Breaking The Deal Has Costs

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Previously: Dean looked at the sigil hearing the doors of a car opening and closing and footsteps searching for a way down to the basement. It was then that Dean recognized what he was drawing and closed his eyes. There was going to be no bargaining, Bobby had brought him here to die. Dean looked at Bobby while cutting his arm again to get enough blood to finish, "You'll take care of Sam, right. (Dean ducked his head pretending to concentrate on the sigil) If I don't make it out, that is." He paused, all he had to do was drawn a final line and the sacrificial sigil would be finished. Bobby looked at him, Dean could clearing read regret, anger, and sadness all pass over his face as he answered, "Yes, Dean. I will protect Sam, as much as possible. I'm so sorry, really son, I am sorry that it has come to this." Dean draw the final line with a smile on his face, looking at bobby the entire time. For a second Bobby thought that he'd chosen the wrong sigil, but then he saw that Dean who had stood up within the sigil, doubled over in pain, and collapsed to his knees. "Bobby it hurts", gasped Dean. "I know" said Bobby and it'll get worse, whispered Bobby as he heard the basement door broken open. Lucy had arrived!

Lucy, "What the Hell, do you think your doing Bobby?"

Bobby looked up, "Saving a friend. Releasing him from you, even if I have to kill him to do it, at least you won't control him"

Lucy, "I'll kill you for this Bobby, mark my words you are dead!". Lucy turned towards Dean. "Dean, listen this will kill you. It will drain every last drop of blood from your body. If you want to survive, break the sigil, now." Dean looked at his arms, already the blood was starting to run, dizzily he wondered why it had not stopped. Surely, it should have stopped by now, they weren't deep cuts but already he could see that the blood had started to pool within the sigil. Dean lifted his arms, looking towards Bobby he asked "Why, why am I still bleeding. He gasped as another shot of pain went though him." Lucy was besides herself, she was about to lose one of her best possible warriors and she could do nothing to reach him, unless of course she wanted to go though Bobby, Sam and that dreaded book. For the first time in a long time, in fact since she had first met Bobby, Lucy realized she was going to have to be very inventive about dealing with this and Lucy as everyone knows can be very inventive.

Lucy, "Ok, So you did not tell him. You did not tell him that every drop of his blood will be drained from his body. You did not tell him of the agony that he will suffer while it's done. Lucy walked around the protective circle Bobby was standing in. Bobby you know this is how demons are born. Hell's just a place for them to mature. Learn the Business so to speak and Bobby I am impressed, you'll make a great demon, one day. I mean not telling a man you view as a son the truth. How could you be so mean, wicked. One could even call you evil. I guess then you also did not tell him about our first meeting, and seeing the expression of shock slide across Bobby's face, she gasped in mock surprise, what will Sam say about this. Having to watch his brother die an agonizing death, all the time knowing that he could help him."

Bobby, "Sam's not here". Lucy smiled, "Not, yet. Did you really think, Bobby that I would come alone. (Lucy laughed) I'm just the first to arrive. You know, she said turning to look at Dean, There is always an antidote to any drug Dean and though I expect him to be groggy, when he gets here. He will be awake enough to hear every scream you make and let me guarantee this, before this is over, you will scream, Dean.". Dean gritted his teeth, already the pain was building and he knew sooner or later Lucy was right, he was going to scream but hopefully he figured he would die before Sam showed up. The drugs he gave him where sure to keep him under for 12 hours right. As if on cue all of them heard a car drive up and come to a screeching halt outside and two doors slammed shut. Lucy turned facing the doorway into the basement, "down here, bring him down here." Dean looked at Bobby and then at Lucy, "Please he doesn't have to see this." Lucy smiled "Oh yes Dean, he does because when he sees this, his hatred for Bobby will know no bounds and that means, that when you die, Bobby will be right behind you, and Sam, well he'll have to live with witnessing it, all of it."

