The Violin Moon

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An old house stood at the side of the dirt path in the black of night. Footprints were embedded in the rough sand. The house was big and abandoned. The wood was decaying, most of the paint had been peeled off and there were holes in the roof.

"Haru, when are you coming back to me?" a soft voice ran through the trees around the place, "Haru, come back to me.

Come back to me,

I'm sinking and I need your help." As it went on a violin was heard. At first the music was soft, then it resonated through the forest and disappeared. The voice went on.

"Haru, I need you.

Haru, come back," the voice turned to a whisper,

"Have you betrayed me?

Have you left me?

Are you ever going to return…I'm waiting." Then the voice disappeared.

Someone sat on the old stairs with a violin. A dark silhouette in the moonlight. And as the moon disappeared, so did the figure.

Allen stood outside Komui's office for what seemed like an eternity. Linali had been in there for over half an hour. What's Komui doing? He thought. He had just started to slump down onto the floor when he saw Kanda, Lavi and Bookman approach. He straightened up and looked at them. As they reached the door, Linali exited.

Her expression was grim and she said nothing.

"Linali-chan, why are you so down?" Lavi asked smiling. Linali looked at him and then shot a glance at the door.

"Komui has forbidden me from going on missions for a month. He wants me working with Reever and the others." She stormed down the hallway. Allen had never seen her so angry. He knew Komui was clingy but not that clingy. Komui peeked out of his office and looked at the four.

"Kanda, Allen, step inside." He then phased back into his office, "there have been some mysterious disappearances around a small town called Souya." He gave them the mission briefings and sat in his chair.

Komui's desk was covered in paper. And so was the floor.

"I'm not going with that idiot anywhere," Kanda stated. He and Allen were still bound on a tiny string even though Allen had been there for three years. Allen shot a glance at Kanda.

"You're going to have to work together now." Komui had been acting serious ever since Linali was in a critical condition from her last mission.

"This is torture. You made us work together on our last four missions," Allen replied coldly. Komui took a sip from his coffee and shot an angry glare at both them. He slammed his fist on the table, "This is an order. Work together. I'm only sending the both of you because the Noah Clan is after the Innocence. You are dismissed."

Kanda and Allen shared the same feeling of anger at their supervisor. They wordlessly exited the office.

"Oh," Komui said peeking out of the doorway again, "Your dock leaves in two minutes for the train." The pair left for the elevator. Kanda placed his hand on Mugen's hilt. Allen walked behind him in case he wanted to draw that weapon and cut something up. They got to the dock in record speed.

It was just about to go on without them when they jumped on. Toba, a very experienced finder, was already in the dock. They approached the train tunnel. Any second now and the train would appear. As the train exited the tunnel they jumped on. Toba jumped first, then Allen and finally Kanda. Kanda slipped and began to fall into the river below when Allen caught his arm. He pulled him up and silently proceeded to enter the train. As they did, Kanda shot a disgusted look at him.

The Order had booked them a furnished compartment this time. Toba sat outside while Allen and Kanda sat on either side reading the mission briefings. Souya was said to be a once peaceful town but in the last six months people began to disappear. Those people were comprised with mostly men with long hair and little children with short and long brown hair.

"These say that before the person disappears, they hear violin music and a woman singing," Allen said.

"I can read just fine," Kanda replied coldly. He didn't make any eye contact with Kanda nor Kanda with Allen.

"You're particularly grumpy," Allen muttered to himself softly but Kanda heard. He briefly shot another angry glance at Allen before returning to the briefing.

"You didn't have to save me. I can save myself," he declared. Kanda was the type of person that could be abhorrent.

"Sure, with nothing to grab or land on except the water seventy-five meters below." Allen replied harshly. Kanda was silent after that. He hated it when Kanda denied that he needed help sometimes. Allen saw some men playing poker and an evil smile crept over his face. Kanda had to admit to himself that he was surprised.

He walked over too them and asked to join in their game.

"Sure kid…if you like losing." A balding man smirked, "You deal."

Allen dealt the cards and unknown to them…the cheating had already begun. When the men had lost all their money, the bet clothes. And when they were stripped to their underwear they told him that he had won. He gave them back their clothes and some of their money.

