Star Trek the Next Generation

Star Trek the Next Generation


Chapter 15

Cease Fire?!

Admiral Joel Braxton sat in on the couch in his ready room, looking at the estimated casualty report for this upcoming battle. In one hand he had the pad he was looking at and in his other hand was a steaming cup if coffee. All but five ships that were patrolling Earth had recently joined the fleet. As of right now, there were sixty-five Federation ships and forty Klingon birds of preys ready to attack the much larger fleet of Romulan and Cardassian ships.

Admiral Braxton took a long sip and stood up. He began to pace around his room, humming a song he always hummed to calm his nerves. Braxton set the pad on his desk and grabbed another. This pad showed him what ships he was supposed to coordinate in the battle. Braxton set this pad down and looked at a picture that was on the edge of his desk, of his wife, Marissa, two week old son named Carlos, and dog named Max. He smiled and picked up the picture. He missed his family dearly and couldn't wait to get back to Earth to spend time with them. That is, when this war would be over.

He knew the Enterprise and Defiant went deep into Cardassian space on special missions. But the only problem was that they lost contact with both the Defiant and the Enterprise thirty hours ago. Captain Picard and Captain Sisko, Braxton thought as he set down the photo, one of the most distinguished Captains in Starfleet history. Braxton remembered when he had to meet Picard and spend two days on the Enterprise just to get a feeling of what it was like on a Galaxy Class Starship. He did have to say it was impressive.

Suddenly the red alert siren began to blare. Braxton stood up straight and pressed his badge, "Marks report?"

"There is a massive fleet of unknown vessels on an intercept course," Marks said.

"On my way," Braxton said walking out of his ready room.

Braxton stepped on to the bridge and asked, "Can you give me a visual?"

"Aye sir," Leroy said by his computer.

The view screen lit up revealing a massive fleet of triangular ships. Each vessel resembled a boomerang type shape, except for a long type tube in the middle that extended to the edge of the vessels. Braxton took a step toward his helm's man. "Sir they are hailing us, audio only" Marks said.

"Put it through," Braxton said licking his lips for they suddenly felt dry.

"Federation and Klingon ships," The alien said in a high pitch and slurred voice, "We are the Krulner and we wish to join you in battle."


Dr. Bashir stepped walked into the bridge and approached Sisko who was leaning over Dax as both were working on the rear shielding of the Defiant while Miles was helping Bashir with the new arrivals. "Uh Captain we have a bit of a problem," Bashir said when Sisko stood up straight to face him.

"What is the problem?" Sisko asked taking a step toward Bashir.

"I have finished with all the new arrivals," Bashir began looking Sisko in the eye, "All checked put healthy and relatively anxious to return to their duties, except for one."

"So what is the problem exactly?" Sisko asked walking to his seat. He did not sit though, but instead, he leaned against the back of his chair.

"The problem is, that she doesn't respond to anybody and won't let me close enough to do a basic scan," Bashir said briefly watching Dax's sympathetic look, "Right now she is in her quarters staring at the wall."

"What is this person's name?" Sisko asked scratching his goatee.

"Her name is Sito Jaxa," Bashir said looking at Sisko.

Sisko turned to Dax and said, "Open her Starfleet record, we need to see who we are dealing with exactly and what happened to her."

Dax turned and typed in her computer. It took a few minutes but the computer found a record of Sito. Dax read it first quickly and shook her head in dismay as she read it. "There isn't much about her Ben," Dax said turning to face her captain once again.

"Well tell me what is written here," Sisko sighed cracking his knuckles on his arm rest.

"Well it is said she was born in the city Bahjir on Bajor," Dax said turning to her computer, "After living there for thirteen years, she moved to Earth where she later ended up attending Starfleet Academy. She soon became part of Starfleet Academy's Nova Squadron in 2368. Sito was involved in the accident that destroyed all five ships and killed one of the squadron members. Other members involved in the incident — and subsequent cover-up — included Cadets Nicholas Locarno and Wesley Crusher. After the incident, Sito remained at Starfleet Academy and was assigned to the Enterprise-D after graduation. Onboard Enterprise, Sito found a mentor in Worf and developed close out friendships with fellow junior officers Sam Lavelle, Alyssa Ogawa and Taurik. In 2370, she and Lavelle were both considered for promotion. During this time, Captain Picard selected Sito for a dangerous covert mission — she was to accompany Joret Dal, a Cardassian operative for the Federation, on his return to Cardassian space. Dal posed as a bounty hunter, while Sito pretended to be his prisoner. She was supposed to return to Enterprise in an escape pod, but the pod went missing and the remains were found later. It is believed that Sito died attempting to carry out this important mission."

Dax turned and faced Sisko once again. He exhaled heavily and said, "The best plan would be to contact Starfleet Command and see what they say."

