After the painting incident, Paul sought out Harry and Tonks. He found them together in the library studying shields. They were researching wizarding magical theory. They had the theory to Elven Magic down, but to counter a wizard spell, they would need to know how exactly spells worked. The Black library was vast, but unfortunately, the books wouldn't be able to help them much. They thought that when Paul told them that they needed to learn how spells work, they thought it meant the individual spell.

"You will not find what you need in this library." Paul explained to them. "You do not need to know the spell cast to shield. You need to know the type of magic cast. Wizards must use spells to tell magic what to do. The magic then changes to its use. You use magic and change the world around you"

"So when a wizard creates a spell" asked Harry in Elvish, "he is creating a use for a type of magic? And Elves use the magic itself?"

"Yes, Harry Potter, you understand."

"So the types of magic; mind, change, control, banish, conjure, and soul; is all just what a spell uses to do its job." said Tonks. "A cutting curse would banish part of your flesh, and transfiguration would change the properties of an object."

"And a shield would use wild magic of a certain type to block that magic. The protego shield uses all magic, except soul, to reflect magic," Added Harry.

"Yes, Yes! You have finally learned. You must practice your intent until it becomes natural, and then you can use it to-" Paul was cut off. The Order members had arrived and were shouting in the kitchen. Wanting to find out what was happening, Harry and Tonks leapt from their seats and raced to the disturbance.

"Everyone follow Alastors lead. The ministry building is under attack. We knew this would happen. The Warlocks have destroyed the building already, and the attack is continuing in Diagon Alley. Voldemorts forces from the are significantly diminished and they are losing ground. We must help the Aurors."

"Is the Dark Lord there?" asked Alastor.

"No," replied the Headmaster, "but we are unsure if he will arrive. Everyone, take hold." Old hands held out a top hat, and the Order members each placed a finger on the portkey. With the word "Activate" they were gone. Leaving Harry and Tonks wishing they could do magic and help out.


He knew there was nothing he could do to help out in the battle and his every nerve was on end. He wished he could do magic. He had been thinking and meditating in silence. Tonks knew what he was thinking. Lives were being lost and he couldn't stop it. From a year in the boys head, she knew by instinct that there was nothing to say that would make him realize it wasn't his fault. To say she wished she could do something for him would be an understatement. Her heart broke as she watched a single tear drip down his face. She was startled when his eyes shot opened.


He was using mind magic to see what was happening. He was in Diagon alley in the mind of Albus Dumbledore, watching the battle take place. Colored light was flying all around the old man ass he was using his own wand to send spells to the Death Eaters, hundreds of them. Patronuses littered the area, chasing off the thirty or so dementors that ran ramped. He had been watching for a half an hour and he couldn't take his eyes off the sight before him, as another patronus dissolved, a single tear dripped down his own eyes. He wished he could be there to help. He imagined his own Patronus in the fray when he was suddenly racing towards a dementor, and his eyes shot open.

"Tonks, I was in Diagon alley through Dumbledore's eyes. Then, all of a sudden, I was Prongs!" He exclaimed.



Dumbledore knew the moment he arrived in Diagon Alley that Harry was in his mind. He knew the boy was not looking at his memories or emotions. Nor was Harry trying to possess himself. He just wanted to know how everything was faring. He could have blocked the boy, but he didn't have the heart. The child just wanted to see.

Albus watched as another Patronus dissolved, and cast his own phoenix with the memory of Harry's first Quidditch match. Every time the boy smiled was a powerful memory. He felt Harry leave his mind and all of a sudden his phoenix transformed into a mighty stag. He watched as Prongs, Albus knew what Harry called it, charged toward a dementor then transformed back into a phoenix larger than what was before. The phoenix trilled a song that gave hope to those around them, something not possible in a Patronus. When the phoenix went back to normal Albus rejoined the fight with a new fervor.


"I used mind magic, and controlled my Patronus. A Patronus is soul magic. You project your happiness. It is a projection of happiness." He waved his hand and Prongs appeared. "Then use your mind to control him." Prongs turned to face him, and Harry looked into where the eyes would have been. "Try to control him."

