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Sasuke followed Itachi while still muttering silent curses to the giant, for thinking they were friends. 'The day we get friends, is the day I die.' He looked around. The city itself was way better than the streets he had left behind. He stopped.. Itachi doing exactly the same. A cold blade was pressed against his throat. He glanced from the blade to Itachi. He too was being held back by a blade. The guy holding the blade against Itachi's neck, was tall and slim.

Long, black hair was perfectly arranged, framing a well-chiselled face, whose expression remained carefully blank, just like Itachi's. The man was wearing some kind of uniform, a coat so big that he seemed to swim in it. Sasuke glanced behind him, trying to see the person holding the blade to his own neck. He could vaguely see the same kind of uniform. The guy was even taller than the other man and broader in chest and shoulders. His flaming red hair tied in a high ponytail.

The man was glaring at Sasuke but compared to Itachi's usual glare, Sasuke considered it to be weak in every aspect. It wasn't long for one decided to speak. "Ne...Kuchiki-taichou...What shall we do with these guys?" The red-head spoke up. The one referred to as Kuchiki-taichou, turned his head slightly. "Renji... Take these violators and put them under detention." Sasuke was pushed forward, Itachi calmly strolling along... almost as if there wasn't a sword pointed in his back. 'Show off...' Sasuke really loathed his brother.


'Why am I always the one keeping guard?' Renji was currently watching both intruders, following his Taichou's orders. He had to admit.. it was his job as Fuku-taichou, but that didn't mean he couldn't complain about it. The intruders were each on one side of their cell, where they were being held captive..looking everywhere except each other. And when their eyes locked, a glare contest was being held. Renji could see they were not from around here, looking at the clothes they were wearing.

One wearing a black cape, red clouds adorning it. The other wearing only black. A fan-symbol on his back. 'They do resemble each other.' Renji was standing opposite of the cell, leaning casually against the wall. Calmly he observed the two Uchiha's. He shook his head sighing. Normally there was at least some talking going on but these guys seemed to do their best to ignore each other. Renji felt like speaking up, but he had no clue of what to say. Heck, if he knew, it wouldn't be so damn silent right now! Where the hell was Kuchiki-taichou anyway? Sure it wouldn't take this long to figure out what to do with these intruders? Damn his rank. He really would know better things to do than keeping guard.


Sasuke was irritated. Why did he have to share a cell with him. Maybe he should be complaining about being locked up, but sharing a small place with Itachi was even worse. At least, it was to his standards. He was purposely avoiding eye contact. 'I. Hate. This.' What was irritating him almost more than his brother was that guy keeping guard. It was the same one as before, the one holding a sword against his neck. If it wasn't for his brother, he would have fight his way out already. But no, his brother was deciding what was best. Geesh. 'Even when hating each other, he still silently commands me. Why am I still listening?!' Sasuke hated it. Why did he listen, if he hated Itachi? He could literally smack his head against a wall.


'Foolish little ototo. You still can't deny my orders, can you?' He silently glanced at Sasuke, who seemed to be smacking his head against a wall..mentally of course. 'I know you too well, ototo. You despise of me. You are intending to kill me. Or even so, you already have.' Itachi knew. 'You surprise me once again, Sasuke. You're so intelligent, yet so naïve.' He silently watched how his brother seemed to irritate himself more and more at his silent staring. 'You haven't changed at all, have you ototo?' He was amusing himself. It had been long, having irritated his little brother so .. wonderfully. He almost missed it. ' .. almost .. ' Maybe, being dead had its fun parts.


"Renji." Renji shot his head up, seeing his Taichou standing in the door opening. 'Finally.' He thought annoyed. After a full minute of silence, veins started to show on Renji's fore-head. "Well, what did they say!?" He asked, half yelling. Sometimes he really had enough from his Taichou. He received a cold look from his captain. "Keep your patience, Abarai. It won't do you any good." Byakuya slowly walked up to the cell, ignoring Renji's irritated look.

"Tell me your names." He demanded more than asking. Both Uchiha's stood up at the same time. The youngest sending a glare at the other. Itachi walked up to the captain. They stood almost as if reflecting one another. Same expression but both unreadable. 'Are they holding a contest or something? The Who-can-keep-his-face-emotionless-contest.' Renji thought, getting really annoyed. He glanced at the second prisoner.

'At least he seems just as annoyed.' The boy caught Renji's glance and they stared at each other. A glaring contest. 'At least he isn't an annoying bastard like my brother.' Sasuke mused. "Uchiha Itachi." Renji and Sasuke simultaneously turned their heads. "Uchiha Sasuke." After having one cold look from the Taichou, 'Or whatever he is called...', Sasuke stated his name. 'So, they are brothers.' Renji looked at the resemblances, again.

Byakuya turned to face Renji. "They have to stay under surveillance." Renji could almost strangle his Taichou. 'Do I need to play guard, again?!' Before he could think more, his Taichou had continued. "Or you stay here to watch them, or they have to stay with one of us, until more is known." Byakuya turned back to the Uchiha's. "You both are to stay with one of us. If one of you does something suspicious, you will get killed."

Renji glanced at his Taichou again. 'At least I don't have to stay here to play for guard.' He thought. "You." Byakuya was looking at Itachi. "You are going with me." He shot Renji a glance, as if to say: Don't dare to complain.

"Why do I have to watch the brat?!" Typically Renji, he just didn't know when to shut up. Byakuya walked up to him and in one of his coldest tones he spoke to Renji. "Because if you don't, you can always be send back." Renji didn't need to know more and unlocked the cell, dragging Sasuke with him mockingly. Sasuke, who was all too happy to finally get a break from his brother was glaring at Renji. 'No one calls me a brat.'

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