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"Hey what movie is this anyways?" asked one of my parteners in crime, Quil.

"A horrer" i replied. She shuttered

"BYE! see you after ther movie!" She replied running out.

"HEY YOU CHICKEN WAIT FOR ME!!" cried a chibi Sakuno runnign after her best friend.

The both of us sweat dropped..

"OMG! its only 1..2...3...4...- This many!" She said holding up 3 fingers. I sweatdropped gently putting down one finger,

"Yeah! that many!" she said smartly looking like a ruler. I sweatdropped more, But then my eyes caught on something...

"Hey!! its Winnie and Cherry! they can help us, HEY! Cherry Winnie! over here! yeah-no this way! no not thast way to your left-no the OTHER left!" i yelled in annoyence. Finally they saw us mouthing an 'O'

"Hey wuzup?" greeted Cherry as they sat in the 2 seats,

"Date wreking!" whispered a Vesper

"Oooooo, I wanna Help!" voluntered a Winnie,

"Ooo! dont forget bout moi!"

We all sweatdropped, first she talks like a ganster then in french, what next spanish?!

"Ok lets do this, Rapido!!" We all sweatdropped.

Aparently so..(A.N. i dont speak spanish so i dont know how to spell fast in spanish so if you do tell me plz it would help alot!)

I rolled my eys, but then my eyes landed the person in the front row stuffing her face in popcorn.

"Finery! Finery! over here! Finery!" i whispered/yelled

The said girl looked around

"Oh for petes sake-" i started to croach walk makeing sure my sister wouldnt see me

"OW!" "Hey Watch It!" "What The-" "My god.."

"Sorry, sorry sorry sorry" i said after hearing some complants from the audience.

I tapped her on the shoulder. "Finery-" "AH!"

"Ow..There goes my eardrum!" i said rubbing my left ear.

"Oh, Hey Sak, whatcha doing?" she said as if it was a normal conversation. "What am I doing? what am i doing?" i said saying my first sentence again.

Finery Nodded "Yeah Watcha Doing?" I had a vein pop. "What am I doing?-" "Yes i asked you that already now tell me!" "She said getting unpatient. "I am croaching/walking over here because you have bad eye sight with all these people complaining and I have Butter in my Pants!" i said the last part depressingly Pulling out some popcorn out of my pants and a licked lolipop. She nodded "Cool"

I popped a vein again grabbing her elbow "Just Hurry ok?" I plopped her down on the row in front of us.
"ok out misson is too wreck my sisters date"

"OHH!! i can burp my ABC'S! A..B...C...-"

"Well if we neede to burp ABC'S then i wouldve called you sooner, wouldnt I?" i glared at Winnie.

"Hey you know what? i heard that girl went into the mens Bathroom" said Cherry changeing the subject

"Oh yeah, how did that happen?" said Winnie confused

"That my good friends and burping friend is where I come in" Said a Proud Vesper.


I walked out of the theaters speed walking since Tami is as slow as an old turtle lieing on his back. I reached the bathrooms doors before her quickly switching the plate that said 'Men' and 'Woman' putting the Woman plate on where the mens plate was suppose to be and putting the mens plate on where the girls plate is supposed to be. Before she reached the 2 doors i went behind a cardboard cut out sticking my head on the cardboards teen head looking like i was part of the display.

I watched quietly as Tami opened the Mens restroom door.

"Hey sweetcheeks hows it going" i heard a deep voice inside, before i did anything i heard a yell or more like a scream...

"AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i saw the red swinging door open reveling a grossed out Tami,

"Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew" she chanted running to the theater. I giggled going around the cardboard cut out.

I sighed "Kids these days..." and with that i headed towards the the theater


"Woooww." Chanted all of the girls. Vesper nodded, I looked around.

"Hey Where is my woopie cushion filled with ketchup?" i said hopeing i didnt lose it.

'Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr' All of our heads jerked up except for Winnie who just started to laugh manicly knowing she is the one who set up the woopie cushion.

"EW! what is THIS?! EWW!!"

we all laughed out asses off. And yet all of this happened is less than 2 hours and the best part...



We Still Had dinner left to wreck



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