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Chapter One


"If I wasn't sane I would of thought an actual angel was right in front of me." A white-haired man cooed as he lifted the Geisha's head up so he could gaze into her eyes.

"Milord you're so kind." She softly said as her translucent eyes bore into his. A blush then appeared on his face as he continued to gaze upon her.

"If I am a lord," The man began as his voice became soft. "Then you must be a Hime." He proclaimed as he captured her hand, brought it up to his mouth, and softly kissed it. "Please call me Jiraiya-Sama."

"As you wish." She said with a slight nod.

"Come lets take a stroll in the park." The girl sitting in front him of smiled as she gave a slight nod in understandment. "It'll be nice to take a look at the stars as we stroll in the charming moonlight." He said as he helped his companion from her seat.

"Thanks." She said as he helped her up.

"The pleasure is all mine." He linked their arms together and walked out of the restuarnt. While they traveled down the street they garned attention from every direction. He didn't blame them for staring she was a beauty like no other. Her hair was tied into a neat bun with only two tassels hanging down. Her skin was a healthy pale color that shined in the moonlight, and her eyes, her eyes were crystal clear. The kind of eyes a man could get lost in.

"Oh." Jiraiya said as he guided his lovely companion. "Taboni-Sa--"

"With all do respect Jiraiya-Sama, if you want me to call you by your first name. Then please call me by mine."

"Please forgive me Rei-Chan." Jiraiya once again kissed her hand. "I'll like to introduce you to one of my pupils. "Uchiha-San." He called to a boy who was delivering a box of ramen. The raven-haired boy turned his attention to Jiraiya, and lightly scuffed as he walked over to them. "What do you want Ero-Sensei?" The white-haired man's jaw dropped as the words left the boys mouth. "Ero-Sensei! Where do you guys come up with these things!" Jiraiya laughed as he roughly thwapped Sasuke's back causing the poor boy to stumble forward a bit.

"Well anywho. Uchiha-San let me introduce you to Taboni Rei." Jiraiya said as he showed Rei to Sasuke. "She's a real beauty isn't she?" He asked with a wink of an eye. "Rei-Chan let me introduce you to Uchiha Sasuke." He said with a warm smile.

"It's nice to meet you Uchiha-San." Rei said as she gave a slight bow. Sasuke stood there for a few minutes before he was knocked on top of his head by Jiraiya. The boy sent him a quick glare then turned his attention back to Rei. "It's nice to meet you too Taboni-San." He then turned his back to walk away. "I have to get back to work. Bye." They couldn't see it but a smirk played on his lips. "Oh yeah, Ero-Sensei...Tsunade-Sama is looking for you."

"W-Wah?! Oh kami she's going to k-kill--" Sasuke laughed inwardly to himself as he heard Jiraiya panick. 'What an idiot.' Jiraiya sucked in a large gulp of air, and calmed himself down. He turned to Rei and said, "It kills me to say this, but I must part." The girl sitting in front of him furrowed her brows a bit. "I'll make a double session next time. To make up for the shortage of this one." Sasuke scuffed as he then walked off to deliver the food that was suppose to be at its destination at least thirty minutes ago.

Jiraiya swiftly walked Rei home, and said his good-byes until she was safely inside the gates of the Okiya.


"Where the hell have you been?!" Sasuke's friend asked while he pointed a finger at him.

"Delivering ramen."

"Stop trying to act so cool, Sasuke-Teme!"

"Naruto you're disturbing the other customers so quiet down." Namikaze Minato said with a nervous chuckle.

"Dad they should be use to my personality by now."

"That's besides the point Na-ru-to..."

"Ku-Kushina calm down." Minato said as sweatdrops trickled down his face. "Naruto was only kidding. Right Naruto?"

"Ye-Yeah! Of course! I was only kidding mom! Only kidding!"

"Oh, alright darling!" Kushina said with a bright smile. "So Sasuke where were you sweetie?" Sasuke sighed inwardly.

"Jiraiya-Sensei stopped me, and talked to me. He introduced me to some girl."

"Ah. He must of been with that cute girl again." Mintao said without thinking. within minutes a bowl hit the back of his head. "Ouch!" He rubbed the back of his head as he pouted. "Kushina stop being so abusive."

"Well I got the food to the customers." Sasuke said as he handed the money to Kushina who took it, and counted it. She shook her head as she sighed. "It was girls from your fanclub wasn't it?" He noded.

"How did you know?" Naruto asked as he sat on a stool.

"Any other person would of not paid for cold ramen, and sent it back. Plus I see that Sasuke also recieved a rather large tip."


"Stupid Sasuke-Teme, and his fangirls." Naruto muttered as he did a pout.

"Sasuke-Kun I'm here!" A pink-haired girl chimed as she came through the door with a bright smile. A blonde-haired girl walked in after her as she rolled her eyes at the pink-haired one. "Are you ready for our date." The boy in question corked a brow at that question.

"Sakura, what the hell are you talking about?"

"Well Naruto-Kun said you wanted to ask me out, but you didn't know how so you told him to ask me out for you. So we can do a double date with Ino-Pig and himself" She said as she now clung to Sasuke's arm. "So are you ready?"

"No I am n--" Naruto quickly covered Sasuke's mouth, and whispered into his ear. "Just do it...She's a crazy one..." Sasuke glared at his friend. "Fine. Lets just get this over with." Ino sighed as she then grabbed Naruto's arm, and walked out with him.


Jiraiya turned a corner, and bumped into Sasuke and the others. "I thought you said that Tsunade wanted me?!" He said as he violently shook Sasuke back and fourth. "You made me end my session early today!" He yelled at the boy who by the way still had his calm expression. Jiraiya let out a sigh as he then let go of the boy. "I sent my angel back to heaven for the night. So now I'll have to wait two more days to see her angelic face."

