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Chapter 10

The Chamber of Secrets glowed eerily in the fluorescent light. The Basilisk Fountain sending ripples of light to reflect off of the damp ceiling and walls. Footsteps and breathing reverberated off of the walls and into the many dark tunnels that intertwined around the large central chamber.

Umbridge waddled her way over into the large chamber, snickering maniacally at the pure distress the younger male was feeling across the room. Oh, was revenge so sweet.

The DADA teacher had finally freed herself from the Potion's Master's spell, waiting for the right moment to strike and return the favor. It seemed luck was on her side when that stupid pawn of hers' decided to wander out into the living room unguarded. She instantly subdued him and transfigured a club out of one of the armchairs in the room, giving the young boy orders to knock Snape unconscious and take them someplace close where no one would find them so that they could finish the job.

The pudgy toad had then proceeded to knock over a nightstand, drawing the older male out of the bathroom and into her clutches.

Just as she had figured, the half-breed freak had come running to Potter's aid only to be defeated by her well-placed and much more superior stunning spell and little helper. Snape had never seen it coming, or, for that matter, believed that Harry would actually harm him. The look on that man's pale face was priceless.

She stepped into the grand chamber where the dead basilisk corpse lay slain in the pool of water. Snape was bound, hand and feet to the floor in front of the small pool, slowly regaining consciousness. Harry sat next to him, heartbroken and crying. She smirked, "Harry, m'dear. Come here please." She motioned with her hand for him to come.

Harry's red eyes stared at her in pain, the will to obey her and his stubbornness to leave the dark-haired wizard battling it out in his mind. Finally he gave up fighting and made his way over to her and bowed his head slightly, "Mistress?" he whispered.

She gripped his chin, "What are your feelings for that freak? Hmm?" She asked sweetly, a deathly glint in her eyes.

Harry spared a surreptitious glance in the man's direction, "I despise him, mistress. That is what you told me to feel." He stated firmly. Her grip tightened on his face and he flinched,

"Then pray tell why you are crying for a man you despise?" She hissed, shoving him away hard with her free hand. He landed on the ground and winced as pain erupted suddenly in his chest, hugging himself tightly,

"Mistress?" He asked, confused with her question.

"When that freak wakes up I want you to tell him how much you hate him. I want you to tell him how everything you've felt for him was all a ruse. That you feel nothing for him and then, I want you to kill him." She ordered, silently reveling in the look of absolute pain in his eyes. She turned and laughed maniacally, "Once both of you are out of the way I will take over Hogwarts and run it for dear Minister Fudge as he sees fit. We will dispose of Dumbledore soon after that and then there will be no chance of someone taking away mine or Fudge's power. We will rule over the wizarding world for as long as we live!" She cackled, totally insane. The pink clad toad noticed Snape shifting and waking up and ordered Harry to stay there for a moment as she walked over to greet the lanky Potions' Master.

Snape groaned, wavering as extreme pain erupted on the side of his head. He tried to remember what had happened previously but his mind failed to present any useful memories to help him out. Snape spotted the trademark pink dress and grimaced, moving to get up when he finally realized that his hands were bound to the floor. He paled. This was bad, real bad. Snape heard footsteps approaching and raised his head to stare defiantly at the evil wench herself, "Release me, Umbridge. You have no chance of success. We know what you have been doing to Harry. We have proof. Even if you torture me I will not keep quiet about your activities here at Hogwarts." He threatened, trying to think on his toes.

She laughed and backhanded him across his cheek, "I will not tolerate such insolence from something like you, Snape. You have nothing on me and plus, I've already won. Your precious Headmaster is under my control now and it's all because of your little faggot." She smiled, "He's used you from the beginning, just as I told him to." Umbridge strolled around him lazily, "…You really didn't think he actually loved you, did you? Something as screwed up and twisted as yourself, do you really think you deserve the love of anything? Haha, and him! He's just about as stupid as a doorknob! It was so easy, let me tell you, to get him under my control." She paused and leaned down close to his ear, "You should have heard his screams…absolutely delightful." Umbridge whispered, cackling when Snape pulled away before straightening and continuing her stroll, "He'd do anything I said! Anything! Just name it and he'd stumble off to get it done. So I told him to love you, love you and use you to get to Dumbledore. Stupid fag, you're the reason he's like this you know. You and that disgusting kiss. You tainted him, you made him vulnerable! You…" Her face was all contorted now and she was breathing harshly from her shouting, she paused where she stood and schooled her facial features, replacing the look of insanity with one of her fake, innocent smiles,

"Sorry, I seem to have lost my composure for a second there." She nudged his cheek with her wand, "Well? Anything you want to say?"

