A Mid-Summer's Night Cream

"Harry come stay with me this summer please, please, please…" Hermione begged me.

"Oh alright but you know Dumbledore's rule I have to go to the Dursley's first." I replied.

"Oh alright! How about you come over in about a week we can come and pick you up. Right, mum? Right, Dad?

Three more days and I will be spending the rest of the summer with the girl of my dreams. Wait, she is only my friend and I can't be having thoughts about her like this. Why does she want me to come there? Did she ask Ron and Ginny? I don't think she did that might mean she likes me more than I thought she did. So now what do I do? I am still going to go there I guess I can ask her about it. Man, is that the time already? I can think about this… yawn… more in the morning…

Harry is coming to stay with me… I can't believe it. It is going to be so much fun. But, I still need to figure out if he likes me like I like him. Well, it will defiantly take a while. Oh, I got it. First I will… then this…last this… Yes, it is perfect he won't be able to resist. Now, I just have a few days until he comes, I have to prepare and set everything up. "Mum, Dad where are you?" I shouted as I ran out of my bedroom. "Down in the kitchen honey." Mum replied. "Oh… that smells good. Are you guys going to the conference in America this summer?" I asked as I sat down to have dinner with them. "Yes, why do you ask kiddo? Can you pass the salt?" Dad replied. "Uh… I was wondering since Harry is staying here, can the two of us stay here while you are in America, it is only three weeks…please?" I asked as I passed the salt across the table. My parents look at each other and had a silent deliberation between each other that they learned to do while being with each other for all the years. "Well… I don't see anything wrong with it. But, we will be leaving the hotel number and I want the two of you to call us every three days while we are gone. We will be back in plenty of to take the both of you to the train station for your seventh year at Hogwarts." Mum replied smiling. "Oh thank you so much and don't worry we will do everything that you tell us to do." I answered excitedly jumping up and hugging them.

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!!! The alarm clock read 7:00 AM. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom to take a shower. The night had been an interesting one, I kept having some very arousing dreams about this summer while I am at Hermione's place. This morning I woke up with the biggest boner I have had in the longest time. I tried a cold shower, but it didn't work. Slowly I rubbed my hands all over my slick stomach, twisting and pinching my nipples I let out a low moan. I glided my hands lower and lower then I wrapped my hands around my throbbing cock. Pumping slowly up and down, up and down moaning as I went faster and faster. I braced myself against the shower wall as I climaxed all over the shower walls and the shower floor with my loudest moan of all.

So that is all for now I hope you all like it please R & R. Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of its characters. I wish I did though.