"Who are you talkin' about Jiraiya-Sensei?" Ino asked as she laid her head on Naruto's shoulder. Their sensei's face lit up as his eyes turned into hearts. "Her name is Taboni Rei. Though she allows me to call her Rei-Chan, and she calls me Jiraiya-Sama. She has the smile of an angel, and oh so much more! Oh yeah! Sasuke saw her!" He exclaimed. All their eyes turned to the stoic Uchiha.

"Oh she was the one that you was talking about!" Naruto said rather loudly which made Ino cringe. She sent him a sharp glare which made him shiver, and mutter sorry. "So how did she look to you Sasuke, and tell the truth." Sasuke just looked at them, and didn't say a word. "Pah. Sasuke don't be such a tem--" Naruto was cut off when Sakura punched his face sending him skidding back a few spaces.

"You violent bitch!" Ino said as she pulled Sakura by her hair. "If you ever do that again, I'll kill you without hesitation." She growled as she pushed Sakura away from her, and went to go help her boyfriend up.

"Ouch, Sasuke-Kun did you see what she did?! Huh?asuke-Kun? Huh?" Sakura asked as she shook Sasuke who seemed to be in a daze. "Hello? Sasuke-Kun are you okay?" A pout formed on her lips as she continued to try and gain his attention. "Sasuke-Kun do you here me?" Sakura scrunched up her face as she started to clutch his arm tighter. "Hello i--" Sasuke snatched his arm away with a scowl.

"What are you doing Sakura?"

"Well you just spaced out, and I was trying to get your attention."


"We're on a date silly."

"Hn." He scuffed as he saw Naruto and Ino standing behind them giving Sakura death glares from the corners of their eyes. "Where did Ero-Sensei go?"

"Oh...I guess he left." Ino said as she looked around.

"Soooooooooo Sasuke." Sakura said with a smile.


"What were you thinking about?" Sakura asked as she walked a little bit to close to Sasuke.


"Awe. C'mon I know you were." She giggled as she bit her bottom lip. 'EEEEEEEE! I just know he was thinking about me!' Inner Sakura chimed.

"I was thinking about nothing." He lied and Sakura knew it, but she didn't press him for anymore information.

'That girl...I don't know why I'm so intriged by her...I mean my mind is suppose to be set on getting out of this damn town and actually doing something with my life, but after seeing her I want to stay...'


"So you're finally home daughter." A tall woman with raven hair which flowed all the way down to her hips said as she smoked a cigarette. "It went well I assume." She asked with a smile that would look sweet to anyone who lived outside of the Okiya, but the residents saw it as a greedy smirk.

"Hai." Rei said as she bowed to show her respect. "Hai, mother it all went well. He even said he was going to book an extra hour when he returns." The woman gasped as she embraced Rei into a tight hug which made Rei cringe. She didn't cringe from the tightness of the hug, but from the fact she was hugging her. Any phsyical contact with her made her cringe.

"You may go up to your room. I'll send you dinner up to you." Rei nodded and then went to her room, and gently closed the door. Once she was in her room she cleansed her face from the make-up she wore, and slipped into her sleepwear. 'I wish I could escape from this horid place...' The cheerful expression which she wore prier to the thought slowly faded into a one of sorrow. Rei ruffled her hair as she then started to brush it. A few knocks were heard coming from her door. "Rei-Nee-Chan I have your dinner."

"Come in Nabi-Chan." Rei said as she set her brush down. A girl with short dark brown hair came in holding a bowl of ramen. Nabi put the bowl infront of Rei, and took a seat by her. "So how did it go Nee-Chan?" Rei smiled as she ate some of her food.

"Well Jiraiya-Sama told me some of the most romantic things I've ever heard. Oh he also told me to call him Jiraiya-Sama instead of Milord. He also introduced me to one of his pupils...He was rather rude though."

"Jiraiya-Sama was rude?"

"Of course not." Rei said as she chuckled. "The guy he introduced me to was rude. His name was Uchiha Sasuke. Though he was handsome."

"Nabi where are you?!" Yue called from downstairs. Nabi started to shake violently and calsp her hands. She forgot that she was suppose to go back downstairs. Tears started to well up in her eyes, because she knew what Yue was going to do.

"Mother I have Nabi with me. She's cleaning my nails for me." Rei said as she wiped away Nabi's tears.

"Ah. Alright."

"T-Thanks Rei-Nee-Chan." Nabi then started to bounce up and down as she remebered she had great news to tell her sister. "Nee-Chan," Nabi whispered as she leaned forward and whispered in Rei's right ear. "I found my family..." Rei shot back with surprise and gazed at Nabi's face with happiness.

"Oh I'm so happy for you." She exclaimed in a whisper and gave Nabi a hug. "Did you find out your real name as well?" She recieved a happy nod.

"My real name is Yuuki Anemone."

"That's such a lovely name..." Rei's expression soften as she snuggled Nabi. "It truly fits you."

"I'm escaping tomorrow..." Anemone said as she looked up at Rei. "Escape with me Nee-Chan. You can live with my family." Rei shook her head then placed a kiss upon Nabi's forehead.

"I'm sure I'll find my true family, and once I do I'll make my escape. Just do me a favor, and never forget about me nor none of the people that truly loves you." Nabi gasped as she clung tighter to Rei. "I'd never be able to forget any of you. No matter how hard I'd try."

"I'll see you later Nee-Chan." She said as she stood up. Before she left Rei stopped her, and gave her a golden butterfly hair-pin. "Take it with you, and take care of it." With that Nabi left, and that was the last time Rei saw her sister.


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