Snape sat stock still, not making a sound. No matter what she did, he wouldn't give her the satisfaction of letting her think she got to him. The wizard noticed Harry sitting off, alone, across the room and felt his heart clench as he saw the young man trying to hold in his tears. Were they tears because what the toad said was actually true? Or just from the severity from which she spoke to him? Either way, no matter how this ended for him, he never wanted Harry to have to cry so much ever again. He would make sure of it.

Umbridge noticed his stray glance behind her and motioned with her hands for Harry to approach them.

The teen made his way over to them nervously, unsure of what to do with himself. When he was in range, Umbridge gripped his shoulder tightly and dragged him the rest of the way, Snape glaring at her when Harry whimpered, "Now, my faithful little pet. Tell him the truth."

Harry stared at the ground near his feet, unable to even look either of them in the eyes, "I…I hate you…I …I …I never…loved you…I just needed…to use you… I-" He couldn't hold it in and broke down again while tears fell from his eyes onto the damp ground.

Snape smirked before he smiled at him, "It's alright, Potter. I know the truth now. I knew it back then at Christmas too, even though I wanted to deny it. I know how you truly feel for me. You don't need to cry anymore." He stated reassuringly and as an afterthought he added, "and I…I guess I loved you as well back then."

Harry's head shot up and he stared at Snape, shocked. There was an odd feeling in the space where his heart should have been and he felt more tears slide down his face, but this time out of happiness more so than sadness.

Umbridge glared at the two of them, shocked and enraged. This wasn't what was supposed to happen! They were supposed to be heartbroken and hating each other by now! They weren't supposed to confess their disgusting love for each other! Hate! That's what she wanted them to feel, hate towards each other for the lies she helped to create. She let out an undignified snarl and summoned the club from before to her outstretched hand, "Since you love the fag so much, you disgusting freak, I'll let you kill him now right after he's confessed to you! Hate him, Harry! Kill your most hated enemy!" She screeched, spittle flying out of her mouth as she shoved the chunk of wood practically into his hands.

Snape stared at Harry as he shockingly took the club out of the toads' pudgy hand and hefted it around wobbly. He looked over at Snape's pale face and clenched his jaw, "Mistress…please…" He stared at her pleadingly, begging her to not make him do something like this.

Umbridge slapped him hard across his face, "You will kill him! You will kill the person you hate the most! I am your master and you must obey my command!"

Harry shook his head, "No…no…I don't want to…!" He whispered, voice gaining in strength as he spoke.

Snape spoke up then, "Harry, put down the club. Harry, do it for me."

"Harry! Listen to me! I command you to kill! Kill!" Umbridge screeched.

"Harry, don't."

"Do it already! You are not allowed to defy me!"


Harry looked back and forth mind scrambling to figure out what he was going to do. All the shouting was driving him insane.

"GODAMNIT, BOY. KILL YOUR ENEMY!" Umbridge shouted once again.

Harry screamed and raised the club swinging out to collide with bone and flesh.

The next thing Harry remembered was waking up alone in the Hospital Wing, body bandaged nearly completely from head to toe in white wrap. His chest felt unusually heavy but light at the same time and he struggled into a sitting position, squinting his glasses-free eyes at the person that appeared before him, "Madame Pomfrey?" He guessed, taking in the person's blurry outfit.

"Correct my dear. How are you feeling? You have been unconscious for nearly three weeks!" She handed him an object and he took it from her gingerly, instantly recognizing the feel of his glasses. Harry fixed his glasses onto his nose and smiled at Poppy,

"Thank you, but…um, what am I doing here? I really don't recall much." He stated sadly.

