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Kanda turned around and found…Kanda found himself making contact with Allen…in the face. It couldn't get any worse than this. Their faces had collided together, causing it to be like a very awkward kiss. If they weren't in a life-threatening situation, Allen would've died. Kanda pushed him away and glared.

"What the…"

Kanda got up was thrown into the wall with the force of a bull. The wall collapsed after he had made a hole through it. This was not turning out to be good for him. He would have to wait for the light to fade completely. The light in the room bore a reddish tint to it. She was watching the fight intently, her arm still bleeding heavily. She seemed to be enjoying this but there was a small amount of shock in her expression. He turned to face her and picked his sword up from on the floor. She was beside herself with pure happiness. She got up and charged towards the edge of the moonlight. The night air smelled like something had died and had begun to rot. Kanda kept himself out of the moonlight. But he wasn't there for long. He had to get her out of the moonlight.

She was still coming at him when he pulled her out of the light. She punched him and stepped back in. Only then did he see the mask come off. She ripped her face off to show something else. The face behind the youth was aged and wrinkled to the point that you couldn't recognize the person. Kanda was taken aback a little by this which gave his opponent to gain the upper hand. He was thrown from behind into the light filled wall. His head banged against the iron bars of the window and he fell to the ground. He could feel the stinging sensation and the familiar warm liquid running freely from the gash in the back of his head. It was hidden by the hair which was on the verge of coming loose. He hissed with pain and darkness was slowly filling his sight.

Kanda fought with the darkness to regain the consciousness. He needed a few minutes but they gave him none. He was hit from one corner of the room to the other. He tried not to hit his head, to let it heal. He was able to keep conscious but Kanda felt weak but not weak enough to stop fighting. He got right back up and smirked at what he saw. It was clear; the eclipse was almost halfway through. The light was slowly fading. Only a corner of the room held it. He walked slowly up to his pair of killers. This should be fun he thought. His head pounded like a hammer was repeatedly hitting it. But never mind that.

"You're still alive?" she asked, "Maybe you're stronger than you look…"

She sent Allen back to fight him. He dodged most of his attacks, wounding him and getting wounded sometimes. When he decided it was enough, he tossed the boy to one side and went for her. She looked at him unsurprised and lifted a hand. Nothing happened. Ewen started to panic and tried to get what tiny line of light was available. She felt her energy being drained. Her face and hands grew older than they were until she was only skin and bones. This was it but at least she took down one of them with her. She hobbled forward and tried to grab hold of something when the blade pierced through her. She was too old to scream. Her voice was too aged to make a sound like that. She wasn't bleeding. Instead, sand began to seep through the little space between her flesh and the blade.

"This…isn't…over…" it came out like she was mouthing the words. No sound came out.

He pulled the blade out and sliced her in half. So she wasn't an akuma. Then what was she? Her skin turned to sand as she fell. This…witch was no more. So if she wasn't an akuma, then what exactly was his opponent?

"Cute, you tried to get rid of me," a voice that was rightfully hers resonated in the room. Kanda turned sharply to see Allen standing there. But something was horribly different. His features were more feminine and he seemed different, "You little runt. You can't kill me because you'll have to kill your little lover boy here," she…or he smiled. Kanda's eyes narrowed.

"I'll kill you," he was toneless, "and he's not my little lover boy."

He ran at Allen's body with speed and force. She held out her hand instinctively, expecting something to happen. Nothing happened and she narrowly missed the blade. It sliced his cheek leaving a tiny gash. It started to bleed.

"You know," he sounded sort of evil, "to maintain that body, you have to eat a lot or it'll give up on itself. And judging by its state, you won't last for much longer."

"Yeah, right."

He went back a few feet and put his blade in its sheath, "Just try," he dared.

The body rushed forward a couple of inches before collapsing on itself. It tried to move but only twitched. The body stood still for a couple of moments before a translucent shape rose from it. Kanda ran forward and slashed at the shape. It shrieked. The shriek was loud and piercing. Slowly it disintegrated into nothingness. He thought he heard the wind whisper something. He looked down at the limp body and nudged it with the hilt of his katana. After a few nudges, he went over to the sand. In the sand was a gold locket in the shape of a heart. He pried it open and a flood of translucent shapes poured out. They rushed upward and he dropped it. He wondered if any stayed on earth and returned to their respectful masters. A disgruntle person or two passed through the house in panic.

Some started to attack each other and it usually had a fatal ending. He proceeded to walk out of the room but it felt like he had forgotten something. He re-entered the room and looked around. The Innocence was with him and all was good in the world. Only it seemed hollow, maybe even empty. There was nothing in the room that he even remotely liked. Then he remembered. He was still alive. He slowly went over to him and picked Allen up. It wasn't like him at all but this was an exception. He was about to leave when something hit him from behind. It went deep and he could feel it just touching his spine. Kanda dropped Allen's body and turned to face the doorway. He looked at it in disbelief.

"Did you miss me?" she asked.

Kanda wondered what she was doing alive. Didn't he just kill her? Apparently not because she was standing in the doorway with some very long knives in hand. He unsheathe his katana for what would be the last time for the night. Or so he hoped.

"You're supposed to be dead," he spat.

"Temper, temper. I'm supposed to be dead but then again I'm not. You never really killed me. Are you up for a story before you die?"

"No," he aimed the sword carefully.

"Well, you'll listen anyway. I was dying from some strange disease. But after my son died, he appeared to me. He said 'Don't you want to take your boy back from that hateful God?' I said I wanted revenge on Haru. I made a deal. I was given a chance to recruit for him in exchange for years waiting on Haru to show up so I could kill him. I got to keep whoever I wanted and dispose of people whenever I pleased. And then you two just had to show up and come to claim my violin, which you relentlessly destroyed. Now it's your turn to die and I promise you won't ever come back to this world," She threw another knife.

