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Chapter Two


It all started when Rei was playing in a park with a cousin of hers. They slid down slides, played on the swings, and even played Tag. It was during a session of Tag did Yue abduct her. She was 3 when it all happen, and now she sat infront of her Vanity Mirror only to meet the gaze of a 17yr old. Rei flinched when the loud screams of Yue met her fragile ears.

'Nabi-Chan been gone for over two weeks...and she's just now noticing...'


"Where is she?! Where is she?!" Yue screamed as she rip through the Okiya looking for Nabi. All the occupants were shivering from the look upon her face as she went through each room looking for the 14yr old. "How dare she?!" Without warning she grasped a vase, and threw it at the wall. The little pieces of shattered glass laid everywhere. "All of you clean it up!" Yue growled as she turned to leave out the house, but before she closed the door she said, "By hand...I will know if you used a broom or other." The door then slammed shut.

"You guys did well. I am very happy that you kept quiet." Rei said from the top staircase.

"Oh Nee-Chan we'll never betray one another!" One of the Maiko's chimed as she placed a hand over her heart. "Ahem...I-I'm sorry I spoke out of pl--"

"Nonsense." Rei said as she finally got to the bottom, and gave the Maiko who spoke a warm smile. "There's no such thing as speaking out of place." The girl flung her arms around Rey's waist as she muffled out, "Please don't leave us Rei..." Giving a light pat on the back she comforted the weeping girl.

"Don't worry...Now lets get this all cleaned up." She was just about to start picking up the pieces of glass when a hand roughly grabbed her arm. "What do you think you're doing?" A cold voice asked.

"W-Well you s-said to--"

"Are you stupid?!" Yue screeched. She aggressively pulled Rei's sleeve up, and showed her, her arm. "Do you see this? Huh?!" Rei nodded hastily. "Do you think I can afford for your skin to become scratched, for it to become tarnished?! It's you that brings the money in! Neither Jiraiya nor any other man want to see a woman like that!" Yue shoved Rei against the wall with a thud, which made the raven-haired girl whimper in pain from the impact. "Oh, my little Hime! What have I done?!"

"Mo-Mother I'm okay. Truly I am."

"Awe. Okay." Yue said as she patted Rei's head, and left the room to go get some sleep. Once she was out of ear shot the other girls rushed towards her.

"Nee-Chan? Nee-Chan?! Are you okay?" Random girls asked. All she could do was nod and reassure them of her wellness.


"I'm taking a sick day." Sasuke said as he sat upon the restaurant's counter. A large gasp sound came from his loud mouth friend. "How can you even think about taking a sick day?!" Naruto yelled through clenched teeth. "You're not even sick!"

"No I'm actually sick." Sasuke said as he leaned back a little and gently shut his eyes.


"Yeah." He replied as he opened one eye to look at his friend. "I'm sick of hearing your voice."

"Yeah, well I'm sick of seeing you!" Naruto growled as he started sweeping furiously. "You're probably gonna stalk that Okiya place again." He mumbled under his breath. Sasuke's left brow twitched as he looked at his friend.

"Don't worry about what I'm doing..." The Uchiha tried to stay as calm as he could. "You should worry about if you're actually gonna get to graduate Konaha High School. Graduation is only a few months away." The blonde's eyes shot open.

"Pah. I got a 0.75GPA. Of course I'm gonna pa--"

"You need a 2.5 or higher to pass Dobe...I have a 3.0 so I'm not worried. Anywho. Bye." Sasuke left a shocked Naruto standing in the Ramen Shop as he left.



"Hm?" Yue asked while she stood infront of her window smoking a cigarette.

"Lee-Sama will like to talk to you. He's waiting for her in the Waiting Room." Yue gave a curt nod as she went to greet the holders of her soon to be money. She plastered on the world's fakest smile. "Hello Lee-Sama. It's always a pleasure to see you." She boomed with all the sweetness she had. A boy clad in green smiled brightly.

"Yosh, Yue-Sama you look as beautiful as ever." The older lady blushed as she gave a slight bow. "I will like to setup an appointment for a friend of mine." She nodded in understanding. "He likes girls that's polite, and doesn't talk alot."