Pomfrey sighed and shook her head, magicking over a chair for her to sit in, "That is perfectly alright Harry. What is the last thing you remember?" she questioned.

Harry let his head fall forward and thought, willing himself to remember, "I remember…I remember leading Umbridge and Severus down into the Chamber of Secrets but then…nothing." His eyes widened and his head shot up, "What happened?! What happened to them?! Are they alright? Is Snape…?" He couldn't possibly state what had popped into his mind.

Pomfrey reached over and grasped his shaking hand, "Calm yourself dear, they are both alright. Well, one of them at least but both are alive. Now, let me fetch the Headmaster and your friends. They have been dying to talk to you for quite some time now." She smiled and nodded as she rose and left his sight.

Harry sighed and ran a bandaged hand over his face. Something felt off to him. He felt off.

Before Harry could investigate the matter further, loud footsteps could be heard approaching the Hospital Wing. He jolted when the doors flew open and red and brunette hair suddenly exploded into his line of sight.

Ron and Hermione were all over him at once, crying and hugging him as tightly as they could. He gasped for air as he tried to pat them gently, "Whoa, Whoa, calm down you guys." He groaned as they hugged him tighter.

"I can't believe you're alright, Harry! Oh, we were so worried!"

"You feeling alright, mate? You sure took one hell of a beating when we fixed you up!" Ron stated.

Harry stared at them confused, "What are you talking about?"

The two Gryffindor's glanced at each other before Hermione spoke slowly, "How much…do you actually remember, Harry?"

A hand reached out and gripped Hermione's and Ron's shoulders, Dumbledore's face appearing behind them, "Now, now. Let's not overload him with too much information all at once." He smiled at Harry, "We shall discuss previous events at another time."

"No, please sir. Tell me what happened!" Harry pleaded, "Did I kill Snape? Did I hurt him?!" A flaring pain erupted in his chest and he gripped the front of his shirt tightly, hissing.

Madame Pomfrey rushed over to the side of the bed to help if needed as Dumbledore stepped forward, "Calm down, my dear boy. Your soul has not had a chance to completely heal itself together yet."

Harry winced, "My…my soul? Agh, but Umbridge…took my soul…" He ground out.

Dumbledore smiled, "She has it no longer, Harry. Thanks to your friends and Poppy."

Harry relaxed and the pain receded enough to comprehend what was being said to him, "You…you're joking right? She said that I would never be able to get it back!"

Hermione stepped forward and gripped his shoulder, "You should know, Harry. Listen to what you are saying."

The Boy-Who-Lived frowned, utterly confused, "What did I say? I don't get it." He mumbles.

Hermione sighed, exasperated and too impatient to wait for the pieces to fit inside Harry's brain, "You said she had your soul! Last I checked you couldn't even say her name." She beamed.

Harry gaped like a fish out of water, scrambling to throw off the covers and lift up his hospital gown, unaware that he was only clad in said gown.

Hermione turned around quickly, "Harry!" A blush tinges her cheeks as she tried to forget anything she might have seen.

Bandaged hands ran themselves up and down his chest, marveling at the healthy, dark tan that covered his torso, "It's all gone! The dead stuff is gone!" Tears misted his eyes and he smiled at his friends gratefully, "Thank you…" His throat caught and he struggled with forming words to express everything he felt at the moment.

There was a warm hug shared between the three Gryffindors and a few shed tears from each member before everyone calmed down once more.

Harry wiped his eyes and turned his sight over to Dumbledore, "Can…can you tell me what happened down in the Chamber of Secrets? What happened…to Sev…Snape?" He caught himself, unsure of how to address him.

Dumbledore's face softened and he closed his eyes, appearing to mull things over, "I'm not sure how to put this Harry to lessen the blow but when we finally got down there to help you," He faltered, losing his will to continue, "Well…"

"You were beating the hell out of Umbitch's head with a club." Ron stated.

"Ronald Weasley!" Poppy shouted.