Dean gasped, "The Book will protect him. You can't hurt him..", Dean paused as another shot of pain went though him. He'd already lost about half a pint and he was not stopping bleeding but then that was the whole point of the sigil, wasn't it. Lucy smiled, "Come on Dean, say it, address me as a slave needs to address his owner and we all know I own you heart, body and soul. Now break the sigil, and I'll let Bobby and Sam go free." Bobby could see Dean move his hand towards the sigil, as Sam entered the basement flanked by two guards who where more like mountains then men. Think Arnold Schwarzenegger only bigger, stronger and a hell of a lot meaner.

Bobby, "No, Dean you can't do it. she'll send you after hunters, innocents. It doesn't matter what happens to me. As she said she's going to kill me anyway or have you changed your mind about that. Lucy." Lucy was about to answer when Sam who had with his hmmm helpers managed to reach the basement floor, spoke up, "Dean, Bobby, what is going on, where are we." Then Lucy moved out of his way so that he could see Dean in the middle of the sigil. He saw the blood flowing out of his arms. He looked at Bobby, this was the moment both Bobby and dean had been dreading, "NO, stop this, there has to be a better way. Lucy please." Sam struggled against the men holding him. Lucy smiled knowing what was coming next as Bobby opened his mouth, "Sam, this is the only way to free Dean and we all know that." Sam looked into Bobby's eyes, and said the words that Lucy was just waiting to hear, "I hate you". Lucy thought to herself one down, one left as she knocked Sam into a empty protective sigil and covered the rest of the floor with plants, her sort of plants, that is, to make sure they stayed there.

"Now that we're all here, let's get down to business shall we.", Lucy said as she sat down in a chair brought by one of the man mountains. "I guess Bobby has never told you why he knows so much about me, but then in his position as a hunter, well I would guess that making a deal would be rather frowned upon. I mean by other hunters but as we all here are open minded people, I am open to offers. So who is going to open the bidding." Bobby shrugged his shoulders to Dean's and Sam questioning looks, "it was a long time ago, I was young. I had no idea what I was agreeing to and you know that Lucy." Lucy smiled, "Bobby now let's be fair, you needed and I provided. Let me see if I remember this right. You would do anything for a nice home with a supporting business that really would run itself and that would protect you and your families from the world's ways, so that you would have time to spend at home with your wife, or fishing. Isn't that what you said, You'd give your soul to make your wife happy. Well Bobby you got what you wanted." Bobby snarled and nearly stepped out of the protective circle he was in, "You mean a possessed wife and you have to remember I was drunk at the time" Lucy smiled, "well it is not my fault that others of my kind sense someone ripe for the taking, who hasn't protected themselves and it is not my fault that you where drunk."

Lucy continued, "and then the day before I was to collect, he managed to find this and someone to help him recover afterwards." Sam looked more awake now, "So, Dean can survive. Bobby obviously did, and I know my brother's a fighter even more then Bobby is." Lucy smiled, she loved giving a little hope and then snatching it away, made people so much more willing to deal. "Oh, Bobby survived because my blood was only in him about 3 years. My blood has been in Dean for a lot longer then that, long enough in fact to become part of every cell in his body, and that is why Dean's going to die, because the ritual and sigil will try to drain every drop of demon blood from his body and that will kill him just like it would kill you, Sam. You know folks this has been fun but I have other business to do, so if you don't want to deal, then I'll leave, but I will leave my plants to keep you all company. You see boys I will be back."

Lucy moved in front of Bobby. "I hope you enjoy the show Bobby, because it will be the last thing you see. With Dean dead your protection goes straight out the window and I am going to make sure you suffer. As for Sam don't think he'll get away, he won't. I don't need to use demonic powers to get rid of him and the book will not protect him from a good old-fashioned beating." Both Sam and Bobby remained silent, "Goodbye Boys, I'll enjoy going to each of your funerals." Lucy waved her hand and had started towards the door, accompanied by her guards, when she heard Dean. "OK, you win, I'll break the sigil, but"

Lucy spun around to face him, "No buts Dean, your mine. No more trying to get away and you will do what you are told to." Both Sam and Bobby shouted No. Dean looked at them and shook his head. He was tired, hurting and he knew he would not make it out alive but he would go down fighting. Dean turned to Lucy, "I don't have much more time. I'll break the seal, but I want a few conditions met first." It was now that Lucy played her trump card, she raised one finger and both her guards (who had moved behind Sam and Bobby, now that on her return the plants had vanished) stepped into the protective circles around Bobby and Sam, who suddenly got grabbed from behind and forced to their knees." Dean gasped their human. "Yes, Dean. Their human. I find that sometimes the older methods really do work the best. Let me introduce you to my personal bodyguards, totally human bodyguards. Did you really think that I would come down here unprotected. Newsflash - Protective sigils don't protect against pure human thugs."

