The Clue

Hinata was a vampire thanks to her deceased mother who passed on the trait to her since she was the first born. Her father disliked Hinata because she looked like the woman he loved and worse, she now had the same vampire blood in her.

Vampires were only supposed to give birth once for the sake of an heir or heiress but Hiashi wanted a boy to carry his name, so Hinata's mother tried to give him a son instead, dying during birth. As irony would have it, Hiashi never got the son he wanted, instead, he was the father of another girl, Hanabi.

Only the Hyuga family knew of Hinata's secret and were sworn by Hiashi to never speak of it outside of the Hyuga compound.

For years Hinata's thirst had been dormant, but on her sixteenth birthday, which was during the summer, awakened. She had not bitten anyone yet because her thirst was faint and so she bit her tongue to satisfy herself.

Hinata woke with a start, drenched in sweat. Even after her birthday, she had not gotten used to waking up at the crack of dawn. A lot of changes had taken place since the day she thought was supposed to be the best day of her sweet year. Hinata could no longer sleep after dawn no matter what time she went to sleep at night, she could no longer eat food because it tasted like sand so she was left to only drink liquids.

Speaking of liquids, Hinata reached to her left to get the glass of water on the small table next to her bed. Then she threw the covers off herself and trudged to the bathroom to take her early shower. She watched her self in the mirror over the sink as she undressed, seeing how much her body had changed since she turned sixteen.

She had changed so much she could hardly recognize the person in the reflection. Staring at her naked body she saw curves in places she never though possible. Her face looked the same however, just a bit more mature. Hinata confirmed to herself , 'I am truly a different person now.' She did not even stutter anymore, although she was still shy.


After taking a shower, Hinata came out of the bathroom, toweled off and got dressed for her first day of school. To tell the truth, she was quite sure no one would recognize her anymore, seeing she barely could herself. Hinata sighed. She really missed all her friends and had not seen them since school was out because she was traveling with her father, her close cousin Neji, and Hanabi.

Neji was her deceased uncle's son and Hiashi had taken the boy as his own, seeing he always wanted a son anyways.


Hinata went downstairs to get some juice. On her way there she accidentally bumped into Neji, who was on his way to the kitchen as well.

"I guess I got used to your morning schedule over the summer," said Neji, giving Hinata a small smile.

"Sorry about that again, Neji," said Hinata, looking down at her feet. "I must have been a pest waking up so early in the morning with all those mood swings at first,"

Neji grabbed Hinata's arm and pushed her into the kitchen. "Nah, I know you have your reasons. Just don't try to bite me as an experiment anymore. I barely got you off last time."

Shortly after, Hanabi joined them and soon enough- well as soon as three hours can pass- they were heading through the door to go to Konoha High.


Neji went to park the Porsche while Hinata and Hanabi walked through the entrance, walking slowly so he could catch up. The school had not changed at all, except for the fact that various trees were now taller and the corridors were now a very pale green.

Hinata was just happy to be back to see her friends again.

While walking through the hallways, she noticed how everyone was stopping in their tracks just to watch the trio walk by. It was true that they were Hyugas which meant they were of the best looking among the school, but Neji usually got all the attention so she hoped no one noticed her. Hanabi had long since gone now with her own friends, so it was just Neji and herself.

"Are you sure you're okay enough to come to school?" asked Neji as they walked closer to their classroom. "You haven't had any swings since last half moon right?"

"No, I'm alright until the next few weeks unless something triggers the thirst," replied Hinata.

With that, they walked through the door to their classroom and saw their friends talking and laughing as usual. Ino was the first person to see them.

"Hey! Hina-Chan what's -" Ino stopped in her tracks to hug Hinata as soon as she saw her clearly now she was up close. Ino eyed Hinata up and down, then looked back at the others, namely Sakura, Lee, Tenten , Shikamaru, Kiba, Chouji, Naruto, Sasuke, Shino, and the Sabaku siblings. They had now seen Hinata and saw why Ino had stopped short. Suddenly, everyone was crowding Hinata and bombarding her with questions all at once. ' Oh great, they noticed how I've changed.'