Hermione gasped and glared heatedly, "Ron!"

Harry stared at Ron, silent and calm, "…What?" He asked.

Hermione stepped up and held his shoulder, "Harry…I believe you were protecting Snape. You saved him from his enemy."

At the word "enemy" Harry's eyes went wide and everything went blurry. His stomach churned and he toppled to the side, Hermione having to catch him to prevent him from falling on his head.

The memories from before flooded his mind and he struggled to make out everything he was seeing.

"…KILL YOUR ENEMY!" Umbridge shouted.

Harry raised his club and swung down, shattering the fat toads' right knee. She screamed out as she toppled to the ground, thrashing around in pain, "WHAT…. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME, BOY?! …YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT! YOU BROKE MY LEG! I'LL KILL YOU, I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!" She shouted.

Harry barely registered what she was shouting at him, swinging down to break a few of her exposed ribs, not even blinking when some of the ribs broke through her flabby skin.

Umbridge screamed louder, covering what little she could with her hands.

Harry hit her repeatedly, tuning out all of her screams and cursing. Blood covered his face and hands as he broke the bones in her face and on the side of her skull.

"Harry! Stop it now, boy! You've done enough! She's not a threat anymore!" Harry froze where he was. Snape voice having cut through him like a blade.

Harry looked over at Snape, eyes wide with confusion and terror, "What…what have I done…?" He whispered.

Snape reassured him quickly, "Don't blame yourself, Harry. It's going to be okay…"

Harry wobbled, stomach uneasy and eyes blurred, as he heard shouting from far away while he toppled to the floor unconscious.

When Harry woke from his bout through memory lane it was dark and everything was silent in the Hospital Wing. He rubbed the bridge of his nose, trying to dim the pounding headache in the front of his skull.

There was a slight shuffling from across the room and the almost imperceptible sound of the door opening and closing shut.

Harry panicked and laid down quickly, feinting sleep as best he could. He listened intently, hearing the sound of quiet, sure-footed steps. He immediately crossed Umbridge off the list due to the fact that she should be out of commission for a while, Ron and Hermione were a possibility but there was no reason for them to keep quiet for so long, Dumbledore had no reason to sneak in, then who?


The smell of potions invaded his senses as a thin finger brushed across his cheek before more fingers joined the first, cupping his cheek, "I know you're awake, Potter. You're easier to read than a book." Harry winced slightly and cracked open an emerald eye,

"How could you tell?" he asked, sure that he didn't screw up that fast.

The older wizard flicked his wand and put up a silencing ward around them and magicked the curtains shut for privacy before smirking, "I couldn't." He transfigured a chair next to the hospital cot, sitting down gracefully.

Harry scowled, whacking himself mentally for falling for Snape's trap. His eyes shot open and he sat up quickly, ignoring the rush of pain up his chest to run his hands across Snape's chest and face, "How are you doing? I didn't hurt you did I?"

Snape shocked Harry by relaxing into his touch, "I'm fine, Harry…and…I wanted to thank you for all you went through for me. It was all my fault that you were tortured. I can understand now if you wish to hate me again. I won't take it personally if you do."

Out of the blue Harry punched Snape's chest, his head falling forward out of view from Snape's confused expression, "Why is it ingrained into your head that I will always hate you…?" Harry whispered, tone troubled.

Snape turned cold once more from the insult, "Potter. It's only common sense-"

Harry's head shot up, tears starting to stream down his face, "What common sense, damnit?! …I love you, Severus! I fucking love you! What common sense can explain that?!" He beat Severus's chest again, but this time much softer, "Well?! You can't can you, …you can't explain it!" He moved away from Snape, face crestfallen and red, muttering, "You can't…" Harry paused, before adding, "…How many times am I going to have to go over this before you finally believe me, Severus? I. Love. You. And I promise you that that will never change."

The room fell deathly silent, neither of the two men saying a word. Harry was breathing harshly, barely able to keep himself from crying again when Snape suddenly stood up from his chair.

Harry listened for the footsteps signaling his departure but was shocked to find his face pulled upwards and thin, chapped lips covering his own.