Kanda didn't have enough time to react. The knife pierced his right shoulder. He was semi-paralyzed and couldn't move from his position. The knives were coated with poison because he could feel his systems shutting down very slowly. He wondered when the curse would react to it and begin to heal his wounds. He tried to move one of his legs but it just wouldn't budge. She aimed another, hopefully for his heart and threw. Kanda was ready to deflect it when a hand shot out of nowhere. It was no ordinary hand and the knife bounced of it like it was made of rubber. She looked down and found the struggling body.

"You…will…not…harm…anybody…"Allen stood up weakly.

"As is you could stop me you little runt," she scoffed.

He changed his arm to the gun and began to fire. Then he turned to Kanda behind him, who seemed murderous at the moment.


Kanda used his 'Beasts of the Underworld' to finish her off. It was simple. All that was left of her was the locket. The same locket that was across the room, half an hour ago. He turned to see if the locket was still there and turned back to see her standing there again. This was all too surreal.

"Why won't you die?" he asked slowly walking forward.

He reached back to pull the knife out of his shoulder and then his back. The wounds bleed profusely and he had to wait a few seconds before he could walk at normal pace. It was slow at first but he picked up speed. She smiled and stood there with her arms outstretched. It was slowly going to end

The last thing Allen remembered before he woke up was confessing. Then it all went black. It was like having a nightmare repeat itself over and over. The room was dimly lit. A lone figure sat the desk writing. The scratches the pen was making could be heard across the room which was loud with silence. He could only see one hand. One pale hand; white as bone and fingers that were too skinny. Then he realized. The hand was bone. The figure turned its head slowly towards Allen. A skeleton's head faced him, eyes in their sockets. Its mouth set in an unalterable grin. Teeth forever to remain like that. It opened its mouth and he could see the malice behind those eyes. Its mouth was like a black abyss. He could not see the bone behind it. Allen started to back up very slowly. With his back touching the wall, the skeleton rose, mouth wide open and walked towards him. His fingers dug into the wall behind him and his heart was in his throat.

He could hear it pounding quickly and out of control. This was more than simply being scared. This was fear. This was real. He automatically focused on the black in the skeleton's mouth. It came nearer with each passing second. Something was wrong. He couldn't move and it was right above him in an instant, ready to swallow him whole. And it did swallow him. It swallowed him into the darkness. This was no ordinary darkness. It had a special quality to it. This was a darkness that Allen feared. He closed his eyes and tried to think about something else. When he opened it, it had started all over again. Allen didn't know how many times he had gone through this nightmare but now something was different about it. As the skeleton approached, he saw a faint light behind it. And then the light grew brighter, it cut through the darkness like an axe through butter. It mutilated the darkness and brought him back…

Allen looked up. His enemy and his friend were fighting each other. Things didn't look so well on Kanda's part though. He was badly wounded in the back and there was a huge bloodstain on the back of his uniform. He needed to help him somehow. He crawled. He had to crawl, he couldn't really move. The mission came first. He was halfway there when he felt a shoe press down on his head. He was too weak to fight it off and tried to activate his Innocence. Kanda stopped short. This could not be really happening. This was an all time low, even for Allen.

"Don't activate your Innocence you fool, you'll kill yourself," he shouted.

"Tell me why I shouldn't kill him," she laughed.

"Because I'm your opponent," he answered.

"Wrong answer. You're both my opponents. Give me a reason."

"Because he'll kill you first," Kanda was getting annoyed. He had to end this somehow. And he bet that the locked was the key to this all. He aimed Mugen very carefully and was about to throw it.

"Look at him. He doesn't even have the strength to stand. I think I'll kill him now. You never gave me a good enough reason."

At that moment, Kanda realized something. And he would do anything to make that realization stick.

"If you lay one hand on…"

"Give me one reason not to," she lowered her hand.

"Because, because I love him," he admitted. It had just dawned on him so why not use it.

"All the more reason to kill him," she kicked Allen in the ribs. Kanda threw Mugen. It was his last chance and if he failed, he would die. The sword flew through the air and missed. It hit the locket leaving a gaping hole through it. Heartbeats echoed though the room and his enemy dissolved into sand. The locket crumbled into a rusty ball and hung suspended in the air for a few moments before dropping to the ground. He slowly went over and picked up Mugen. Once it was in its sheath, he picked up Allen and left. Allen lifted his head slightly and looked at the retreating scene.

"You said you-"

"I know what I said bean-sprout," he said, "and you should know that you're heavily underfed."

At the inn

Allen was eating like those guys in those eating competitions. Only he was eating faster and more. He didn't really have to heal much because he was hardly harmed. After easting three times hid body weight in food, he finally finished. He was looking healthier but he still felt weak from not eating for so long. They had to leave that day and made their way to the train station. He stole nervous glanced at Kanda, who seemed at act normal. This would be one very awkward ride home. They sat opposite each other. Allen fidgeted and Kanda looked out the window.

"Stop fidgeting," he said still looking out the window.

"Sorry," Allen replied, "You know about the time back there when I said that I loved you? I'm sorry about that."

"What are you sorry about that for?" Kanda turned to face Allen.

He reached forward and pulled Allen forward by his collar lapels. He was looking him in the eye.

"What are you sorry for?" he said.

"For saying that…" Allen felt nervous.

A/N: here's your magic moment fangirls Kanda moved for ward so that they faced each other, eye to eye. He could see the horror on Allen's face and smirked. He pressed his lips to Allen's and he responded by kissing him back. The train suddenly stopped to a halt and Allen was catapulted to the other side of the car. He burst out laughing as the train started up again and leaned back on Kanda's shoulder. Kanda didn't seem to mind it and continued to look out the window. They would arrive at any minute now.


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