"Yumi, go fetch Rei. She'll be perfect for him." Lee grinned as he turned around, and yelled to the person that was looking out the window. "Neji, did you hear?! She found someone for you!" A soft sigh emitted from the boy as he turned around. "Hai. I heard. Just quiet down for once in your life." The boy had long raven hair which was tied into a loose pony-tail, he was tall, lean, handsome, and he had the same eyes as Rei. Yue mentally dealt damage to the one named Neji that stood before her. 'I can't let him see her...Tsk...Those damn Hyuugas...'

"On second thought Rei-Chan hasn't been herself lately. She's been talking up a storm, and she just won't calm down." Yue calmly said. "I think Mawata shall be a good replacement." Neji shook his head as he kept gazing out the window.

"No. This one named Rei shall do fine. I think it'll be nice to talk things out...For at least today..." Neji replied as he unconsciously clenched his fists. "It won't bother me today."

"No. No. I insist!" Yue retorted. "Take Mawata she's great company too!" The raven-haired boy tuned his head slightly to look at the woman with a scowl. "Is there some reason why you don't want me to see this girl?" He asked with a calm tone. "O-Oh no--no Hyuuga-San!" She chimed as she waved her hands infront of her.

"Neji stop being so difficult. He'll love to spend the evening with Mawata-Chan." Lee said as he interrupted.

"Ah. Fantastic." Yue said with relief. "Yumi get Mawata instead of Rei." The girl shouted hai in understanding. Within seconds a girl with sea-green colored hair came down the stairs. "I am Mawata it is a pleasure to meet you Milord." The girl said with a bow.

"Lets just go." Neji said as he walked out, making his companion for the evening, and his bestfriend Rock Lee follow him. Once they left Yue punched a hole in a wall in iration.


Rei sat on top of the stairs as she hugged her knees. She knew she shouldn't have been eavesdropping, but once she heard the boy named Neji speak, something just pulled her to this very spot on the stairs. Rei wished she could see his face, but all she could see was the lower part of his body. Her fingers curled her silky raven tresses between them. 'My heart feels like a giant boulder is sitting upon it...'

"Lets just go."

The boys' voice broke through her mind drawing her attention back to the scene. Rei's eyelids lowered in sadness when the boy told Mawata that they were leaving. Tears wanted to make tracks down her face and stain the floor. She didn't know why she suddenly fell into a mild form of depression, but she did. Before the boy was out the door she caught a look at the symbol on the side of his shirt sleeve. 'I--I--I've seen that symbol somewhere...'

"How long have you been there?" Rei's head shot up to see a deep scowl on Yue's face. "Well?"

"I-I just got here mother."

"Tsk." The older woman's eyes shifted the other direction. "Jiraiya-Sama has set up his extended appointment with you today. So go get ready."

"Hai mother." She said as she quickly stood up, and sprinted towards her room.


"Hi there." Jiraiya's attention snapped towards his right and found an extremely beautiful blonde sending him a suggestive look. "Aren't you Jiraiya-Sama?" A smooth tranquil smile spread across his face as he slowly approached the woman.

"Why yes. Yes I am."

"My name is Daisuki. I've read all of your books." She said with a blush and a giggle. "Would you like to come inside my house, and talk about somethings?" Jiraiya chuckled pervert idly at the way she put so much emphasis on the last part.

"I'll like to, but I have an engagement I must attend."

"I-If you don't I'll be so sad...I've always dreamt of meeting Jiraiya-Sama." The girl whimpered. Before she knew it the white-haired man held her hands in his. "Please don't say no more my fair Maiden. I'll join you until I must part."


"Of course." Daisuki smiled as she then lead the man into her house. Once he was in she softly closed the door with an augh kind of expression. "So where shall we sit?" He asked as he turned to look at the beauty before him.

"I'm sorry about this Jiraiya-Sensei!" The girl suddenly yelled. "Nirvana no Jutsu!" White translucent feathers floated around the room. Jiraiya's eyes rolled to the back of his head as he passed out and the feathers dispersed. "I have no idea why I did this." The girl mumbled the word kai, and in a poof of smoke Ino stood where Daisuki once stood.

"Nice work. If he wasn't such a perv this wouldn't of happen." A voice from behind said.

"I suppose you're right." The blonde sighed then looked at the boy from the corner of her eye. "Sasuke?"

"Hm?" The boy said as he did a henge no jutsu.

"Why don't you just pay for a session?"