"And what should I do about her until we can make it back into Federation space?" Bashir asked fearing she could do damage to herself. He knew this Sito was not in good shape. She had spent man years in the hands of a Cardassian prison. Captain Picard had nightmares about his times there and he only spent a few days there. Imagine how bad it would be, if you were held prisoner there for a few years.

Sisko sighed and stood up, "Just let her be, unless she does anything violent of any sort, but we will worry about that when the time comes."


The Romulan Admiral, S'Valta stood on her bridge looking at the fleet consisting of Federation, Klingon, and an unknown enemy named the Krulner. Romulus had very little information about the Krulner, but what they did have was they were an aggressive race if persuaded. S'Valta stepped up to her science officer and asked, "What should we know about those Krulner ships?"

There was a slight pause and then the science officer said, "The ships have minimal shielding and their maneuverable abilities are superior to ours. They also have some sort of electric energy pulse."

S'Valta stepped away from the science officer and once again stared at the enemy fleet. "Sir there as an incoming message from Verner," The helmsman said turning to face S'Valta with a smug expression on his face.

"Put it through," S'Valta said as she took a seat by her place in the middle of the bridge.

"Admiral S'Valta," The Cardassian leader said, "All my ships are in place and ready to take on the first squad of Federation ships," He paused for a second and then asked, "Are you ready to begin the attack?"

S'Valta looked around her bridge briefly before returning her gaze at Verner. "My first squad of ships will take on the Federation ship and Klingon ships. We will send them in waves."

"Do whatever is necessary for an easy victory," Verner said quickly ending the transmission.

S'Valta turned to her helmsman and said, "We will begin just as I told Admiral Verner. After four waves of our ships attacking, we will go in full force with every ship available."

"Yes sir," The helmsman said.

S'Valta stared at the enemy fleet on the view screen and then said, "Begin with the first wave."


Picard stepped out of his ready room with a relieved and anxious look on his face. He had just found out that Sito Jaxa was alive and was indeed medically fine, but psychologically was unwell. He also found out from Captain Sisko that the Defiant had joined them on their conquest.

Picard looked around at everyone on the bridge briefly and was about to say something when Troi walked up to him with a concerned look on her face. "Captain is there something wrong?" She asked genuinely caring.

Picard looked at her and asked, "What makes you think something is wrong?" He paused and said to everyone on the bridge, "In fact I just found out just the opposite of ad news." He paused again and looked at everyone on the bridge once again, "Firstly the Defiant has successfully rescued the Starfleet hostages that were being held in the Cardassian prison camp. Secondly the Defiant has found a certain Starfleet officer that was deemed lost on the mission years ago." Picard paused again and said, "Her name is Ensign Sito Jaxa."

There was a gasp from a number of people on the bridge. Troi had teas of thankfulness in her eyes and Worf had a really shocked look on his face. Riker approached Picard and Picard said loudly, "Unfortunately, Sito is extremely mentally unstable and will be taken the mental medical ward in the Starbase of the Netgar system."

"I can't believe it," Troi said silently, "I really can't believe it."

"Sir," Worf said loudly "There are ten Cardassian ships approaching us on an intercept course."

"On screen," Picard said turning to face the view screen.

"One of the ships is hailing us," Data said.

"Put it through," Picard said taking a step toward Data.

Gul Dukat's image filled the screen and he smiled immediately, "I am asking myself if the famous Captain Picard is crazy enough to enter Cardassian space unwanted. But then I asked myself if he is here to infect us again from the ravenous disease."

Picard smiled back and said, "Actually I took the risk of coming into Cardassian space to deliver the cure to the virus."

"Why would the Federation want to give the cure to us?" Gul Dukat asked leaning forward in his seat.

"We are giving the cure to you," Picard sternly said, "Because we didn't create the virus that infected Cardassia."

"Is that so," Gul Dukat said with an evil sneer. He wasn't sure if Picard was telling the truth or not. He knew that there was a risk coming this far into Cardassia space, so maybe this Captain was telling the truth. "In fifteen minutes there will be ten Cardassian ships to rendezvous at our point. Stay where you and once we get there, then we will discuss further about this cure for the virus."

Once the Cardassian ships had approached and surrounded the Enterprise and Maquis ships, Picard and Riker found themselves in the transporter room waiting for the arrival of Gul Dukat. Worf and two other security officers stood behind their Picard and Riker ready for anything. Picard turned to the Ensign behind the transporter council and asked, "Is Gul Dukat ready for transport?"

"Affirmative," The Ensign said. He transported Gul Dukat and two other Cardassians on the Enterprise and when the Ensign immediately stiffened upon seeing him.

Gul Dukat smiled at Picard and walked down the transporter padd. He shook Picard's hand and said, "Despite what is happening between our two races today, I just want to say how much of an honor it is meeting you."

"I wish I can ay the same," Picard said with his chin quivering in disgust, "Once the war is over, then we can talk about honor. If you follow me to sick bay I will show you the cure."

