A Mid-Summer's Night Cream

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"Harry I am going to go and take a bath." Hermione said giving me a kiss.

I pulled the note from her out of my pocket and cast the revealing charm and gasped at what appeared next on the note. I just kept staring at the parchment before I realized that what I was reading was true.

Dear Harry,

If you are reading this it means that the party is starting to come to a close. Anyway as you know I love you with all my heart and this has been one of the best summers ever. Getting your birthday presents this year was very difficult so I did the best I could. I hope you like it.

Forever yours,

Hermione Jane Granger

To get the rest of your birthday present I want you to come upstairs and remove all of your cloths and join me in this steaming HOT bath where you can wash every inch of my body.

As I finished reading I held back a groan and before I could stand I thought of Dudley naked doing jumping jacks. That thought worked tremendously. I looked down at the parchment and to my surprise words were still appearing.

After we are done in the bath I have some plans for the both of us for the rest of the night.

I finished reading as I pictured the look on Hermione's face as she wrote this because she knew she would be torturing me.

I slowly ascended the stairs and walked into mine and Hermione's bathroom to see a completely naked Hermione sitting in a steaming hot bath looking at me expectantly.

"Are you just going to stand there and stare at me or are you going to strip down and join me?" Hermione asked giggling.

"What if I just wanted to stand here and stare, what would you do about that?" I countered smirking as my pants were starting to become increasingly tight and uncomfortable.

"Well we will have to see about that." Hermione said reaching for her wand.

"Ok I'm coming did you think I would pass this up love. You know that I love you and that I would do anything to make you happy." I said taking off my cloths and stepping into the hot bath.

Harry sank down behind me in the tub and pulled me tight up against him and started kissing my neck and shoulders.

"Oh Harry, that feels nice." I moaned airily.

"Oh really then this will drive you crazy love." Harry stated and before I knew it he slowly started caressing my body moving his hands from my stomach where they had been and up to my breasts.

He was squeezing, pinching, now sucking on my breasts and boy did it feel good. He then started tracing his hands slowly down my body lower and lower along my smooth legs and toward the area that I wanted for later that night.

"Harry come on let's get out this surprise is not over. I plan for it to last ALL…NIGHT…LONG." I said seductively winking at him as an afterthought.

I got out and wrapped my towel around me and headed for the door. Next thing I knew…

"HARRY. Put me down right this minute." I shouted while holding back the laughter.

"Why should I do that? I am quite enjoying the leverage I have over you right now."Harry smirked as I felt his growing erection poke me in the butt.

"Then if you are going to be like that. Where do you want to be?" I asked suggestively.

"Ughh…Hermione you are going to make me cum a whole lot sooner than both of us want." I said walking toward her bedroom.

I pushed open the door and almost dropped Hermione on the spot. There were candles lit everywhere, the lights were dimmed, and there was romantic music playing softly.

"Hermione this is amazing." I said setting her on the bed.

I removed her towel and I looked her over for the first time. I looked at her chocolate brown eyes, to her kissable lips, then her plump round breasts, down her flat stomach to the mass of brown curls shielding her center from my eyes, and last down her shapely legs. She is beautiful. She is perfect.

"Hermione you are perfect and I mean it." I stated.

She stood up and walked over to me and kissed me passionately. Her tongue licked my lips and I gave her access immediately.

I have to remember to thank Victor Krum he sure taught her how to kiss.

She backed me slowly to the bed and then I was laying on it with her on top of me. She ground herself against my already hard cock the only thing keeping us apart was my towel.

"Mmm…this is amazing."I said and before I knew what was happening my arms were tied above me and my legs were tied to the bottom bedposts.

"Hermione, wha…what are you doing?"I asked confused and annoyed that she stopped her assault on my mouth.

"You will see in time Harry, just hold your hippogriffs."Hermione replied pulling my towel off of me.

Throwing the towel to the floor I kissed him on the lips then his chin, his neck then I sucked on his nipples for a little bit giving each of them a small nip before continuing my journey. I licked my way down his washboard stomach.

"Thank god for quidditch." I whispered.

"What was that, did you just say 'Thank god for quidditch.', Hermione?" Harry asked smirking at me from below.

To avoid the question I grabbed his rock hard cock and did a few quick pumps to make him forget.

"Mmmm…don't…stop." Harry panted.