"I'll try." She said, and closed her eyes. It was a few moments later, and Harry smiled. The Patronus changed. Instead of a stag, it was now a doe. She immediately opened her eyes wide. "Did-"

"Prongs became a doe." He smiled. They would be able to help out after all. The dementors didn't stand a chance with two intelligent Patronuses running around.


Remus just knew he was a goner. His wand was a few feet away with a dementer in front of it and heading his way. His thoughts went to Harry as the soul sucker neared. He was already backed into a wall, and there was nowhere to run. Suddenly, between himself and the dementor appeared Prongs. It wasn't a cast spell, he knew for sure. It appeared out of nowhere. The creature leapt towards his attacker and pushed the dementor away. The victorious Prongs strutted towards the fallen wand and picked it up by it's mouth, carrying it back to Remus. He was surprised to see green eyes when he patted the Patronus' head.

"Harry? How did you-" but he didn't get to finish as the Harry controlled Prongs joined a doe and together they pushed the dementors back.

The Death Eaters, seeing the dementors fleeing from the field of battle became nervous. They had already lost a large portion of their men and were currently outnumbered. Losing the dementors would mean that they would soon be defeated. With a sigh, Lucius called for a retreat, and the Death Eaters disapparated with a series of pops.


The Order portkeyed back to the Manor and joined Harry and Tonks in the study. "Where's Moody?" asked Harry the moment they arrived.

"I'm afraid that Alastor has been injured and is in the care of Poppy." Dumbledore explained. "She says that he should fully recover with only a few new scars."

"Harry, how did you get Prongs in the battle, I'd say that you were actually in it." Asked Remus.

"I was," Harry smiled. The shocked looks on everyone's faces made him smile more. "I never even left the house. I suppose it has to do with Elven Magic." He winked as he said that. "But a magician never tells his secrets."

"But Harry, if we can-"

You can't," Tonks cut off. "It's the difference between magics. Besides, we're not exactly sure how we did it ourselves."

"That was the secret," mumbled Harry to the amusement of the room.


Paul was ecstatic at what Harry and Tonks told him. They had done a truly amazing feat. He was saddened at the same time. He didn't have any more to teach them. It was in their hands now; he could do no more. Over just a few days, they were at the level of a fourth year. The day after the battle they could have taken their Elven OWLs, if there were such a thing. But the following week they progressed even faster. They were able to do everything a fully qualified wizard could do, and much more.


Voldemort was, once again, lying low. By the condition Snape was in when he arrived, they knew he was furious. It took a full week for the Potion's Master to recover from the Cruciatus curse. But today was not the day to think about all that. Today was Harry's birthday and he was going to Diagon Alley to make an appearance.

Of course, he couldn't go as Harry Potter the elf. He had transfigured certain parts of his body and now he just looked like a nimble Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived.

"Harry!" Tonks shouted. "Hurry up. We have a whole day of fun ahead of us."

"I hate robes!" he shouted back. They had put on new robes and hated them. There was something about them that just wasn't comfortable anymore. They absolutely refused to wear shoes. No, the shoes and boots were horrible. They would rather have their cotton moccasins, as they found out they were called.

"Too bad, Harry, it's robes or nothing." Harry smiled at that.

"Yeah, I know what you would choose." A few weeks of sleepless days and they were starting to get comfortable with one another. Add a year in a single mind, and you have a recipe for disaster. Well, disaster when it comes to those two. Tonks just raised her eyebrows, daring him to remove his robes. A dare he was not going to accept.


His arrival in Diagon Alley was not very exciting. He had flood to the Leaky Cauldron and for the first time, he hadn't fallen down. He was, however covered in dust. They had spent the night previous learning how to pretend to use their wands, but Harry, seeing everyone in the Pub staring at Harry, wanted to let them know that he was a bit more powerful than they thought. He shot an inquiring look at Tonks, who nodded her head.

Silently, he waved his hand nonchalantly and the grime covering Tonks and he was gone. I'm going to need a pensieve, he thought, because the looks on these faces are priceless. He turned to Tom the bartender and thanked him for the use of the floo, and headed to his first stop, Gringotts Bank.

