Molly has always been a mother to Harry. What happens when she becomes a bit too motherly? Will she give up her kids to be with Harry? Harry/Molly slash

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Chapter 1

Harry stared at himself in the mirror. An 18-year-old reflection stared back at him. It had been 1 year since the demise of Lord Voldemort, and Harry couldn't be happier. He would be going to the burrow today to have dinner with the Weasley's. He smiled at him self, he looked good. He had let his hair grow around his face, he had gotten a great tan (thanks to Neville for inviting him to the beach), and He had grown about 6 inches and his best feature he owed to Quidditch. Being on the Chudley Cannons Quidditch team he had acquired very sexy lean muscles. Harry grinned.

He looked away from his bathroom mirror and went to find a clean shirt for him to wear. He was looking forward to seeing the Weasley's, he never got to see them due to the fact he was always either in a game or practicing. He found a nice emerald green T-shirt that went great with his eyes. After putting it on he found his shoes and put them on. When he had finished tying the laces he felt it was time to go. Stepping out the front door of his mansion he took one more look before Apparating to the Burrow.


"Ron, honestly could you hurry up I need to freshen up before Harry arrives." Knocked Mrs. Weasley outside of the bathroom door, he had been in there for an hour.

"Oi, just a few more minutes Mum I need to make sure I look perfect for Hermione, Harry is not the only one coming mom."

Ron had a point his girlfriend was coming to and Mrs. Weasley had completing forgotten about that, she was more interested in the fact Harry was coming.

"Alright fine, I'll just go to see if Ginny is threw with her bathroom."

Mrs. Weasley stomped off towards Ginny's room. Her and Harry had been apart for exactly 3 months today. Harry had caught her necking Dean while he was over at the Burrow "Doing Business with her" ever since then Harry has been rather distant with the family, that and the fact he is doing Quidditch 24/7.

She stopped outside of Ginny's room, being her mother she didn't knock on the closed door; neither did she notice the 'Do Not Disturb' sign hanging on the doorknob. As she walked in the sight she was greeted by scared the crap out of her.

"Hey Ginny, Ron's is hogging the bathroom and I was wondering if I cou- OH for piss sake Ginerva!" Mrs. Weasley's eyes widened at the sight of her daughter to things to Dean Thomas, Arthur would never allow her self to do.

Ginny frowned. "Have you ever heard of knocking Mom? Deans not finished could you come back later?"

Molly gaped…"You can actually think about continuing young lady, I mean I just walked in on you."

Ginny was growing impatient. "Mom I am 17 I am a legal adult, so…..Get the fuck out of my room." She went back to pleasuring a moaning Dean, as Molly stepped out of her room

"What has my family come to?"


Harry Apparated right out side the gates leading in to the Burrow. He recollected on the last time he was here, it had definitely not been the best visit.


"Harry you played a great game today!" Mrs. Weasley hugged him at the door. Harry had come to pick up Ginny; it was their 1-year anniversary.

"Thanks, oh the team loved the cookies you baked, at 'em all in a bout a minute" Harry chuckled.

Mrs. Weasley smiled, and coaxed him into the living room. Harry expected to see Ginny sitting waiting on him, but she wasn't there, he turned to Mrs. Weasley "Where is Ginny? Is she ready?"

Mrs. Weasley studied him up and down. "I think she is in her room, with Dean Thomas. HE got a job as a Healer and he is her Resident. He came to drop off some paper work, he has been up there a rather long time." She gave him a small smile "Just go up and tell her you're here, I'll go start a pot of tea" She walked off leaving him very confused.

Harry hesitated before climbing the staircase of the Burrow. He never realized how long it was until now, after what seemed like ten minutes he was right out of Ginny's door.

All he could hear was constant murmurs and giggling. HE shook his head and opened the door.

"Hey babe are you ready t- WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?" Harry had turned red in the face at the sight in front of him. Dean was shirtless on top of a top and bra-less Ginny.

"Oh my god! Harry!" Ginny was horrified she tried to cover herself up with the blanket, but Dean had tossed that off the bed 3o minutes ago so she sat there like she was, humiliated and scared.


Ginny was at a loss of words. "I-I-ts not what it looks like Harry."


"What?" Ginny gave him a confused look.

"I DON"T KNOW HAT I MEWNA ALL I KNOW IS WE'RE OVER GINNY, TAKE THIS IT WAS MEANT FOR YOU ANYWAY" HE took out a small black box and chucked it at her.

