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Chapter 1

Harry winced as the cut on the back of his hand began to bleed openly. Professor Umbridge watched him closely as he began to write 'I must not tell lies', on a piece of parchment.

"Well, how do we feel tonight, sweetie? Do you still feel that idiotic urge to tell lies?"

Harry ignored her, glaring down at the piece of parchment that was being written on with his own blood.

"Hmm? Didn't you hear me?" She gripped his wrist tightly with her sausage-like fingers. "Don't ignore me you impudent brat!"

Harry glared up at her, gritting out through clenched teeth, "I have not felt that urge because I have not been telling lies!"

Umbridge stood up to her full 4'7'' height, smiling. "Well then, why don't we add another week to your detentions?"

Harry snorted, ignoring her and continuing to write. He felt light-headed and tired but he wouldn't give her the satisfaction of seeing his weakness.

Three hours later Harry stumbled out of the classroom, making his way towards Gryffindor Tower. He had to cling to the wall to even stay upright.

He was only a hall away from freedom when a voice stopped him in his tracks.

"Where are you slipping off to now, Mr. Potter?"

Professor Snape walked in front of him, blocking his path. Harry stumbled away from the wall, moving to get past him, when cold fingers wrapped around his bleeding hand.

"Have you got some emotional problems we need to work out, Potter? We can't have our Golden Boy taking an easy way out, you see."

Harry glanced up at the cold onyx eyes of his professor, mumbling, "I was in detention, sir..."

Snape arched an eyebrow, "Detention? With whom at 1 in the morning?"

"With me." Umbridge appeared from around the corner, giving them a toad-like smile. "You forgot something sweetie..." She handed him and essay that was to be turned in to Professor Snape the very same day.

He took it from her, staring down at it in shock, "What the bloody hell did you do to it?! I had just finished it when I arrived last night!"

Professor Snape's grip on Harry's wrist tightened slightly in warning, "If I may interrupt-"

Umbridge smiled slightly at Harry, totally ignoring the other man. "You don't look too well, Harry, maybe I should accompany you to your dorm?"

Harry tensed, pulling his hand away, making his way as quickly as he could down the hall, "M'fine...gotta work on essay again..."

Snape turned, following Harry. "Potter!"

The boy ignored him, a headache now pounding in his head. He reached the Fat Lady portrait, shouting the password.


The Fat Lady groaned, swinging open in response and mumbling grumpily about curfew. Harry scrambled inside, turning to watch as the portrait closed in Snape's face.

Harry awoke the next morning to Ron's constant nudging of his head. "C'mon mate, we were supposed to be in the Great Hall 15 minutes ago!"

Harry groaned stumbling out of his four-poster bed, throwing on a fresh pair of clothing and his glasses before running into the bathroom after Ron. They washed up quickly, running down into the Common Room and out the portrait.

Harry held his breath opening the great oak doors to the Great Hall, noticing the room become deathly silent as they made their way to their seats between Hermione and Dean. Ron sat down and began piling food onto his empty plate, and then scarfing it down. Harry yawned loudly, moving his plate out of the way and laying his head down onto the cool wood.

Hermione stared worriedly at Harry, noticing that he looked visibly paler than yesterday and that he hadn't had a decent meal in days. "Harry?" She went unnoticed.

Conversation started up again as if nothing had happened, Hermione noticing the glove on his right hand that wasn't there yesterday. 'Maybe he's sick...' She then noticed that his left hand wasn't covered with a glove. She gulped, gathering all her might and started nudging him on his shoulder, trying to arouse the teen. "Hey, Harry?"

The boy shot up, looking around before looking back at Hermione, "Huh? Yeah, what's up?"

She smiled slightly, "Are you okay, Harry? You aren't looking so well and you're not eating properly..."

Harry sighed; glancing at his gloved hand, then back up at her, "I'm fine, just tired, I had detention with the fat toad again last night 'till 1 in the morning-"

Ron coughed and gagged next to him, " 1 in the morning?! You left at 10:00 last night so...", He looked up, counting in his head, "That would be uh..."

"Three hours, Ron." Hermione giggled.

Ron pouted, "I almost had it, it was the bloody ham that distracted me."

Harry felt a wave of nausea hit and he clutched his stomach, groaning. 'I so don't need this right now...'

He felt his throat tighten as he scrambled out of his seat and through the oak doors, hearing Ron and Hermione yell behind him, "HARRY?!"

He ran all the way to Moaning Myrtle's bathroom, collapsing in front of a toilet, and puking his brains out.

He rolled over, wiping his mouth onto his sleeve, thinking, 'Bloody hell, now I'm even losing blood through my stomach.'

