Hey guys

Hey guys. I have bad news, I'm going to delete this story and start fresh. I know this might hurt some of you but I felt it was the best decision since I never truly planned out this story and also, it just felt like me taking the Naruto story and just changing some parts but never making it truly original and that was not my intention but it felt like that so I decided to start fresh and truly try to make it more like story than just a cop-out of the original. There will be drastic changes so be warned.

For coupling fans, those are the couples I have planned for this story:







Again, I apologize for this but I want you guys to give this new and final version a chance since it will be much better than the original since I actually planned ahead and also, I won't be stuck in the black hole known as college and thus I will be able to write as much as I want.

The new story will be called Namikaze Hokage Redux and will be started in a couple of days.

Ja ne