"Hinata what's happened to you?"

"Well um-"

"Whoa, Hinata you look hot!"

"Well um-"





" My Kami, give the girl space-"

At this everyone stopped talking to look at Neji. Tenten was the one to ask.

"Neji you were with Hinata all this time, she looks so different," she said.

Neji looked at Hinata, who looked down at her feet and sighed. "It's just…nature that took over this summer that's all. She doesn't look that different to me."

"It's only obvious, you were with her the whole time so you won't notice," said Sakura, who had a hint of jealousy in her voice because Hinata was getting all the attention. The others agreed. This time Hinata spoke for herself, feeling annoyed that everyone could see through the change .

"Look, it's nothing. I just went through some slight changes that's all," she said to be cut off by Temari.

"Slight? You're not even stuttering anymore," said Temari. "You have bigger Chas than I do now."

With that Hinata looked down at her chest, then looked at Temari's. Indeed they were bigger. Then she glanced at the others, finally at Naruto and Kiba who were sniffing loudly. ' At least they look at me now.' she thought, then shook her head slightly, not wanting them to look at her just because her Chas had developed.

Finally the bell rang and everyone took their seats from last time they were there since classes remained put until the students graduated. Hinata was seated to Kiba on her left, some random new boy on her right, Ino in front and Sasuke behind her. The others were scattered over the classroom.

Hinata leaned a little to the right so she could see Naruto and Chouji talking loudly. She was mainly looking at Naruto though. Chouji was with Ino. Hinata sighed. ' I bet he won't think I look so hot if he found out what I am.'

The day passed as smoothly as possible, what with Chouji trying to eat chips in class, Shikamaru sleeping, Sakura winking at the new boy every chance she got, among other things. Lunch time went quickly as well since everyone was having fun throwing food around which started with Naruto tripping on his way to his seat and spilling ramen all over Kiba who threw a cupcake at Naruto but it missed and smacked Sakura in the face. From there the food fight started leaving a few smart students clean, who exited the canteen. It was then Hinata met Sai, the new student who sat next to her in class.


The class was in a riot of laughter as Kakashi-sensai read from his Icha Icha novel for the literature class. Somehow, Kakashi-sensai thought the book was compulsory for future life instead of dwelling on the old scrolls of Konoha. It was the last period of school now and Hinata could not wait to go home. Everyone was staring her down from the first minute she stepped her foot in the place. Not only that, her thirst was itching more than usual. She figured the reason was because of all the people around.

Finally the bell rang, announcing the end of school. Hinata packed her bag and walked towards the door, where Ino and some of the others were waiting so they could go to their lockers to pack in extra books. Their lockers were right next to the supplies closets and the water cooler.

No one used that water cooler though because it spouted the drinker with ice cold water every time. Of course, Naruto was drenched a few times before the school got the hint.

There was mad rush for the leave of school for the day so everyone was in a rush. Hinata was no exception, because her thirst was itching a lot from the time she got into class that morning. ' Maybe someone is triggering it.'

Sasuke's locker was right next to Hinata's. Somehow, her thirst was itching like crazy when he stood up beside her but she just bit her tongue and ignored it. Later, everyone parted ways and Hinata, Hanabi and Neji were on their way home in Neji's Porsche which was a beautiful silver car.


When Hinata got home, she went straight to her room and turned on her PC.

She absolutely adored the thing and treated it as though it was her best friend. She signed in to msn as one of her many sign-in names which was candyapple7. Some of her friends were online so she chatted with a few.


poolsofblue69: hey grl, sup? (Ino)

candyapple7 : gd. Ain't got hw so that's a + 4 me.

poolsofblue69: I hear ya. OOoOoh.. guess who just signed on.

candyapple7 : naruto-kun?

poolsogblue69: nope, Sasuke-kun, but he's on 'do not disturb'

candyapple7 : oh. well I'm goin to wait until naruto-kun signs on.