The men thanked him profusely, grabbed their clothes and the money he gave them and left for the upper compartments.

'Who knew that Moyashi was a gambler?' Kanda thought.

A few minutes later the train suddenly stopped to a halt. Both exorcists found that strange. Then they heard screams coming from the upper compartments.

Kanda drew Mugen and Allen invoked his left arm. More screams came from the front most compartments. Kanda was out and headed towards the next compartment with Allen and Toba close behind. About halfway towards the first compartment, the akuma showed itself. It was a level two demon. Kanda rushed forward with Mugen and tried to cut into the demon's skin. It was too hard and the demon threw Kanda towards the far wall. He hit the wall and made a dent in it.

It was Allen's turn now. He tried scratching it with his Innocence invoked hand. He made a small scratch on the demon's right shoulder.

"I know you," it said, "You're that exorcist, Allen Walker. I'm gonna destroy you." It smiled to show a row of sharp teeth. It shot its poison laden bullets at the. Allen blocked the attack with his hand. He transformed his hand into the light gun and shot at the demon. Dozens of Cross Beams shot out of the gun. It hit its target full on and destroyed it.

Kanda slowly got up. How could a weak level two like that beat him so easily and be destroyed by someone like Allen? Was he out of sync? Allen looked around. Toba had been with them just a moment ago. Then he realized it. As the demon had shot at them, Allen missed one and it killed Toba. They left the train and walked to the train station which was a few yards in front of them.

They weren't able to save anyone, not even Toba and Allen held himself responsible. The train station was empty, probably abandoned because of what had transpired on the train. They travelled a great distance over the next few hours and finally arrived at Souya.

They approached the nearest inn and the burly man at the counter asked,

"What do you want?"

"Two rooms for the night," Kanda responded. He looked at the two and then espied the exorcist logo.

"Right this way," he said leading them upstairs. The inn was small and almost empty. The burly man led them to two rooms opposite each other. They entered the rooms and closed the doors.

The cloud cast night cleared, leaving only the moon in the dark sky. The violin played. As if attracted to it somehow, Allen exited the inn and made for the forest. Kanda heard the violin too and decided to check on the Moyashi. Allen was not there. He left the building and headed towards the forest. By the time he saw the house, it was too late. Allen was standing in front the silhouette. Then the figure stepped into the moonlight. She was wearing a long dull pink komoto; her blond hair tied in one of the elaborate Japanese styles and placed a hand on Allen's shoulder. She smiled at Kanda and as the clouds drifted over the moon, disappeared.

Also, a song had begun,

"Haru, Haru.

Who is this replacement?

Do you not like me anymore?

I wait for you

And this is who you send?

He might as well do

I still wait for you

This replacement cannot fill

The hole you left in my heart.

I will treat him as you treated me

Well and kind

And as a slave" then it hummed the words.

Kanda would save the bean sprout. But Allen would have to wait. He headed towards the house, climbed the stairs and looked through the window. There he saw the bean sprout, sitting quietly next to the woman and watching her play the violin. Kanda felt extremely drowsy. It was the violin's soft music that resonated through the air.

He fought off sleep and headed back towards the inn.

'Damn Moyashi…can't you just stay out of trouble?'

Kanda lay restlessly on his bed. He was thinking of a way to rescue Moyashi. Then he thought of the last words that the white-haired exorcist said to him.

"Don't help me Kanda, run."

Was he serious? Kanda never ran without confirming if there was innocence. If he did, it would definitely ruin his reputation not to mention his image in the eyes of his fellow exorcists. And what would Komui say?

"What…you failed a mission Kanda?" that's what he would probably say. He would never swallow his pride. It was far too important to him. His master's training would not go to waste. He lay there, formulating a plan.

'Damn it…why do I only think of those words?' Kanda thought to himself. The words he though about were the last words his mother said to him before she died.

"Adiosu [Goodbye Yuu…" She said softly.

"Iie!Okaasan[No! Mother!," Little Yuu mourned the loss of his mother.

The memory was painful and yet it came uninvited. If he could erase those memories, he would gladly do it. He decided that tomorrow would be the day he would go back to the house.


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