They walked in silence, surveying what little destruction that was around them. His heart went out to the shopkeepers. The ministry was already tight for funds, and was unable to provide a recovery fund. One look at Tonks, and he realized that she no longer had a job. Being an elf certainly had its disadvantages, because for now, no one could know.

They walked up the steps at Gringotts and he marveled once more at the beauty of the entranceway. The giant stone pillars and golden gilt doors were foreboding, and showed just how great the Goblin race truly is.

When he entered, he felt a tingling sensation he never felt before. A quick look toward Tonks and he knew she felt it too. His spine shivered, and he instinctively brought his hand up to his ear. No, they didn't change, but the Goblin Guards did look at them peculiarly. Somehow, the Goblins knew.

He walked up to the first available clerk and spoke, "I would like to make a withdrawal." That was not English, he though, and by the shocked look of the teller, it must have been Gobledegook.

The Goblin quickly recovered and narrowed his eyes, speaking in his own language, "Mr. Potter, seeing as there's a change in your status, I believe you should speak to your account manager." Strange, thought Harry. "You, as an Elf, are now entitled to your full inheritance. Follow me." Without further ado the Goblin promptly stood up and walked toward the back office, gesturing the Elves to follow.

When they arrived outside the doors to an office, they were instructed to wait outside. He was gone only for a few moments when he came back out and told the two that the account Manager would see them.

"Ah, Mr. Potter. It's good to see you again. Please have a seat." The politeness of the Goblin shocked Tonks.

"And you as well, Griphook." The Goblin smiled, though a Goblin smile appeared more a sneer. He sat down and continued. "I understand that I have an inheritance. And please, call me Harry."

"You are full of surprises, Harry. Rarely does a wizard remember a Goblin's name, though you are an elf now. Even less so does one remember the face. But back to business. As an Elf, you are entitled to receive your full inheritances, as the recently late Mr. Black has left the Black fortune to you as well." The shocked look on Harry's face caused the Goblin to pause. Harry didn't know he had more coming. His face softened when Tonks squeezed his hand in support. When she attempted to pull her hand back he immediately grabbed firm. She smiled as Griphook continued. "Mr. Potter, as your account manager, I have combined all your assets from both inheritances. Here," he slid a paper across the desk, "is alist of your properties and your account balance."

Harry eyed the paper cautiously. His life was about to change, and he knew it. He knew the Black fortune was large, and his school trust itself was huge. He picked up the parchment and looked at the balance first, immediately dropping the paper. His mouth dropped nearly to the floor and his eyes went wide. There were only three properties, but the balance was enormous.

"Harry, are you ok?" Tonks asked wincing. Harry certainly had a good grip. She leaned down to pick up the paper and when she saw the figure. "Holy Shit."

"Bloody holy shit," Harry said once he regained speech. "Griphook, how did I get so rich?" He was too shocked to speak Gobledegook.

"Harry, your accounts had very little activity for nearly fifteen years, Mr. Blacks as well. Fortunes as large as these generally have account managers who invest without need of authorization. I, as the Potter Account Manager, have invested quite a large amount. Most of the monies in your vaults are from the Potter inheritance. When the two accounts had merged, I deemed that it was no longer necessary to invest, and have sold your shares in various businesses. Your monthly interest alone now provides more money than any investments."

Harry looked at the parchment and then back up to Griphook. "What about this 'Scottish Acreage'?" Harry asked, "This says it's roughly half the size of Scotland itself."

"It is, Mr. Potter. It's an advantage of making something unplottable. Unless you know where it is, you will never find it. It houses nothing more than animals and woodland. It would be the perfect location for an Elvish dwelling, if I may be so bold."

"Ok, Griphook. Thank you. Will I have to sign anything?"

"No, Harry. I do have one more matter for you." The Goblin muttered under his breath and waved his hand over the desk, making a simple gold band with a "P" shaped ruby appear.

Tonks gasped, "An estate ring." and immediately covered her mouth. She turned to Harry wide eyed. No estate ring had been gifted for five hundred years. It was a declaration of friendship between Goblins and other races.