He sat there for a couple of minutes willing himself to get up and go back to the Great Hall, or if not there, then to Double Potions with Snape.

He clutched the side of the toilet seat and hoisted himself to his feet, "Shit..." His vision blurred.

He heard his fellow students filing out of the Great Hall and towards their separate classes. He opened the door to the hall slowly, peeking around to see if anyone was there. He rushed out when the coast was clear, willing himself to get down to the dungeons without collapsing.

He mingled in with the rush of students, trying to keep up with their hurried pace. He stumbled into Snape's classroom right as the late bell rang.

"Mr. Potter, late again for the 3rd time this week. Do you find my class so unbearably boring that you cannot find it within your best interests to get here on time?" He watched as the brunette practically collapsed into his seat next to the red-head.

He heard the teen mumble, "No, sir...", although he had to strain slightly to hear him.

Harry rested his forehead against the table, trying to get rid of the pounding going through his head, 'Got to pull through! I cannot show weakness in front of him...'

Snape watched as the boy sat up, staring at him with tired but determined green eyes. "Alright, you ingrates! Today we will be making the Veritaserum potion, if made correctly...," He gave a sidelong glance towards Neville, "what can this potion accomplish?"

Hermione raised her hand bouncing in her seat slightly. Snape ignored her, instead opting to call on the boy who seemed to be staring at him in a daze.

"Mr. Potter?"

The boy jumped, looking around then staring at him confused, "Huh?"

Snape shook his head as his Slytherin's snickered happily. "No, Potter, the answer isn't 'huh', 20 points from Gryffindor."

Harry slouched in his seat, feeling pathetic. The door to the classroom opened and Professor Umbridge walked in, looking around. "Ah! Potter dear, I need you to come with me please."

Harry visibly paled, he looked pathetically ghostly. Snape walked over standing between the two, "May I ask why you are disrupting my class, High Inquisitor?" He said the name mockingly, not bothering to hide the look of irritation in his eyes.

Professor Umbridge sniffed reproachfully, "Unfortunately, that is none of your business, now," She moved past him, tugging on Harry's arm, "Let's go."

Snape's anger flared at being ignored twice by that 'woman', he stepped between them and forcibly removed her grip on the teen, "Unfortunately, since he is in my class it is my business to know where and why he needs to go somewhere."

Professor Umbridge sweet demeanor vanished instantly at being touched, "If you keep pestering me Professor Snape, I will personally send word to the Minister of Magic about your lack of cooperation, half-breed filth..." Her voice was laced with venom, Snape stepping back in shock.

Snape's discomfort only fueled her fire, "Heh, don't think you can hide your stench from me, you ugly disgusting-"

"Shut up!" A chair flew, hitting the wall.

Both Snape and Umbridge looked back in shock. Harry was teetering on his feet, but the pure hatred shining in his vibrant green eyes would have frozen people where they stood. He stalked up to her inwardly grinning at the pinprick of fear in her eyes.

He got right into her face, seething, "You may make my life hell, torture, weaken me, you can even kill me, but there is no way in bloody HELL will you try and hurt the people I care about!"

He grabbed her by the collar of her ugly pink dress, pulling her so close to his face that their noses touched, never breaking eye contact, he whispered icily, "You understand me, you fat bitch?!"

Umbridge pulled away from him, fixing her collar, disgruntled. She smiled her evilly twisted smile, "I can't wait to see you in detention, Harry..." She turned and walked out of the classroom, the door slamming shut behind her.

He glared at the door, before turning around to meet the frightened stares of his classmates; even Malfoy who had his mouth hung open was silent. He glanced up at his teacher, who seemed to be frozen as well. He sighed, "I'm sorry professor...I didn't mean to do all that..."

He seemed to have come to a conclusion and he looked at Snape determined, "What's my punishment?"

An unknown emotion flickered through those usually distant and cold eyes, "Detention, for breaking my chair."

Ron stood up shouting, "You're giving him detention?! He just stood up to you and you're punishing him, you ungrateful-"

Harry, stumbling over, grabbed Ron's arm tightly, "It's ok, I deserve it, I…"

Ron pulled away, "No! It's not ok! What is going on with you lately, Harry? You don't eat, you are always serving detention with that fat toad, you are obviously sick, why haven't you told us what is going on?!"

Hermione sighed getting up and standing besides Ron, "He has a point Harry…"

Harry shook his head, his patience worn thin and suddenly he felt something inside him snap and the room started to spin and he clutched his head as vertigo took him over.



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Well, this is my first Snarry fic ever. I hope that I totally didn't ruin J.K Rowling's characters by writing this. I love reviews and will be extremely overjoyed to see what people think about this story!