The kiss was by no means perfect. It was rushed and awkward but the feelings were expressed and that was all that mattered.

Snape lowered Harry back slowly onto the cot, not once breaking contact. He ran his tongue across Harry's top lip, gaining entrance with little problem. The kiss became more heated, the two males running their hands across any patch of skin available to them.

The Potion's Master kneeled down on the cot above Harry, mindful to not put any pressure on the teen's body. They broke apart just long enough to inhale air before they were connected once more.

Harry took initiative and plundered Snape's mouth with his tongue, exploring everywhere at once. There was a strong taste of cinnamon to Snape that Harry couldn't seem to get enough of while their tongues dueled inside each other's mouth.

Soft moans filled the empty room, Harry caring less who was making the sounds.

The two males broke apart, breaths labored and faces flushed. Snape moved to get up off the cot but Harry quickly gripped the front of Snape's robes, preventing the older man from leaving.

"Harry…" Snape breathed.

"Stay…" Harry begged, tugging down on Snape's robes to make him lay down beside him. Snape closed his eyes, seeming to mull it over until he finally consented and laid down next to the Gryffindor.

The room became silent as both tried to calm their racing hearts.

Snape had no idea what he should do as of this moment. This was uncharted territory and he was wading head deep into it. Although he would rather be tortured by a dull stake than to admit it, he had to concede that the boy was a very good kisser.

Harry sat up slightly, holding himself up by his elbows. He stared at Snape's contemplating face with a look of nervousness. He wasn't sure how to ask the question that he desperately wanted to ask. Harry didn't want to ruin the moment or scare away the older man, but he knew that Snape was new at this, and was more likely to spook under stress.

Snape sighed, "What do you wish to ask me, Harry?" An uneasy feeling filled his stomach as Harry blushed profusely.

"I…I was wondering…well, uh, you know…if this means…that we're uh…um…if we're…"Harry blushed bright red, lips pursed.

Snape growled, "Spit it out boy!" Seriously, how bad could it be?

Harry turned to look him in the face, eyes somewhat off since he never really had the chance to put his glasses on, "Well…I don't want to over think this or anything…but…does this mean we're…dating?" Harry winced, awaiting his reaction.

Snape's throat went dry. Of course it would be bad, the fool was a Gryffindor…, "Da..Dating?" It was now his turn to blush immensely, hoping that Harry couldn't see well enough to notice.

Of course Fate was never kind to the Potion's Master and when Harry grinned, Snape knew what was going through the boys' head, "This does NOT mean we're dating, you hear me Potter? This does no-"

Snape was knocked back as Harry pinned him beneath him, ignoring his wounds to kiss Severus fiercely, all of his pent up feelings releasing themselves at once.

Snape, unwillingly of course, let himself be swept away by the kiss, barely registering where Harry's hands were wandering to until he let out a gasp before a tentative moan, "H-Harry…!" he breathed.

Harry grinned against Snape's lips, a quirky, superior aura surrounding him. He rubbed his hand against Snape's now apparent erection, breaking away from the older man's cinnamon lips to move down and nip and nibble along Snape's jawline before sucking fiercely right against the crook of his neck.

Snape cursed softly when his hips bucked up without his consent, gritting his teeth as he tried to maintain his composure.

Harry smirked, a smirk that would match Snape's on one of his most evil of days, and sucked on the Potion's Master earlobe, whispering breathily, "You want me Snape? You like this…?" Harry flushes slightly at what he was doing but continued on to say, "You going to come for me…?" He groped Snape roughly then, reveling in the loud groan that Snape couldn't hold in as his face blushed crimson.

He'd never been talked to like that. Such lewd comments, especially from someone like Harry.

Snape felt himself coming close to his end and with the last sliver of restraint flipped their positions so that he was hovering over the young teen, "We…we need to stop…" He gasped, still trying to come down from his peak.

Harry's face flared with a crimson blush as he bucked his hips to rub seductively against Snape's hard-on, "But I'm still hard…"He moaned.