She opened it; it was a diamond ring. He heart fell to her stomach "Oh my God Harry" He didn't know if she should smile or cry. She looked at him, but there was no use seeing as how he was half way down the stairs.

Harry's head hurt his girlfriend and could have been 'fiancée' was just caught cheating on him and he didn't know if he ever wanted to come back. He stomped into the living room, with his fists clenched.

All the Weasley's and Hermione were sitting in silence. They had obviously heard the whole thing. Molly looked uncertainly at Harry as he walked in. "Would you like a cup of tea Harry?"

Harry just ignored her and walked out of the house with out another word or another glance.


Harry sighed, that had been the last time he had spent anytime with the Weasley's. Sure he had seen them at the matches, but like he had time to talk. With all those girls, paparazzi and autographs he had to sign, he barely had time to think, but today was his day off and he was going to spend it with the Weasley's whether he wanted to or not.

Harry began to make his way through the gates, and up the path that led to the door. He noticed how full the family garden look. Mrs. Weasley had to have worked her ass off. He gave a small chuckle, he knew how teenagery her family was becoming, and it was almost funny.

Harry found himself at the door a lot quicker than he had planned; he looked left to right before knocking. He could hear footsteps running through the house for the door, it was flung open.

Mrs. Weasley stood at the door with the biggest smile Harry had ever seen. He noticed she had lost a lot of weight, and her hair had been straightened. Harry mentally slapped himself he was checking out Ron's mom.

Molly looked at Harry. She bit her lip with her teeth, he was gorgeous. He had let his hair grow longer(Normally she didn't care for that kind of thing.) he had acquired very defined muscles and he had grown about 6 inches taller. She had seen him in the matches but she hadn't seen him up close in three months.

Shaking his head Harry spoke. "It is good to see you Mrs. Weasley"

Her only reply was and extremely long bear hug, after that he was once again coaxed into the living room. As soon as he walked in he was attacked with questions and hugs.

"How do you think the Tornadoes will do this season?" George called out

"How do you think Fletchley did against your Wonky Feint?" Fred asked.

"Honestly is that all you boys care about? Quidditch?" said a different but familiar voice.

Harry spun around just in time to steal a hug. "Hermione how have you been?"

Hermione flipped her long brown curls behind her head with her hand. "I've been pretty good, You've been well, at least as far as I could read you've been doing good."

Harry felt guilty he hadn't had time to spend with her either or write letters and the only way really people could check in on him was through the paper, and Quidditch Weekly magazines.

Hermione laughed at his guilty face, "We all know how the best Quidditch player barely has time to think with all those blondes all over you how do you manage." The comment wasn't from Hermione. It was from Ginny. Everyone in the room fell silent and threw each other quick and uneasy glances. Hermione walked over to sit by Ron; she really didn't want ton sit trough this.

Harry's fists clenched, it wasn't because Ginny had spoken to him it was the fact Dean was right at her heals and they were holding hands, and oddly enough she was wearing his would have been wedding ring to her…..This girl was fucked up.

"Oh believe me I manage quite well thanks." He knew it would make her mad, then again did he really care?……NO

Ginny had fire in her eyes, "Well I more than positive you could have made time to see all your friends, and whoever your girlfriend is at the moment." She had her hands on her hips in the most Mrs. Weasleyish way.

That is when things started to get ugly. Mrs. Weasley tried to cut in before things got even worse "Hey, how about w-"

"YOU KNOW WHAT GINNY YOUR JUST PISSED THAT YOU LOST YOUR CHANCE WITH ME, I'M NOT TAKING YOUR SORRY ASS BACK" Harry was steaming, he had come for a nice visit not a throat aching fight.

Mrs. Weasley had grown pale. "Come on you two do you ha-"


At this comment most of the family left, except Ron and Hermione and a very confused Molly.


Mrs. Weasley was growing frantic at the wanting for all of this to stop. "Come on We haven't se-"


Ron wrinkled his nose at this, he wasn't one to want to hear about Ginny's sex life, especially sense it used to include his best friend.


Ginny gaped, that was a good question, why had she, after all this time, wore her would be engagement ring from Harry. She needed to make something up fast….but nothing was coming to her.

"Because it is not your ring for her, I gave it to her two weeks ago we're getting married." Dean said uncertainly, hey he had to help out his girlfriend some way.