"This, Harry James Potter, was created by the director of Gringotts, Ragnok." He explained that it was similar to a portkey, being able to transport him to any of his properties, with a wave of his hand he would be able to summon any amount of money from his vaults, and it would transport him directly to his account manager's office. He would never have to walk into the bank again.

"Thank you, Griphook." Harry said.

"It's always a pleasure to do business with you, Harry," the Goblin replied as they exited the bank.


"Wow," Tonks said shaking her head. "You're loaded." She couldn't get a grasp on the simple fact that Harry was so rich. Hell, he could purchase the Ministry of Magic itself and still be rich.

"Picked up on that, did you?" he teased. She playfully swatted his arm and realized he was still holding her hand. She turned to him and their eyes met, her hand slowly moving up towards his cheek. POP! "Bugger," he swore, "the press." He looked at the lone photographer. "Hello, Collin. How are you?" He sighed. It wasn't the press.

"I'm great, Harry. Who's that?"

"Tonks," she said forcing a smile. From Harry's voice she picked up that he wasn't exactly happy with being interrupted. What he wasn't happy about had yet to be determined. She watched as Harry waved his hand at the both of them, a smile plastered on his own face. Collin seemed to forget what he was doing, and took off down the alley. "Harry, did you-"

"A repelling charm?" Paul informed them that magic was still magic, spell or not. Charms were charms, curses were curses, and so forth. She nodded her head. "Yes."

"You sly devil," she grinned. Being elves was going to be a lot more fun than they planned. She took his offered arm, and off they went shopping for nothing in particular.

Thanks to the repelling charm, they didn't run into any unwanted guests, namely reporters. They did see Rita Skeeter, and Harry, wanting to be the prankster of the day, temporarily transfigured her into a mosquito. He thought about making her a beetle, but that was already her animagus form. Tonks thought it funny that the Aurors on duty didn't try to find her, but instead collectively decided to leave the annoying woman to her devices. She thought she heard one Auror say, "Serves her right, always printing lies about the Potter boy," but she wasn't exactly sure.

They were taking a break at Florean Fortesques Ice Cream Parlor, pockets loaded with shrunken bags. "I'm having fun with you today." Harry told Tonks. She looked from her ice cream into his eyes. Man, those eyes. "I'm really glad I got to spend do much time with you. I…" he seemed to be thinking about what to say, and Tonks hoped that it was the same thoughts as her. "Um, you want to, uh, go look at my Scottish Acreage?" Silly boy, thought Tonks. I didn't want to hear that. She looked at his downcast eyes, he didn't want to say that either. What did he want to say?

"Sure," she said softly. Hopefully she could show him she was game for whatever he really wanted to tell her. She didn't want to scare the boy off, after all. Hell, she was scared of her own feelings. He reached his hand out slowly, taking hers in his, and in a blink they were gone.

The trip was unlike a portkey in most respects. Yes, there was the whole instant transportation thing, but it was surprisingly gentler. Your feel didn't slam the ground, and you seemed to fade out and back in. Harry made a mental note to find out how to do that while he looked around.

They were placed in what seemed like the middle of a forest. There was something there that seemed to call to him. Tonks looked at him, still holding his hand, and asked, "Do you feel that?"

With a breathy, "Yeah," He looked into her eyes and brought a hand up to touch her cheek. She closed her eyes and purred at the touch. "Um, Tonks?" But he didn't get another sound out. He felt her lips caress his, and magic seemed to spark the air around them. For eternity, it seemed, they were locked in the moment, his hand on the back of her head, her hands on his waist. They broke apart and looked into each others eyes, air around them sparking in a display of fireworks, colors lighting up the forest, but they either not didn't notice or cared; they were locked in adoration, each for the other.

"I think Griphook was right," said Harry nervously.

"About what," asked Tonks, raising her eyebrows?

"This would make a great home for a couple of elves," he grinned.


The scene at Grimmauld Place was that of terror. They portkeyed to the steps of the manor and immediately went into a state of heightened awareness. The building was in a state of ruin, destroyed with the Dark Mark floating above it.