poolsofblue69 : maybe you should just give up on him, Hina. He's butt foolish behind sakura. Y don't u go for the new boy? I saw him lookin u 2day. Just get him before fore-head girl tries to bang him. Lol

candyapple7 : he's cute but…doesn't he ever smile? Even Sasuke twitches sometimes.

poolsofblue69 : yea well…oh no! I just remembered my mom wants me to watch the flower shop this evening, so I g2g. Take up some courage and tell naruto who u r. u can't hide behind a sign-in name 4eva. Bye!

poolsofblue69 : SIGNED OUT

And so Hinata waited, and waited, and waited some more until she heard the familiar beep of someone signing in and sure enough it was Naruto as orangepink96. Of course Hinata knew what the name meant. Naruto and Sakura. She sighed but said hello anyways.



candyapple7 : hi

Sasuke looked at the Pc screen as soon as he was alerted. He had decided to stay at Naruto's until the maids cleaned his house. He had been away over the vacation and had given the maids and other staff time off as well. He didn't want to see them digging through his belongings so he just stayed at his 'friend's' house for the night.

" Naruto, you have a message from apparently some girl," said Sasuke, looking around. He heard the shower running so assumed Naruto was busy. Sasuke just decided to answer until Naruto came out. He twitched when he saw Naruto's sign-in name.

orangepink96 : hey

candyapple7 : um…so how r u?

orangepink96 : I'm gd. Just eating some ramen, yum yum. ' I can't believe I just said that.'

candyapple7 : lol, well I hope u're enjoying it.

orangepink96 : yea. Well um, ' What would the dobe say?' wat's ur name?

candyapple7 : I can't tell you that yet….I'm a bit shy.

orangepink96 : common I'm not close enough to bite u. ' What the hell did I just say?'

candyapple7 : um…how about I give you clues? One each day.

orangepink96 : sure. ' I have nothing better to do at the moment. Plus she seems to like Naruto, so she can't be a slutty fan girl.'

candyapple7 : kk. The 1st clue is…um… ' two down, one left.'

orangepink96 : ok. ' WTF! Even I don't know what the frig that means. Damn she's good.'

At that moment, Naruto came through the bathroom door with a towel around his waist. Sasuke threw a book at him.

"Put on clothes, dobe. No one wants to see your scrawny ass," said Sasuke, looking back at the screen.

" Who are you talking to? On MY account?" asked Naruto, coming to look at the screen. " Hey that's some random chick who has been talking to me before the summer."

Sasuke just shoved Naruto and wrote down the clue. ' Better find out who this "random chick" is. She seems too smart for the idiot.' Then he typed in his last message.

candyapple7 : u there?

orangepink96 : yea. I g2g, k?

candyapple7 : k bye

candyapple7 : SIGNED OUT

Sasuke was surprised to say the least. It seemed the girl only wanted to talk to Naruto and stayed for the small conversation. ' I wonder who she is?'

Naruto said he wanted to play PC games so Sasuke let him, after a quarrel of course. Sasuke thought it was a waste of time playing games on a computer unless they were worth while. The thing is, Naruto only played food games, like Diner Dash and Cake Mania.

After Sasuke had his shower as well, he changed Naruto's sheets on which he would be sleeping on.

" You know, dobe," said Sasuke calmly as he was putting a pillow case on one of the pillows. " Would it hurt to change your musty sheets once a week?"

Naruto looked at him annoyed. " I don't have maids like you do, so I prefer to change them once every two weeks, live with it."

Sasuke smirked. Maybe someday he'd ask Naruto to come live at his mansion to save arguments like this. Having a big mansion with no one to share it with was not as exciting as some may think. Maybe he would be a good friend someday…maybe not. Who knows?


The night passed with Naruto shouting at the PC and Sasuke staring at a certain piece of paper with a clue he had been given not too long ago by a mysterious girl. He could not figure out if it was literally suggestive or figuratively. ' Does it mean she's already given two clues and there's only one more to go? Is it a combination of some sort? WTF this girl is damn good at this.'

But as we all know, Sasuke Uchiha doesn't give up….

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