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Star Trek the Next Generation


Chapter 1

Neutral Zone

"You know," Picard said as he stared into the sea, "This was the life then. No body was here to get a hold of you, once you were at sea. The feeling of the waves crashing against the hull of the ship and the smell of the sea was great. Everything was so peaceful."

Data took a stepped and looked into the endless sea. He cocked his head in confusion and asked, "How can smell affect one's judgment?"

Picard smiled and nodded at a holographic crew men who had shuffled passed him and Data. "A person's sense of smell," Picard began, "Is a way to learn about an object in a much deeper and much more emotional way."

"Oh," Data said as he sniffed the air, "There are fragments of sodium in the air as well as…"

"Data," Picard said interrupting Data, "It smells great out here, although it is just holographic. Once we are back at Earth I will take you out to see and you will really get to see it."

"How was it so peaceful back then when you had no ability to communicate with any one? There are so many stories about ships getting lost at sea?" Data said watching a holographic crew man using a net to gather fish.

"Of course," Picard said smiling at Data, "Life was just as hard back then as it is today. It was just a matter of how you were successful."

"Captain," Riker said through the com-badge, "Sensors have detected a Romulan ship next to the neutral zone. It is powerless."

"I am on my way," Picard said, Mr. Data we'll have to continue this later. Computer end program."


There as only darkness left in the ship. Life support was holding and it was the only functioning part of the ship. V'Lat held his gun tightly in his hand and used the light on the end of it to see. He had to get an escape quickly, before they got to him.

V'Lat quickly glanced behind him and saw nothing. It was a scary thought to not know who was alive on the ship and who was infected. A low guttural moan made V'Lat stop and tremble. "Go away," He mumbled to himself not wanting them to hear him.

Even with his superior fighting instincts, the virus that attacked the ship brought out the fear he was supposed to suppress. Suddenly a hand lashed out and grabbed his ankle. V'Lat pointed his gun and saw an infected crew man of his laying on the ground bleeding profusely from a bite wound in his shoulder.

V'Lat fired and killed his crew man before he fully transformed. V'Lat then continued on the way/ Suddenly V'Lat saw three figures stumble toward him. V'Lat shot the first one right in the forehead. The second he shot in the arm, V'Lat took a step back and shot the figure in the head. The figure collapsed on the floor.

V'Lat shot the third one but missed. He aimed again and shot it in the head. V'Lat continued on his way breathing heavily. There were too many of them. There was not enough fire power to take them out.

V'Lat turned a corner and shot another one as it stumbled toward him moaning. V'Lat was about to take another step when he felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. He spun around and shot the attacker in the head.

V'Lat felt dizzy, but he continued on his way to the escape pod. He would become one of them soon; just like the rest of his crew. V'Lat hoped he'd get to the escape pos in time. If not, he'd kill himself before turning into one of them.


"What's the status of the Romulan ship?" Picard asked stepping into the bridge with Data walking behind him.

Data took his station as Riker said, "Powerless, besides life support though."

"Life signs, Mr. Data?" Picard asked sitting in the captain's chair.

Data typed a few things in the computer and said, "Unknown, something coming from the Romulan ship is making the sensors extremely limited."

"It could be a trap," Warf said, "How can a powerless Romulan ship affect our sensors?"

Troi sat up and said in a shocking voice, "I can't feel anything coming from the Romulan ship"

"I agree," Picard said, "Is it closer to Federation space or Romulan space?"

"Is it closer to Federation space?" Picard asked standing up.

"It is closer to Federation space," Worf said not liking the situation one bit.

Picard scratched his chin and looked at is first officer, "What do you make of this?"

"There hasn't been much activity from the Romulans in some time," Riker said after clearing his throat, "I don't know what the Romulans are up to, but because the ship is that close we should check it out Even if it is a trap."

"I agree," Picard said turning to Data, "Mr. Data set a course for the Neutral Zone, warp six."

"Yes sir," Data said.