Turning toward the street was a shock as well. Death Eaters line one side of the street with the Order and Warlocks lining the other. In the street itself Voldemort dueled Dumbledore. The ground shook as if giants were dancing in the afternoon sun, spell lights flashed all around, and the air itself was almost tangible. Their hands and wands produced Fire, the ground itself rose up to block spells.

"Avada Kedavra!" shouted Voldemort as Dumbledore was knocked to the earth. Harry watched in slow motion as the curse traveled toward the old man.

"NO, TOM!" Harry shouted, using his magic to slide Dumbledore safely behind the line of the Order. Harry stepped into the street itself, and the look in his eye dared anyone to stop him.

"Ah, Harry," hissed the Dark Lord, "so good of you to join us. I was just about to give you a birthday present, but it appears as if you don't want one."

"A birthday present, Tom? I didn't know you cared.

"Do not call me Tom." The retort had the desired effect. Voldemort was off his game.

"Why not, Tom? After all, you are a half-blood bastard, are you not?"

"You little-"

"No. I'm not. Perhaps a duel? Tom?" He never give the beast a moment to reflect. He waved his wand, and split the ground under Voldemort. He didn't want to give away all his secrets.

Voldemort levitated himself out of the hole, casting various spells that Harry blocked or dodged. This was not a Duel to win this way; if Dumbledore was a giant, Harry and Voldemort were Titans. Voldemort decided that a test of transfiguration may be needed. Dirt swirled around Harry in a whirlwind battering his shield till it collapsed; Harry conjured the water from the pipes underground to form mud, then sent it flying toward the Dark Lord, soaking him to the core.

Lighning flashed from Voldemorts wand, but Harry countered with a steel rod implanted in the ground, then he sent the rod sailing toward Toms head. Voldemort ducked the flying rod, pointed his wand to the sky sending up the Dark Mark, and disapparated.

"What are you waiting for?" Harry yelled at the Dumbledore, "Get those Death Eaters!" It was too late however, because they had just left the moment the mark appeared. He looked up at the sky, eyeing the Dark Mark as the men and women present stared at him. Their faces were ones of shock. The Dark Lord has lost a duel to a sixteen year old kid. Dumbledore's face, however, was one of pride. His eye did not twinkle, but his lips curved in a smile.

The shocked faces of those turned into ones of awe as words hissed from Harry's mouth. "lei ikthshmael esth" His wand was pointed at the skull and snake in the sky, and a black and light shot out. The light twisted around the mark as if it was strangling and the skull screamed before it transformed into a red and gold phoenix. The phoenix mark trilled and faded in a shower of sparks.

Harry turned his eyes to the sea of faces staring at him. "That man really use a glamour charm or two." Tonks raced to him, throwing her arms around his his and holding tight.

Tears dripped down her face as she pulled back and shouted, "You scared me. How could you do that to me? I thought he was going to kill you. You just stood there while he was throwing curses at you!"

"Tonks," he said, eyes full of love. "I wouldn't let him kill me when I was one; I'm not going to let him now. Besides, I'm hardly even scratched." He turned to the ruins of Gimmauld Place and said. "The Fedelus is no good anymore."

Minister Scrimgeour had arrived at that point and looked between Dumbledore, scratched and bloody, and Harry, who was merely covered in dirt. "Yes, Harry. He found a way to break the Fidelus. We have no where safe to go now. Hogwarts will be the last stand in England. His forces built are far too vast. This week he has not only taken the Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix, but he has destroyed several European ministries. Germany has fallen. France is evacuating to Hogwarts as we speak. It is the last bastion of hope."

"No." Harry stated firmly. "A building cannot be the last bastion of hope. Hope is within each and every one of us. As long as that hope stands, we will be victorious. Minister, there is something you should know." Harry looked troubled for a moment, but decided that now was as good of time as any. He threw his wand to the ground and waved his hand in front of his face, ending the transfigurations. A collective breath was drawn within every person who could see. "A few weeks ago, I, along with Tonks, was transformed into an elf."