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"Alright Champions, I have some news for you." Professor Longbottom started. Scorpius and Rose shared a worried look as Adrien and Isabel turned a darker shade of green.

"As per tradition of the Triwizard Tournament, the first task is always based on the element of surprise; how well you all think on your feet." His eyes twinkled mischievously.

"Oh Merlin..." Rose groaned in realization. Scorpius gave her a look of confusion. He still didn't understand. This didn't help her distress; how could her partner be so oblivious?

"And 'zhat is why we are excited to tell you," Madame Maxime continued, "you are not here for a debate, but for the first task of the Triwizard Tournament!" With this statement she raised her arms up in emphasis, and the walls vanished as if they had never existed. Rose felt sick; positioned around them was a large stadium filled with screaming students.

"Welcome to the Triwizard Tournament." Professor Longbottom said through the side of his mouth, as the four administrators made their way to the widley set podium that made the judges table.

Rose gulped as she took it all in. The noise was deafening, but her heartbeats were louder. Each second passed by at an agonizingly slow pace. She cursed herself for not expecting this. Wasn't expecting the unexpected an axiomatic principle for the Tournament? The cover story hadn't been that great either. She even expressed her view on the stupidity of a debate to Scorpius earlier that day! Perhaps this was why Adrien and Isabel were nervous throughout the entire day. Or perhaps, Rose didn't like the thought, they're Headmasters had given them previous notice! Leave it to Professor Longbottom to be the only headmaster actually follow the rules of the Tournament. And why hadn't Adrien told her? It was a competition, but he seemed like the type of person who would want to have fair competition. Rose quickly rid herself of the thought; it was preposterous to think that the Headmasters would take that kind of risk so early in the competition, and like she already pointed out; Adrien would have (most likely) warned her about it.

She looked up to the Judges table, and was shocked to see who was sitting there. There were the four Headmasters, yes; Karkaroff tapping his fingers on the table nervously, Madame Maxime looking down condescendingly at Professor Longbottom, who was undoubtedly telling her about some new plant he had read about. To the right of Professor Longbottom, were three other people very dear to Rose; her father, uncle, and aunt. Not to mention, Draco Malfoy; Scorpius' father was sitting there, chatting to Victor Krum.

After what seemed like hours, Madame Maxime rose from her throne-like seat, and the entire stadium hushed, knowing what she was about to begin. She moved her wand to her neck, muttering an incantation that Rose couldn't make out from the distance between them, and began to speak; her already booming voice magnified.

"Welcome to 'zhe first task of 'zhe Triwizard Tournament!" The crowd roared once more. "Yesterday evening, you were all informed of the task taking place today. However, 'zhe four contestants only found out a few moments ago." Muttering broke out through the crowd." Rose could have sworn she saw Madame Maxime wink in Adrien's direction, but maybe she was just imagining things. It was impossible. "Before we begin, I would like to introduce our judges, Ronald Weasley, head of the English Department of Magical games and sports, Harry Potter, reigning Triwizard Champion, Fleur Weasley and Victor Krum, former contestants, and Draco Malfoy, a Head of the English department of Inter-magical affairs." Polite applause sounded from the audience and contestants.

Madame Maxime turned to the four contestants. " 'Zhe four of you 'ave just finished eating your lunch. I hoped you enjoyed it." She smiled mischeviously. Both Scorpius and Rose looked at each other at the odd topic. "Because it was poisoned with scrumagtic extract." Rose felt her stomach lurch. This was not a suprise that she had been expecting. How ironic.

The entire stadium seemed to gasp on cue. Including Scorpius, who began coughing because of it.

"Don't die before the poison gets you." Rose joked.

"Yeah." He didn't seem too amused.

" 'Zhe task is self-explanatory," Madame Maxime chuckled, as she swished her wand. The empty platters that had once occupied the table were now covered in plants, herbs, spices, liquids, cauldrons, and utensils of various sizes and colors. Madame Maxime looked down at the oversized watch on her wrist. "You 'ave a little more 'zhan an hour before 'zhe the poison takes its toll on your body. Now, I must warn you, 'zhere are two ways to complete 'zhis competition, one of which is very simple, the other," She paused, "Not even close. The objective of this task is to cure yourself quickly, as well as being able to think quickly and clearly while under pressure of competition, since there is only enough ingredients for two of the easy antidotes." Their faces fell, while Isabel looked angrily and Scorpius and Rose for being paired together; if they thought of the easy antidote first, the other two would be stuck making the harder version. "Your private workstations will be at various parts of the stadium," she flicked her wand and three tables labeled with the names of the contestants popped up around the stadium. Adrien's seemed closer to the table, a valuable head-start when dealing with the poison.