Instead of heeding his request I continued my journey with my mouth. Stopping just before my destination I debated if I really wanted to do what I was about to do. Then I proceeded wrapping my mouth around his perfect, throbbing erection. Experimenting I flicked my tongue over the tip a few times and I received a rewarding groan from Harry. Then I wrapped my whole mouth around his cock and took in as much as I could, I bobbed back in forth slowly at first then gradually got faster and faster and faster. I started humming to myself as I made him happy.

"Hermione…I'm…gonna…cum…"Harry shouted as he shot his load into my mouth.

"Mmm…that tastes good." I said crawling back up his body and kissing him passionately.

I released his bonds as he was coming down from his orgasm. Lying on his chest kissing him once in a while as he regained his composure I started to slowly stroke his flaccid cock.

"Now wait just one minute it is your turn now love." Harry said grabbing me by the shoulders and flipping me over onto my back.

"Is it now?" I asked jokingly.

I started sucking on her nipple and was teasing the other one with my fingers. Then I switched and then started my journey down. I skipped over her womanhood which made her groan.

"What's wrong love did I disappoint you?" I asked smiling at her from my spot between her legs.

"Ye…mmmm."Hermione tried to answer as I flicked my finger against her clit.

I started rubbing slow circles against her clit preparing her. I then made my hand the shape of a gun and inserted my pointer finger in her soaking wet core but I stopped myself almost immediately.

"Ah…Hermione…are you a virgin?" I asked.

"Yeah I am I wanted to save it for the right time and right person, and now I have him." She replied blushing the color of Ron's hair.

"That is ok I will take it slow. Accio Dildo." I told her then using wandless magic.

A dildo came flying into my hand from Hermione's bedside cabinet. I kept pushing my finger in and out of her making sure she was completely ready. When she was I placed the dildo at her entrance and slowly started pushing it into her.

"Ahhhhhhh…No Harry don't stop. Pain is only temporary my love for you will last forever." Hermione answered me spreading her legs a little wider to allow me to push the dildo farther inside her.

I pushed it in as far as it would go and then held it steady for a little while. I pulled it out almost all the way then I pushed it back in slowly, I repeated this for a while with each push in I got steadily faster. When I could tell by the look on her face that she was going to come soon I pulled the dildo out and put my face in its place. I then tongue fucked her and rubbed her clit with my nose until she squirted her hot juices into my mouth with a loud scream.

"Hermione are you ok, I didn't hurt you, did I." I asked rubbing her stomach.

"No Harry, you didn't hurt me, it was wonderful." She replied.

We then both feel asleep wrapped in each other's arms.

I was awoken by the best feeling in the world and I didn't know why I was so damn hard. I slowly opened my eyes and looked down at my crotch to see Hermione head bobbing back and forth over my now rock hard cock.

I let out a low groan to get her attention she looked up at me innocently.

"Oh so now you are innocent I highly doubt that. Wait no I know that." I said smiling down at her. For that comment she nipped my dick playfully.

"So are you ready for round two?" She asked getting up and grinding her already wet pussy against my dick.

Letting out another groan I flipped her onto her back and started kissing any part of her body that I could reach. She was groaning and squirming underneath me and I continued my ministrations.

"Harry…Harry…take me…Oh Harry…please…make…love to me." She begged and whined.

"Hermione, are you…are you sure?" I asked hoping with all hope that she was because I had been waiting for this for as long as I can remember.

"Yes now, just do it." She replied sternly.

Harry using wandless magic preformed the contraceptive charm and put a condom on. I grabbed his cock and positioned him at my entrance.

"Hermione, I love you and I always will. This will hurt, but I don't mean to hurt you I will take it slow until you say it is ok." Harry said placing his lips against mine as he started to enter.

Damn he wasn't lying. I thought that the dildo hurt this was far worse compared to it. He kept kissing me as a tear leaked out my eye. When he was finally in all the way he steadied himself and didn't move.

"Ok Harry go ahead." I said and the next second he was pulling out slowly and then thrusted back in just as slow.

He just kept thrusting in and out slowly getting faster with each thrust. I found his rhythm and I matched him thrust for thrust and groan for groan. Then we both came at the same time with such force we both collapsed breathing heavily.

"Her…mi…one…that…was…amazing." Harry panted

"Yea it was. Harry, I love you."I said right before I feel into a dreamless sleep protected in the arms of the man I love.

I hope you all liked it sorry it took me so long. There won't be any updates for a while because I have finales next week then I have a whole month off so I will update then. R &R