Breaking The Deal Has Costs

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It had taken 9 months, 9 months for Sam to track her down, and before that 2 months to discover that this was he only way to save his brother, which left Sam only 1 month to convince a demon queen, a demon goddess (well princess really), to help him and frankly he did not care what he had to do or give or kill for that matter, to make her agree to help him.

Sam had left Dean at the Hotel he had found researching a hunt two towns away, not a thing Dean liked to do, but then he would do anything to get Sam away from the computer. Months of watching him spending hours at the computer, and closing it whenever Dean got close had told Dean everything that he did not want to know, Sam would not give up. It had taken no food for 2 days and literally dragging Sam off the thing to go out and get some, for Dean to get Sam off, whilst promising to research this hunt Sam had found in the area. Dean thought he had done well, but failed to recognize that Sam had planned it all along and was rather sad when Dean fell for it, finally realizing that Dean too was near breaking point with worry. Let's face facts Sam told himself, we only have a month left. This has goto work.

With that thought in mind Sam walked into what at first reminded him of the ranch Ellen had before it got burnt to the ground that is, it seemed homely and there where people milling about ordering drinks and food and chatting as if nothing was wrong. Sam pushed past several waitresses dressed in short skirts and t-shirts, all carrying drinks of one sort or another to different tables. In fact, the further he entered the more relaxed he realized he felt, as if here was a place he could call home. This was a place of safety from the outside world. Sam realized that he felt at home, as if he could stay here forever, maybe work as a bouncer or waiter, he felt relaxed and that scared the hell out of him. Sam made his way to the bar and a young looking lady wearing jeans and a t-shirt emblazed with the words "Come back Nixon, all is forgiven" with a post script of "We're begging you now", came up to him and asked if there was anything he wanted. Sam smiled but shook his head, asking where he could find the owner. The girl smiled, man she had a cute smile, and realized that he was smiling back. Sam shook his head to clear it, he was here to save his brother not chat up some 18 year old girl who should not be in a place like this ever. Again, the girl came back to him after serving out a round of beers and indicating to a red headed waitress which table to take them to, and again she asked "Well what can I do for you?". Sam felt a little dizzy and angrily said that only the owner could help him. "Well in that case Sammy, maybe you should come back tomorrow around midnight just as we're closing." and then she walked away to serve some other customers at the bar. Sam look around the room, "great I just insulted the staff and I still have to find the owner." Then it hit him, the girl had called him Sammy, but he never told her his name. Frantically looking round he spied her chatting with a couple at a table, moved towards her.

When he reached the table, she turned and smiled, "I said come back tomorrow, Sammy". Sam was annoyed but bit his tongue,"Please I need your help". "Sam, I said come back tomorrow at around midnight, now I have a club full and I don't intend to close early so come back tomorrow at around midnight and we'll discuss your brother's problem". Sam was frantic, he was not sure he could get Dean to stay another day, he had counted on having everything settled tonight, so turning swiftly he grabbed her arm, "I don't have till tomorrow" he snarled. The girl turned round and pain flowed up Sam's arm as if he had just placed it in a fire. Now the girl's eyes where blazing, a beautiful emerald green, but for the snarl she now wore, she would have been gorgeous, but as Sam let go, he realized he had just got her annoyed. "How can you barter for your brother, when you can't even control yourself Samuel. If you want to deal, then come back tomorrow. Your lucky I don't say next year and next time address me by my name Lucy." Sam turned "Lucy? Please forgive me but I... I know you Winchesters are the talk of all my clientele. Most left the area several days ago just on the whisper that you might be coming my way. Most of them wished me luck. Said Lucy shaking her head.

"So Sam come back tomorrow and we'll discuss terms shall we" and with that she walked back to the bar leaving Sam standing there, wondering how he was going to convince Dean to stay another few days, and how come the princess of evil, the demon goddess had chosen to call herself Lucy????? Sam left the club and headed back to the hotel, stopping only to buy a little food and try to get his mind back into gear. When he stepped out of the club, the feeling that the club had of safety, of home, seemed to vanish, he felt tired like he had gone 10 rounds with a boxing champion or run 5 miles timed. So when he got back to the hotel, finding Dean saying that there was nothing in this town and starting to pack to go, the only think Sam could do was collapse on the bed and let darkness take him, hoping that he did not find himself in the impala when he woke up. His last thoughts where that he heard his name shouted and he wondered if he should try to answer but he just could not find the strength to say anything except to think that he might not wake up that is.

Dean was in shock, Sam looked as if he had been up for days straight, which on thinking about it he had, but he had looked ok when Dean sent him out for food. Now he had dark rings under his eyes, and simply fell onto the bed. Immediately after tucking Sam in for the night, Dean went straight back to the computer, convinced he had missed something, maybe a succubus was in the area, that would account for Sam's condition. If Sam had run into a succubus then afterward he would feel drained, as if the life had been drained out of him and therefore that would make him appear tired and give him a need to sleep which Dean admitted due to the loud snores he heard, was exactly what his brother was doing. After a few hours of finding nothing, Dean made himself a pizza. He had to admit that for a cheap hotel, the rooms where nice, clean, well decorated and each room had a coffee maker, a oven and a TV. If it had not been for the fact that Sam had run into something, Dean would have wanted to leave immediately. For all the nice home like features this town had, Dean could not shake the feeling that something was not right, but with Sam in the condition he was in, there was no hope of leaving especially with a possible hunt found the hard way. Dean was going to get whatever had done this to his brother and make sure nothing like this happened to anyone else. There was a problem though Dean also wanted to get out of here faster then he ever wanted to get out of anywhere even jail. In fact, he could only remember once in his life, a place that made him feel like this before and when the memory hit him, he was almost willing to drag Sam out to the Impala and leave then and there but looking at Sam he couldn't not that he did not try to accidentally wake him up but there was no chance. Sam was out, and the only comfort that Dean had as he double salted the doors and windows and made sure he had not one but two guns loaded with silver bullets ready was that Sam looked better, the dark rings where fading and hopefully by morning he would wake and they could get out of here. Hunt or no Hunt if Dean was right about his feeling, he had to get away and quickly, but how to tell his brother. Dean shook his head, No, he had seen the face Sam gave him when he found out about the cross roads demon deal, Dean could not tell him this. Only he and his father knew about it and Dean swore that this secret he would take to his grave. You see this was not the only time Dean was desperate enough to deal.

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