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Harry groaned as the sunlight hit his eyes through the window. "UGHHHH". He sat up realizing he wasn't the only one up this morning.

Harry stared uneasy at his hard on… He had had the weirdest dream. He was talking and crying all over Mrs. Weasley and then when he was going to bed, they kissed.

Harry quickly shook his head and went to take a shower….a cold shower.

He removed himself from the bed, looking over to Ron's he realized he was gone. Harry suppressed a snort, 'probably gone to visit Hermione' he thought to himself. He walked out of Ron's room and headed towards Ginny's.

He held out his hand to turn the doorknob, he knew she wouldn't be in there, having moved in with Dean, But he still felt weird.

He quickly turned the handle and withdrew his hand and stepped through the door. He wasn't surprised to walk in finding pictures of her and Dean everywhere. Holding hands, kissing, laughing. Harry looked away quickly all of those pictures were making him sick. He violently shook his head. He walked over to the closet.

As he stood there opening it something flew out and hit him on the head. "What the hell?" He whispered. Looking down at the floor, he noticed it was a magazine. Picking it up he noticed it was Quidditch Weekly. It was the cover with Samantha and him with their backs together. Harry smiled; Samantha was an amazing girl.

He threw down the magazine and pulled all the cloths from the back of the closet all the way to the front.

He saw he still had jeans and shirts here. It made him wonder why she hadn't burned his cloths already, or ripped up that magazine. He grabbed a white T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans, as he made his way out he made a mental note to himself to remove his cloths from this house.

Finally making it to the bathroom, he huffed. Someone was already in it. Harry really wanted to get a shower and rid himself of his….hard problems, sighing he made his way to the kitchen.

Lazily pushing open the kitchen door, he heart stopped. There on the table lay, Kleenex two empty tea cups. Harry almost shat himself, it wasn't a dream!

Running as fast as he could up to Ron's room he ran into whom was in the shower.

"Hello Harry" Molly smiled in nothing but a towel.

Harry's mouth dropped, he had made out with Mrs. Weasley.…….. and he had a hard on because of Mrs. Weasley………And he was turned on by a wet girl in a towel…who was Mrs. Weasley….what the fuck was going on.

Molly frowned, "What's the matter Harry?"

Harry was at a loss of words, what could he possibly say. Shaking his head he hurriedly made his way back to Ron's room. But that made matter even worse.

"Oh Ron, do it again."

"Anything for you Hermione."

Harry thought he was just hearing things as he made his way to open Ron's door, he was sadly mistaken

Harry's mouth drooped. He wasn't hearing thing; Ron's head was in between a naked Hermione's legs. Harry thought he was going to throw up.

Ron lifted his head and body off; he was naked to, his eyes widened "Holy shit"

Hermione quickly tried to cover herself up, but finding no blanket she brought her knees to her chest.

"Harry!" she squeaked

Harry dropped his cloths and ran from the room screaming "Burn my eyes burn my eyes for the love of god somebody burn them!" He ran all the way down stairs in to the Weasley twins

Fred steadying himself and George stared at harry with a sad grin, "You to eh?"

Harry looked at him bewildered

"Don't feel bad, Fred and I walked in on them in the broom shed"

"In the kitchen"

"In the living room"

"In the oven"

Harry stared at Fred like he was crazy "The oven?"

Fred silently shook his head "Don't know Don't want to know."

Harry lowered his head, this was all a bit too much for him. He didn't know if he would ever rid his mind of Ron and Hermione. He wanted Molly out of his mind for right now to. That kiss was amazing, but there has to be some sort of problem that goes with it right? 'Are you insane?' he thought to himself. 'You made out with your best mate's mom there is more than problems with that'. Maybe it was just a friendly kiss. Or maybe it was a…. Harry's head hurt. He wanted something to get his mind off of everything. Jus as he was about to give up hope there was a knock at the door.

"Now who could that possibly be?" Mrs. Weasley questioned as she walked down the last step of the stairs.

She smirked at Harry as she went to fetch the door.

'At least this time she is wearing cloths' He blushed to himself.

"May I help you?"

"Yes I was wondering if Harry was here Harry Potter?"

Molly turned to look questionably at Harry. "It's for you"

Harry raised an eyebrow and made his way o the door. He opened it all the way to reveal who was behind it.

"Holy shit, Samantha Rose."


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