Rose had learned about scrumagtic extract in the third year potions class. It's not a particularly painful poison, however it basically feeds on the energy in a person, until they don't have any left to live.

"Your hour begins," Madame Maxime ticked off the seconds silently, "Now!"

And they were off, all gathering as many different ingredients as he could carry from the table. Rose found herself yawning already, and didn't want to make too many trips back. Rose was the first to the table, and began to rack her brain for the antidote. She knew that she had heard it before. It was very complex, but it was better than nothing.

While Scorpius was making his way towards the table, Rose laid out the ingredients for a quick pepper-up potion. It wouldn't offset the poison, but it would allow them to work better on what energy they had left.

"Okay." Scorpius breathed, as he let go of the heavy load he was carrying onto the table. "Any ideas?"

"That's the problem." Rose said, stirring the concoction in her pot. "I vaguely remember the antidote, but it's really complex. I have no idea what the other could be. Do you mind taking over?" She pointed to the cauldron.

They switched spots, and Rose poured over the ingredients carefully. She looked over at the two tables. Both Isabel and Adrien had already made pepperup potions; steam was coming out of their ears. Apparently her idea hadn't been that original. They began preparing their ingredients furtively. Why couldn't she figure this out?

"Seems like your boyfriend over their thinks he knows what he's doing." Scorpius said chopping up the last leaf for their potion. He nodded over to Adrien where he was carefully counting the number of chopped pieces of root. Rose rolled her eyes at his comment. "He should, considering the extensiveness of their Herbology department." Rose replied, smiling. Scorpius smiled in return.

Remembering that they had a task to finish, Rose looked back at the ingredients worriedly.

"What are we going to do?" Scorpius asked, not helping the situation.

"What I wouldn't do for a bezoar right now." Rose laughed at her joke. Scorpius chopped his chopping knife. "Be careful." He left where he was sitting and picked up Rose in a bone-crushing hug.

He released his death-like grip and took her shoulders in his hands. "Rose, you're a genius! A complete and utter genius!" And with that he sprinted off to the ingredients table. (albeit he was rather slow, considering they were already 20 minutes in to the potion affecting their body)

Rose ran after him. Hissing, "Scorpius! We really don't have time for this!" She could see the enirety of the judges table looking at the two strangely. They should have been well on their way towards finishing by now. Her father looked worried, and Scorpius' looked as if he had complete and total confidence in what his son was doing. Like father like son, she though to herself, considering the craziness that is the Malfoy family.

Scorpius seemed to be inspecting the table thoroughly. She still didn't fully understand what he was doing. There couldn't possibly be any bezoars on this table. One of the four contestants was bound to notice if there was, after all.

"Where could it be, where could it be?" Scorpius was muttering to himself now. That's it, Rose decided, He's gone crazy.

"Are you a wizard at all?" She asked him incredulously. "If you want to get something-oh it doesn't matter! It's not even here! Accio Bezoars!" She outstretched her hand. "See? I told you they're not-" She stopped. Unbelievably, two stones flew from somewhere in the table into her waiting hand. Her hand clasped around them as they almost fell out of her hand.

Her chest seemed to seize up as she and Scorpius screamed and ran into each other, hugging as they jumped up and down excitedly. The crowd was on their feet, the Hogwarts portion cheering wildly.

"Wait, wait, wait, wait!" Scorpius said rapidly. "It's not over yet. We have to actually swallow the stone."

"Scorpius my friend, I do believe you are the genius." Rose told him, before they both swallowed their bezoars, and a loud horn sounded. Above their table a large sign unfolded with a large "1" emblazoned on it.

Scorpius let out a big "whoop" which led the Hogwarts crowd to roar even louder. Rose could hear her Aunt Clara and her mother screaming above the rest of the crowd. "That's my daughter!" and "That's my neice!" seemed to be magnified ten times passed their normal speaking level.

She could see her Dad try to be as objective as possible, but winked and gave her a "thumbs up" anyway.

Rose, not to be outdone by Scorpius' influencing of the crowd, began a large rouse of "Scorpion! Scorpion! Scorpion!" Which other schools even participated in.

"I really hate that name." He muttered softly.

Rose patted him on the back encouragingly.

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