Harry saw the lie in his eyes but decided to play along


"FORTHER LOVEW OF FUCKSAKES PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP YOUR GOD DAMN FIGHTING AND GET YOUR HORMONAL ASSES IN THE KITCHEN FOR A FUCKING CUP OF GOD DAMN TEA" Molly's shoulders went up in down as she screamed this out. Harry and Ginny looked at her than at each other. Ron and Hermione were paused in their making out and were starring blankly at Mrs. Weasley. Slowly but surely everyone made his or her way in to thew kitchen.

When Harry entered he noticed that the kitchen was where the rest of the family had fled to during his row with Ginny. He laughed to himself.

He found a seat next to Ron and sat his butt down. While Molly passed out the tea, Harry broke a conversation with Ron.

"So how have you been mate?"

Ron looked at harry and then looked at Hermione and made his eyebrows go up and down in a way that made Harry quickly change the subject. "What team are you routing for this Quidditch season?"

Ron looked at him like he was stupid "Chudley Cannons Duh! They have one of the best seekers that Gryffindor had to offer." Ron said that with a smile. The coach of the Chudley Cannons had come to watch a game last year, which is when he scouted Harry.

"Would you like lemon for your tea Harry?" Molly smiled at him as she poured him a cup of tea.

Harry was shaken from his world when he noticed the extra effort Mrs. Weasley was putting in to pouring him his tea, he suddenly realized how very low cut her top was and how very big her boobs were. This was getting wired. "Uhh yes please Mrs. Weasley", he watched as she poured him a bit of lemon juice in his tea, she added even more effort this time he could see perfectly down his shirt, Ron got him out of his trance.

"Hey mate it is getting a bit dark, how about you stay the night to night. Hey maybe me you and Fred and gorge can do two on two Quidditch in the morning. I am sure you have the day off tomorrow."

Harry thought for a moment, he did have the day off tomorrow, he wouldn't mind staying the night and playing quidditch with Ron and the twins, it was Ginny and Dean he was worried about.

Ginny looked at him feeling a bit of guilt after what she had said to him to day. "Hey Dean we had better get back to your place before you mm wonders what we're up to, she grabbed his hand and led him out the door, he waved at Harry and then he vanished. Harry gave Ron a what in the world look" RNO shrugged "She moved in with him about a week ago."

Hermione let out a loud yawn. "Wow, I think I'll head home Mrs. Weasley thanks for everything." She got up to leave. "Wait a minute, I will walk you home." Ron grinned as he walked over to her. He put his hand on her waist and walked out of the door but not before giving Harry a very suggesting look.

Fred and George got up to leave as well. "We gotta go back to the joke shop mom, were supposed to be having a very busy day tomorrow. " Fred said as he and his twin walked over to their mother and gave her a quick hug and Apparated out of sight.

That only left Harry and Mrs. Weasley. It was now that Harry suddenly noticed someone missing. "Mrs. Weasley where is Mr. Weasley"

Mrs. Weasley had been cleaning dishes as the question was asked. She stopped in her tracks. Mr. Weasley hadn't been home in a week. She would write him at work and excuse after excuse would be his reply. "I am trying to get extra hours" "We have a big problem on our hands." "I'm not supposed to say" It was al she ever heard, that and his coming home for 10minutes to change and quickly leave again with out saying a word.

She looked at Harry "He has been really busy at the office lately" she said in an unconvincing tone. Harry saw through her, deciding not to press the subject any further he got up to go to bed.

"Oh wait a minute Harry I need to go with you to check and see if the extra bed in Ron's room is clean" She put down the pot she was cleaning and she led him up the stairs,

Harry followed right behind her on the way up to Ron's room. He caught himself several times eyeing her butt. She looked so good with all that extra weight gone. He quickly shook thoughts out of his mind that shouldn't have been there and noticed Mrs. Weasley had stopped. She opened the door leading in to Ron's room and inspected the bed.

"That's funny" she said curiously

"What's funny?"

"This bed looks like it was never slept in, it is so clean." She said

"Why is that funny?" harry wondered

"Because Hermione has been spending the night for the past week."

It took all Harry had not to laugh. He just looked at her. She shook her head "Any way, there are some pajama's in his dresser, and some of your cloths I think are still in Ginny's closet" She said that last statement carefully, she didn't went him to get angry again.

Harry yawned, he was too tired to get angry. He nodded and walked over to the dresser and took his shirt off as Molly made her way out of the door. "Good night Harry"

"Good night Mrs. Weasley"

"Hey harry"


"Call me Molly" she said with a wink


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