Both Sam and Bobby had been caught by surprise and where struggling but against these guys Dean knew that they had little chance, as they had been prepared for demonic creatures or at least possessed people, both of which the sigils would have stopped but regular thugs, ok big huge regular thugs, no. Dean looked desperate, Lucy had won this round, but not without a fight. So Dean stood up bracing himself against the pain and played his ace up the sleeve, "OK Lucy, go ahead break their necks. You see I know your not after Sam, and you really don't care what happens to Bobby whether they escape or not, your after me. You said so yourself, remember, Sam is nothing compared to you, so I wonder, what makes me so special that you'll go to all this trouble to get me. You know I wonder, was it really a mistake in research or did you send that manticore to the woods on purpose." The pain was getting overwhelming and Dean knew he could not stand for much longer, this was his bluff, and he had to make it good, to appear as if he was stronger much stronger then he really was, even if only for a short time. You see Dean was at his best when in a corner up against the wall, and he loved poker, and he knew that Lucy was a chess type person. She was all for planning, while he was more the gut reaction type. "So, do we talk conditions or do I run out of blood. I am willing to break the sigil, I am willing to serve you both loyally and willingly, to fulfill my vow taken so long ago, but you must agree to change the conditions slightly or I will die tonight." Lucy looked at him, yes he was just as she wanted, a fighter loyal, protective, and smart. "We could discuss conditions forever. How do I know you will agree to anything." Dean went down on his knees, trying to figure a way round this, "OK, I will break the sigil now, if you agree that you will release both Sam and Bobby unharmed, and if we do not agree conditions within say one hour, you allow me to redraw the sigil and die. Mistress, do you agree." Lucy smiled "Agreed!" and waved for her guards to remove both Sam and Bobby, "Take them to their hotel and make sure they do not leave. I don't want them hurt in any way but if they attack you can defend yourself within reason. Is that OK Dean." Dean nodded and while both Bobby and Sam struggled and shouted at him not to agree, Dean only smiled, "I knew I'd have to pay one day, but it was a good trade Sammy.", he said as he broke the sigil and immediately his blood stopped flowing. Sam looked back to see his brother for what he thought would be the final time. It broke Sam's heart to see his brother kneeling with head bowed before Lucy acknowledging her as his Mistress, his owner. Bobby thought for sure they had lost Dean.


When the thugs delivered them back to their hotel room, both Bobby and Sam where unhappy, their future did not look bright especially since the thugs as they called them had made sure to handcuff them and then when they reached the room, the thugs handcuffed them to chairs that had been nailed to the floor by what Bobby and Sam could only think of as backup, if backup was really needed by the thugs, that is. "So, asked Sam, what's Lucy's plan, to kill us here or somewhere else." The guards seemed shocked by the question, "Well, as I understand it, your both free to go as soon as your brother, he is your brother, either walks though that door or at the latest dawn tomorrow, by which time he should be dead." Sam had not really expected an answer especially one phrased as if the guy actually knew what he was talking about. "You understand what is going on and you don't stop it" asked Sam.

Thug 1 (George actually), "Well if your brother would agree instead of trying to Welch on his deal, everything would be ok. You have no idea how good life can be under Lucy"

Thug 2 (John), "George is right. I am two kids going to collage in a few years, 2 houses, and money in the bank. My wife loves me and we're actually thinking of having another kid.

Sam, "I can't believe this, she's a demon princess. Do you actually know what you agreed to. You make it sound as if she actually cares about you."

