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Morbius was lost in thought, a bad way to be when working with volitile chemicals, "No!" He watched the test tube he was working with and saw the smirl of color change, indicating the wrong reaction. Tube, contents and all went into the sink as sizzling sounded, "Thank God they're water soliable," it stopped soon after the water started, "I'll never get any work done!" His one night off that he desided not to fuss or worry about being hunted or feeding and he couldn't even drag his mind from the night before.

Talon like nails tapped against the table, a habit he never knew he had until the 'accident' causing the light tattoo to sound in the quiet lab. Finaly grinting his teeth, another 'habit' he hadn't noticed until his teeth had first cut into his lips, he gave up on working and desided he'd go out. Hoping the sounds of the city would drown out the chaos of his mind.

Nick was walking down the stairs of the police station hoping he had covered all the bases. He had told Butler he wasn't being of any help to the investigation, fearing he was 'burning out' he'd called Cap. back in Toronto and gave a similar speech, requesting some vacation time. They both had been oddly understanting and had stated they hoped it wasn't permanent, Butler had appearently heard about how rough his last case had been on everyone and said he would have done the same thing.

I hope this gains some trust with him... I'm not hunting him any more, I'm just trying to find him to talk. I'm never going to hear the end of if tomorrow when Skanke finds out... "And Hell hath no furry like a woman scorned," he shook his head at the image that came to mind, an angered Natalie frouning and yelling about how much of a bad idea this was. She'll understand once she sees him, talks to him. If science did that to a human, it has to be able to cure him and maybe me... Lost so deeply in thought, Nich gave up on any sort of destination and just wandered the streets.

What possessed me to go out as Michaels? Morbius walked amongst an oblivious crowd of people, party-goers by the way the laughed and joked about where they were headed. Truth be told, he hadn't even thought about it, he had just taken the serium that passed him off as human and grabbed some normal clothes before he'd left. Just a habit I've gotten use to since Knight showed up... Yeah, that has to be it... The crowd had thinned out as he continued to walk, now long past the dance clubs and bars that those type frequented. He ended up walking beside a young couple as they retreated from the rowdier patrions that occupied the bars at this time of night.

Desiding to take a break from the crowds, Morbius turned down a wide, but dark, alley. There was the clang and rattle of a garbage lid as a rat lept to hide from the intruder. He could tell by the rustles and rattles of scurrrying creatures that there wasn't anyone else in the alley and breathed a sigh of relief at the fact that he wouldn't have to deal with any muggers or thieves.

Nick couldn't figure out why he chose to turn down the dark alley but he just continued to walk. What am I going to do? My supply is gone and I don't know how long it's going to take to find him. He could already feel the hunger rising again, he'd been half starving himself for days, and knew it wouldn't be long until it demanded to be quenched. He quickly figured out the reason for the alleys when he suddenly entered into a crowd of chattering people. The beating of hearts and humming of blood was so overpowering, he cut across the main street to take refuge in another deserted alley.

They scent of garbage, rot, and things far worse filled his nose, "Still beats the crowds..." A scent of another kind caught his attention, one he'd just recently been subjected to, "Morbius?" It's fresh and strong... He must be close...

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