And I've ventured to the La Corda D'Oro fandom rather tentatively, with this short oneshot in hand. I do not own La Corda D'Oro or its characters.

Please enjoy?

x Lacuna x Yunoki x Kahoko

The sweet melody was floating, the notes hanging in the sky, lingering for mere moments after they were played.

Hino Kahoko put down her bow, and smiled upon hearing the applause of her spectators, who then dispersed to get on with their usual routine, which excluded listening to a violinist in a park.

Kahoko sat herself down on the park bench, and started putting away her violin. The sun was almost finished its journey across the purplish-red sky; it was getting late.

She had just closed her violin case when she heard a timid voice.

'Um...Excuse me.'

Looking up, she saw a boy about her age with a small smile on his face. She recognised him as one of the boys in her school, though in a different year. The name escaped her.

'What is it?' Kahoko asked in a tone that was a bit sterner than needed, but she really did need to get home.

The boy fumbled for words. 'Well, um, I was wondering whether, um... Hino-senpai, you play the violin, right?'

Kahoko nodded slowly, her hands on top of the violin case on her lap.

The boy continued, 'I was wondering whether... Because on this Sunday, there's supposed to be a concert... And they have violins there too, I think, so I was wondering whether Hino-senpai would like to-'

'Ah, I'm sorry,' a mellifluous voice spoke from behind Kahoko, startling her. Even more startling were the two arms that snaked their way around her body from behind.

'This Sunday, Kahoko has something to do.'

The boy's eyes widened, and then he bowed. 'I'm sorry for bothering you two!' And then he ran off.

Kahoko tilted her head around to see Yunoki Azuma with a gentle expression on his face.

'I don't have anything to do this Sunday, Yunoki-senpai,' Kahoko said slowly.

Yunoki simply smiled, retracting his arms. As he starting heading out of the park, he said pleasantly, 'But lying is a much nicer means of getting rid of males trying to ask you out on dates. Or would violence have been a better form of resolution?'

And with that, Yunoki left Kahoko to wonder about why Yunoki had wanted to keep boys from asking her out. x owari