This should give me a good ten minutes... That's all I need..."

He yanked the cord to his laptop out of the system, and stuffed it in his backpack. He drew out a glasscutter, and carefully traced a large circular hole, big enough for him to crawl through, but not too small, as it might give way his identity to those who will find this scene the following morning. While keeping a good grip on the suction cup that was holding the glass section in place, he jerked his hands back, and with a quick scratching sound, followed by a pop, he pulled it free, and dropped it in a nearby bush. He crawled right in.

The Museum sure looks creepy at night... He thought to himself, but shook his head to regain focus on his task at hand. The Emerald should be that way... He took off down the hall, the rubber soles of his sneakers squeaking softly as he made a right, and then a left. He squeezed through the bars that kept that room sealed off at night, having to pull his foot through roughly as it got caught. he stumbled back and turned around. In a glass case, on a pedistal, sitting on a red cushion was the yellow Emerald. Chaos energy radiating from its very edges. Pure... wonderful... Chaos energy...

"Score!" he whispered excitedly. Glasscutter in hand, he traced a hole the size of his fist into the side of the case. He pushed the disc inward, and closed his left hand around the Emerald. As the edges dug sharply into his gloved palm, it's power surged through his hand, up his arm, and spread thoughout his body. He shivered ecstatically as his golden yellow fur stood on end. He enjoyed the power. One Emerald was a good start... he wondered faintly what it feel like with two Emeralds, or even all of them...

A click and a whir drove him back to reality. The system was begining to reboot, and the cameras' were starting back up again. He cursed softly as he pulled the Emerald out of the case quickly, the glass edges sliding sharply into his arm.

"Damn!" He cursed loudly as his free hand flew over his arm to cover the injury as blood began to pool lighty from the cut. He wished he was outside the doors of the Museum, now. He clutched the Emerald tightly in his hand, and said the only thing he could think of.

"Chaos... CONTROL!" He felt a strong wind rush around him and through his fur, cooling his heated skin. His eyes saw everything flash past him in a blur of color. A bright light, and he was laying on the cold steps outside the Museum, breathing heavily, staring at the marble archway that welcomes visitors. He sat up, clutching his arm still. He lifted his hand a little, and saw a thin, red line that stretched horizontally across the palm. His blood.

He cursed lightly. It could have been worse. At least he left no evidence of who he was behind. He could easily cover this up with a fake tinkering accident story. The blood was beginning to let up some, so he let his arm go.

He began to laugh insanely. It was now his. His Emerald and his alone. Not even Doctor Eggman could tear it from his hands. He felt invincible. He performed another Chaos Control, and disappeared into the night in a yellow flash, his echoing maniacal laughter fading into the stillness of the night.

"This is really weird!"

"No evidence left at all?"

"Just the holes in the glass."

"Who would have done this?"

"I bet it was Eggman!"

"You sure? He wouldn't have gone through such care... he would have just taken it..."


Mobians were arguing. The Chaotix had begun to question Shadow.

"Did you see anything last night?"


"Were you anywhere near the Museum between 12-1 am last night?"


"Can anyone confirm that?"

"I can..." It was Sonic. " We were at my place."


"I just got Halo 3. He was showing me how to set up my 360."

"At 12-1 in the morning?"

"Actually, that was earlier."

"Then how can you confirm he was where he said he was?"

"Curfew's at 11. We were blastin' Covinent and Brute butt past then."

"Were the graphics good?"

Sonic trailed off into the subject.

"Hell, yeah they are! The grass moves when you walk on it, The Guilty Spark comes back, you get to play through old levels, record videos, and the Master Chief and Sargent Johnson-" Shadow clapped a hand over Sonic's mouth.

"Don't ruin the ending... not everyone's played it yet!" He hissed into his ear. Sonic sweatdropped, and muttered an apology.

"So, why all the questions? Surely you don't think any of us did it?" Shadow questioned.

"Standard proceedure. We need to elimimate the innocent to be left with the guilty."

"Hey, Tails!" Sonic waved at his little buddy, who looked a little nervous, but quickly regained his composure. Sonic and Shadow's gazes drifted towards Tails' left arm, which had a bandage wrapped around the lower portion on the top. It seemed to have been a pretty long cut.

"Tails? Buddy, what happened?" Sonic knelt down and inspected the fox's arm. Tails looked to the left as he explained.

"It's nothing, it's only superficial. I just got hurt while making a few adjustments to my newest vehicle, the Twister. It's like a drill. It should help us on digging missions when Knuckles can't help us."

"WHAT? I'M BEING REPLACED?!" Knuckles' angry voice echoed throughout the Museum.

"No! I just- I-"

"I'll talk to him." Said Sonic, patted Tails on the head. "Just next time, be carefull, 'kay?"

Tails nodded nervously as Sonic sped across the room. Shadow was staring at Tails with his penatrating ruby eyes. Tails felt like he was being X-rayed.

"You're lying..." He said unperturbedly, his eyes narrowing as his brow furrowed. His arms were crossed. But his face held no expression.

"Wh-what?" Tails was nervous. Had he been too obvious?

"You looked to your left... you're lying about how you hurt yourself..."

"How did-?"

"I know more than what I let on... so why don't you tell us the truth?"

Tails was infuriated. He jumped at Shadow, and knocked him to the hard ground. Shadow didn't have time to react, and could only stare at the fox, startled, as he leaned in to his face and shook him by his chest fluff roughly.

"YOU THINK I HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH THIS, YOU (Tails called Shadow something that made everyone flinch)?! WELL!? DO YOU!?"

Shadow stammered a little from shock. Sonic snapped out of his stupor, and rushed to pull a struggling Tails off an equally dismayed Shadow. Shadow scooted away a bit as Tails tried to thrash out of Sonic's grasp, screaming at Shadow.


"I... didn't..."

Tails pulled free and took another dive at Shadow, letting loose a string of curse words. Shadow pulled his green Emerald fron his quills and performed a Chaos Control to warp behind the Chaotix just as Tails found himself incased in a glowing, translucent, seafoam bubble, suspended in the air. Silver had his hand out in front of him, hand markings glowing bright as his quills lifted upward from his powers.

"What is your problem?" He growled at the fox, angerly."I was here the whole time, and Shadow didn't say anything about accusing you."

Big, who had been squeezing Froggy in his hands, felt the frog slip out of his grasp, and watched him hop away. A few minutes passed before he registered what had happened, because he was more surprised with Tails' reaction. He ran out the door and yelled "WAIT FOR ME FROGGY!". Nobody noticed.

Tails blinked frantically. Did he just blow his cover? He had to cover this up, quick. He put on a surprised facade, and began to fabricate.

"I'm sorry... I've just been edgy lately... with... you know..." He let a real tear slip from his eyes, as he thought about Cosmo. Silver sympathized with him, and let the bubble down. The room was quiet. "...I'm sorry, Shadow..."

Shadow could only nod weakly in respose.

Tails took his leave, Sonic following him.

Shadow stared outwardly into the open. He could have sworn he had seen Tails grin evily as he wave goodbye to them. The look in the fox's blue eyes was far from any kindness the nibi fox had harbored there before. They were full of cold, manipulative, malevolence. Only for that moment.

"Mr. Shadow... are you okay?"

Cream was standing over him, staring concernedly at him. He became aware that he was shaking a little. He stood up and brushed himself off.

"I'm fine...Nothing really fazes me..."

He strode off out the door, as Cream stared.

Tails is up to something... and I'm gonna find out what...

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