He Is My Son!

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Warning: Un-beta, angst, OOC in case. AU. Spoiler of The Kids Are Alright

Summary: What – if: Dean finds out that Ben is his son? Will he stay? After all, he had only one year. WIP. Update Daily.

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Dean departs from Sam, riding to Morning Hills.

Dean drives and stopped when he saw balloons at one house.

He locked the Chevy and then walked to the house and knocked.


"Lisa." Dean said.

He didn't see this woman for eight years.

"You came in bad time, there's a party here."

"I love parties."

"Yes, for my son." Lisa said.

"You… you have a son?" Dean asked.

"Yes," she answered, and pointed at the chair the boy sat, "he is there."

"WOW, AC/DC cool!" the boy said with excitement.

Dean looked shocked, maybe it was his boy, acting in the same way he did.

Question raising in his mind, as wonder of the possibility of this to happen.