Gul Dukat followed Picard and Riker to the sickbay along with the three guards tiling behind them. He had a grim look on his face when he entered sickbay. But when he saw Dr. Crusher approaching Picard, he smiled at her and said, "It as an honor meeting you Doctor."

Dr. Crusher didn't respond, which didn't bother Dukat for he was use to be ignored every so often. "So tell me Doctor," Gul Dukat said taking a few steps toward her, "Can you be certain this will cease the existence of the virus?"

"It doesn't cease it," Doctor Crusher said looking at Gul Dukat, "There is no cure for the virus, but keeps the virus dormant."

Gul Dukat thought briefly and said, "Can I have the virus."

"That is why you are here," Riker said shaking his head unhappily. He hated Gul Dukat's petty schemes and little games he would tend to play with people.

"Of course Commander," Gul Dukat said with a smile as he turned to face Riker, "I want the same thing you want. I want peace for all Cardassians."

Dr. Crusher handed Gul Dukat a pad and Gul Dukat looked at it "That is the cure," Dr. Crusher said crossing her arms over chest.

"May I take this pad back to my ship and deliver it to Cardassia?" Gul Dukat asked turning to Picard.

"I will help you by any means necessary to cease the virus and the war," Picard said turning to Gul Dukat.

"Thank you and I will have all but my ship remain here so you don't go anywhere. My ship will deliver this to Cardassia," Gul Dukat said following Picard and Riker back to the transporters, "If this cure works, I will personally put a voice out for a peace treaty between the Cardassians and the Federation."

Picard and Riker watched Gul Dukat back to his ship. Riker turned to Picard, "Interesting fellow," He said with a grim look, "Do you think he is lying about the whole peace treaty?"

Picard began to walk out of the transporter. He turned left and said as he walked down the twisted corridor, "I don't know Number One."


Gul Dukat stepped into the bridge and approached his helmsman and said, "Set a course for Cardassia."

"Yes sir," The helmsman said.

"Sir," Ser Shulat said approaching Gul Dukat, "I just got a message from Cardassia about the virus. Apparently the rumor about the Romulans creating the virus is correct."

"What do you mean?" Dukat asked in shock turning to Ser.

Ser took a deep breath and said, "The science team on Cardassia, hose hat haven't been infected yet, have been studying the probe intensely and found the virus had Romulan signatures in it."

"That means the Romulans did in fact start this war" Dukat said walking away from his helmsman slowly, "We have been fighting on the wrong side." He stopped and looked at Ser, "You know what this mean now?"


Two Klingon war birds flew through the debris of a Federation ship after it had been destroyed. It fired on the Romulan ship that destroyed it. Explosions appeared on the side if the Romulan ship and it a section of it exploded. The Kling ships flew past the ship and fired on another Romulan ship.

Four Krulner ships shot forward and fired their weapons at a Cardassian ship. The Cardassian ship fired back, but it was not enough and the Cardassian ship was easily disabled. Suddenly the Cardassian ships began to retreat. "What the hell is happening?" Admiral Braxton asked standing up despite the fact a Romulan ship was firing at them.

"Admiral," The helmsman said, "We are getting a message from Admiral Ross."

"Put it on the view screen," Braxton said taking a few steps toward the screen.

Admiral Ross' image filled the view screen. "I have good news Admiral," Ross said with a pleased look. "The war is over," He continued, "The virus on Cardassia has been fixed and the Cardassians had found out that the Romulans created the virus. It is time to come home."


Picard sat in his read room with a please look on his face. The war was over now. There was now no threat of the virus and the damage the virus itself caused was minimal. He did find it rather strange that the Romulans created the virus and their home world was hit the worst. "Captain," Riker s voice came through his badge, "Gul Dukat is back and wants to speak with you."

"Patch him in my ready room," Picard said sitting upright in his chair. He pressed button on his computer and when Gul Dukat's image filled the screen Picard said, "So I guessed it worked."

"It more than worked, "Dukat said with a pleased look, "Once the cure had been release in the air, with in a matter of minutes the virus was stopped. Thank you for your help."

"Your welcome," Picard said suddenly wanting to take a bath and go to sleep. "Is there anything else?"

"Actually there is," Gul Dukat said leaning forward in his seat, "I want to talk about a peace treaty between our borders. There has been enough hostility between the Cardassians and the Federation. I will have to contact my authorities though."

"As do I," Picard said with a smile, "I will go back to Federation space and because there are repairs that the Enterprise need to take of. While there, I will contact Starfleet and se what they say."

"I hope we can work something out," Gul Dukat said.

"As do I, Picard out," Picard said turning off his computer.

He walked on the bridge and approached Riker, "Number one, set a course for Starbase 23," He then added silently so only Riker would be able to hear, "I am dying to take a bath, so you have the bridge."

The End………………………..