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thoughts, dreams



--------- time change/scence change

"Thanks for dinner and walking me home Naruto, I really appreciate it" Sakura said, her innocent voice as sweet as ever.

"Anytime Sakura-chan" Naruto replied, with his trademark smile

"Goodnight Naruto," and with that, Sakura opened the door to her apartment, but something held her back.

"Naruto what are you..."

He leaned in for the kiss.



Sakura woke up beside her bed.

'Damnit! Not again'

'Your not just talking about falling out of bed are you Sakura haha" Inner Sakura laughed

Sakura's been having these dreams, where it's been her and Naruto, somewhere romantic having a good time, and at the end of every dream Naruto tries to kiss her, but she wakes up, usually on the floor.

"Sakura, admit it! You've got feelings for him! You two have gotten extra close lately!"

"Were just friends! I don't look at Naruto like that..he's..well… he's Naruto! Friends don't have those kind of feelings"

"He's got those feelings for you, Face it Sakura! I'm your Inner, I know you"

"He had a stupid crush ages ago!"

"He's not to bad on the eyes now too, he's grown up"


Sakura sat up from the uncomfortable position on the floor, took a quick shower then got ready for work. It was Monday morning, 6:30 to be precise. Her shift at the hospital doesn't start until 7, so she had time to go grab something from the new café that opened around the corner.

"The pancakes are SO good there, I should take Naruto there soon, he'd love the foodt" Sakura thought as she licked her lips.

"Yer take him on a date already!"

"I'm not talking to you! And I ment as friends not a date!"

"Whatever Sakura"

She locked up and walked outside. It was a nice day, the sun was out and everything was in bloom. All the flowers gave the street a wonder smell. Sakura took the fresh air in as she continued her walk.

When she got there it was 6:45, and no surprise that most of the shops were open. The villagers work so hard and open bright and early everyday. The café wasn't busy, which was good, it meant Sakura could order quicker.


The hospital was cold, and smelt clean. Sakura logged in on time and finished off her cappuccino.

"Morning!" Sakura greeted the nurses.

"Good morning," They replied

"Hey Sakura, can you just do the rounds on all the patients on the 3rd floor? I've had an all night shift and I'm just too tired" An old nurse replied, she was always kind to Sakura,

"Yer sure,"

"This is gonna be a long day"


It was about lunchtime, and Sakura's day had just been checking up on patients and healing a few minor injuries. Her patients seemed to really enjoy having her look after them. It'd been a pretty breezy day so far.

"OMG KAKASHI! WHAY HAPPENED!?" Sakura heard a nurse yell.

She ran to see what had happened to her sensei, only to find an unconscious, beat up look Naruto draped over Kakashi.

"I was teaching him a new technique, and you know Naruto, he trains to hard." Kakashi said.

"Help me get him to room!" Sakura said as her and Kakashi hurried off to get Naruto somewhere were he can lie down

"it's nothing to serious…plus the kyuubi will heal him up in no time… but just in case" Sakura thought to herself

"One of you book Uzumaki Naruto in a room just for an overnight stay!" Sakura yelled behind her to nurses at the front desk.

"Sure Sakura-san!" a nurse replied.

Sakura hated seeing Naruto hurt, even though it was common to see the knuckle head with some sort of injury due to his clumsiness. Her and Kakashi managed to get Naruto to a room where Sakura good heal him properly. They got him to the closest empty room.

"What happened Kakashi-sensei?" Sakura asked, She took a good look at Naruto, lots of cuts and scratches and bruises, but nothing looked that serious. She also noticed how toned he was, he's body was in great shape.

"HA told you he's hot!"

Sakura blushed a light pink. And started to let the chakra flow threw her hands. Even touching Naruto made her go even more pink.

"He's still learning to control his wind element..and let just say it got a bit out of hand. There shouldn't be anything to bad, I thought I better take him to get checked out anyway, sorry if i worried you that it was serious," Kakashi said with what looked like a smile underneath that mask of his as he noticed Sakura blushing. He knew his students, and he knew they had feelings for each other, I mean, he wasn't born yesterday.

"You look a bit flushed Sakura?" Kakashi teased

"Oh...well...I'm fine" Sakura stuttered.

"A stutter that would make Hinata proud." Kakashi thought to himself


After Kakashi left Sakura bandaged up Naruto and let him sleep. She wrote her repot on his file and let him sleep. She checked up on him a few times and he was just sleeping peacefully. It was rare that Naruto ever looked peaceful, so Sakura would stay for awhile when she came up to "update his report"

"You can't keep your eyes off him can you Sakura! Couldn't blame you either"

"I'm just checking up on him!"

"He doesn't need to be checked up on 4 times in the last hour."

"I'm his friend! I worry about him!"

"You're worried about him because you have deeper feeling Sakura, you care about Naruto! You know you do! JUST ADMIT IT!"

"I'm not having this conversation with you!"

Sakura shut her loud mouth inner out and focused more on Naruto.

She thought she better get back to her duties or someone would get suspicious. She slowly walked towards the door,


She stopped.