"Hn." He scuffed as he made a disgusted face at himself. "Do you know how much that cost? I'd be working in Naruto's parent's ramen shop for a year more before I'll be able to pay for one."

"J-Just b-be care-f-f-fuuul." Ino said as she tried to stifle a laugh.

"Is something funny?" He asked with a corked brow.

"Hearing your voice come out of Jiraiya-Sensei is hilarious."


"Get going I'll take care of Sensei, alright?"

"Mhm." Sasuke said as he left.


"Jiraiya-Sama is late." Yue said as she peered out of the window at the night sky.

"Maybe he got si--"

"Rei did anyone give you permission to speak?"

"No mother...I'm sorry..."

"Ah. Here he is." Yue said with a bright smile. She open the door to see Jiraiya. "Hello Jiraiya-Sama here's my lovely daughter. She's been waiting awhile, but lucky for you we don't start the time until she actually leaves the house with her patron." She said with a wink.

"Hai. It's lucky all right." Sasuke hated that he had to speak with so much cheerfulness in his voice and e so damn loud. Although he was thankful that he didn't have to disguise himself as Naruto. The blonde spoke with so much cheer in his voice that it makes him want to slap him. Not to mention the bright colors he wore.

"Are you ready Jiraiya-Sama?" Rei said as she stepped up, and gave a slight bow.

"Hai. Lets get going." He said as he pulled off a Jiraiya like smile. Rei linked arms with him, and left the Okiya with a huge mental sigh of relief. While they walked she felt very uneasy with Jiraiya tonight, and she didn't know why.

"So tell me about yourself." He said while they walked into a restaurant he never brought her to before. She sat down and looked on with confusion at him. "Is something the matter?"

"Well didn't you read my profile when you booked your first appointment with me?" Sasuke cursed himself and thought up something quick.

"I did, but I want to know about you. Like whom you really are deep down." A blush found its way on to Rei's face. "Is that alright?"

"H-Hai. Hai. It is...It's just that--" She shifted her eyes away from his. "It's just that you're the first who ever asked me such a thing."


"Well anywho." Rei folded her hands in her lap and smiled in contentment. "I love to read, I like sweets, spending time with my imouto-sans, painting, and cooking."

"So you can cook?"

"Hai...Though I don't get a chance to cook so much, because mother doesn't approve..."

"So I'm taking it that you and your mother don't have a good relationship."

"She's not really my mother." Rei said as she sipped a glass of water. She noticed that Jiraiya sent her a confused look. "In the Okiya business the woman in charge of it is known as mother, and the girl who garners the most patrons becomes known as daughter. So since I bring in the most patrons I have to call her that, and she calls me daughter."

"Ah. So where's your real mother?"

"I-I don't know."

"Sorry to bring it up." There was a long moment of awkward silence. Rei mentally sighed and looked up at the man infront of her. She scooted back away from the table a little when she noticed the stares Jiraiya was giving her. 'Pah...He's being weirder than usual...' She thought to herself as she let her eyes wonder her surroundings.

"Jiraiya-Sama ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!" Came a cry from the restaurant doorway. Sasuke's head jerked to Daisuki who was holding back the real Jiraiya. 'Che. Damnit.' Rei got up and eased away from the table as she shook.


"Yes?!" Sasuke and the real Jiraiya said in unison. "Don't listen to him he's the fake!" All eyes were on the four people that were causing so much commotion.

"He's the real Jiraiya!" Daisuki said pointing at Sasuke.

"Rei-San you got to believe me!" Sasuke said.

"Rei-Hime!" Rei's head shot to the one that was by the girl with the blonde hair. "Jiraiya-Sama!" She said as she started running towards him. She was only a few steps away when the fake snatched, and did a Transfer no Jutsu. "You're in big trouble along with that imposter."

'Over my dead body...' With a few quick hand signs Ino did the Transfer no jutsu, and disappeared leaving a very irated Jiraiya.


"Let me go! Let me go!" Rei said as she thrashed about in her captors arms. "This is kidnapping I hope you know!" Sasuke growled as he tried to think. If he sent her back to the Okiya then that woman Rei calls mother would get him arrested, and if Jiraiya found out it was him then he was as good as dead. "Stop thrashing' around!"

"No! Let me go!"

"Can't do that."

"You're going to regret this!"

"Hn." Sasuke said as he transformed back, and dropped the girl with a thud.

"Kisama!" Rei shouted.


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