Snape groaned, looking away so as not to be tempted by a flushed face, "Harry…you're wounded and healing…we can't do this now. We…we have to discuss things first."

Harry frowned, "What do we have to discuss? We both obviously like each other so what's the problem now?" He was growing annoyed of this man's indecisiveness. He was not a yo-yo to be jerked around.

Snape felt Harry's growing unease and sighed, feeling his resolve and reasoning wavering. Did Harry really have this much power over him? "I'll service you then but I hope you understand what you're insinuating here, Harry." He warned, leaning back on his calves.

Snape climbed up off the cot and removed his cloak and his shoes and socks. He was unsure how much he was supposed to undress for such a rendezvous but Harry seemed just fine with what clothing he had on, eyes begging him to return to previous activities.

The Potion's Master climbed on top of the Boy-Who-Lived and kissed his way down Harry's exposed chest, prolonging Harry's blissful torture. He sucked on a pert nipple and ground himself sensually against Harry's tan leg, hissing at the contact.

"Aah, Aah, Severus!" Harry groaned, pushing himself to not come from the sexy stimulus the man above him had graced him with. Shaking hands reached down and pulled up Snape's smooth dress shirt, raking his fingers up the sides of his pale torso leaving red welts in their wake. Snape bit down hard then and Harry arched his back in ecstasy, failing to control himself and coming hard onto Snape's stomach.

Snape pulled back and grinned triumphantly, staring down at the mess that oozed down onto his pants, "Last time I checked Harry I believe you said that I was going to come for you…not the other way around." He gloated.

"Sh-Shut up! I have a more active libido than you! What can you expect?" Harry countered softly, still sinking from his orgasmic high.

Snape chuckled and swiped a glob of Harry's essence onto his fingers before sucking on it experimentally. Harry groaned and reached down between them, palming the older teacher through his black trousers while the other hand started to unzip said pants, "Severus…I want to taste you too…" He begged. Harry pulled the folds of the front of his pants back and slipped his hand into the slit in the front of the professor's silk boxers, releasing the hard on that wept with pre come.

The young wizard forced the older man to lay down beside him and scooted himself down to come face to face with his desired prize. He licked the tip experimentally savoring the taste of Severus before engulfing him whole.

Severus cried out softly, not expecting such a quick reaction, before running his bony fingers through Harry's locks, encouraging him to continue.

The young wizard bobbed his head enthusiastically, wanting to make the emotionless man above him into a begging heap of flesh addicted to him and him alone, never to leave his side. He pulled away slowly to run his tongue up the length of Snape's member. When he reached the tip he flicked his tongue into the slit on the velvety head drawing out the pre come lingering there.

Snape hissed, thrusting forward without his consent, "Harry…" He felt the heat start to pool in his nether regions. His previous orgasm returning with renewed force, Snape didn't know if he could last for much longer if Harry kept this up. The Potion's master groaned when Harry took him whole again and gripped the back of Harry's head in warning, giving the young male a chance to back out if he so wished.

Harry, as would be expected, surprised him by sucking more forcefully, anxious to taste Severus's essence in full. He reached down in front of him fondling his balls with his right hand while gripping Snape's hip in his other hand.

Snape hissed and threw his head back, releasing his seed into Harry's warm mouth. He held in the loud moan that wanted to escape and felt his toes curl inward instead.

Once his body was spent Snape let out a satisfied sigh. Harry crawled up next to him licking his lips happily, "Was I good Severus?" He whispered, wrapping his arms around the other man's lithe waist.

"…Too good for someone you're age. Where did you procure this type of information in the first place?" Snape rasped, truthfully curious to see if Harry had done something like this with one of his dorm mates in the past.

Harry laughed softly, "I live in a dorm room with a bunch of guys. What kinds of conversations do you think we have at night?" Harry grinned, "and it's not about potion assignments I assure you."

Snape chuckled, "Cheeky brat." He wrapped his arm securely around Harry's neck before closing his eyes and relaxing, starting to succumb to some much desired sleep.

"Sweet dreams, Severus."

"No wet dreams, Potter."

Harry smirked. "…Bastard."



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