George, "Look I know, she's an ex-demon princess, and I stress the ex here, but she does care, and believe it or not she makes fair deals. My father worked for her and so did my grandfather and Yes, sometimes it gets rough. The guy I replaced spent 6 weeks in hospital for the knife wounds, lacerations, and gunshot wounds, but she paid the hospital bill and he retired on a pension top bosses at Microsoft would be jealous of. I know for a fact, that his son is studying just in the hope that either he gets into M.I.T or Lucy notices him. I'm saying you play fair with Lucy, she plays fair with you."

John, "Yup, I mean we get paid 5K a month after taxes, just to be here for her special jobs, like this one. Other then that I get paid to spend time with my family and at the gym or defense classes."

Bobby, "oh yeah, then why do all her deals turn bad."

John and George looked at each other, "What do you mean turn bad." So Sam and Bobby listed the different cases that they knew of, and of how they had turned bad as they called it, Bella, Bobby, and Walker"

John laughed, "Oh yes, I heard of Walker. George you remember that time Lucy came back annoyed and took out half the bar."

George, "Oh yeah, she was furious said she'd missed a great hunter all due to some silly vampire."

Sam, "She missed Gordon." George shook his head, "No, she missed his sister. That was the one she was interested in. My dad said he saw how she hummed to the child. Lucy said that if all went well, that girl would grow into quite a strong woman. You see Sam, Lucy makes deals and hopes that all goes well, but she is not to blame if something else steps in and your not prepared for it. She lines things up maybe twenty or thirty years before she might need them. I mean some years ago she made a deal with a guy who wanted to run a airplane company. Now she has free flights for her and anyone who works for her, anywhere in the world at any time, while they are on her business of course. They only get a 25 discount on their own travel." Both guys laughed.

Then they got serious. "Look said George, she really wants your brother, he will hopefully be able to do something big for her, sometime in the future. I must admit I have never seen her this obsessed to get someone, but then I've never seen anyone fight against her control before either, my father has but not me. Look, if I'm right and it is the same boy as before, just step away and let her have him." Sam shook his head, "He's my brother. He's all I have left. I won't let her control him." George laughed, "You two are really a lot alike, both of you obsessed in your own ways. Look the last time she was this obsessed, she spent hours going though her books and then ordered champagne on the house, left everything in the guardianship of my father and then vanished for years. My father kept all her interests going as much as possible, even called in his father and me to help. When she finally resurfaced, her body needed rest, repair and lots of blood, but the only reason we could get out of her for the state she was in, was a name Winchester, so when we heard you where looking for her, I admit I feared the worst. You have to understand she's like part of the family. Even her slaves are treated nicely and can raise up the ranks and even win their freedom. If your brother made a deal, he should honor it. She does punish but only if you deserve it, and from what I hear I'm surprised she hasn't killed you yet, your brother must be really worth something to her."

At that moment they heard a car drive up, a door open and close slowly. A key was put in the lock and Sam realized that the hour had been up ten minutes earlier. He was straining to look at who was opening the door, when Dean stumbled in, looked around and staggered to the closet bed and collapsed on it. He was shaking and in pain. The guards unlocked the cuffs and released Bobby and Sam, who dashed straight to his brother. Blood was starting to seep though the back of the shirt, and Bobby went to get the med kit and some towels, while Sam cut the shirt off Dean's back to find that he had been lashed at least twenty times. "The wounds will be gone by morning or at the latest by noon" said John. "We'd better be on our way John" whispered the other guard. Sam and Bobby where too busy to notice them leave. After finishing cleaning and wrapping Dean's back, Sam picked up two guns and a knife and was about to head for the door when Bobby got in his way. "Bobby, I am going to get even with Lucy. I can't just stand by and let this happen."

Bobby, "Look we don't know what happened or what the conditions are. By going to get Lucy as you put it, you could void a condition and cost your brother even more. I know it's hard but we have to wait till Dean can tell us what went on there."

It was well into the morning when Dean woke up and both Bobby and Sam wanted answers. The only problem was Dean was not giving them, except to say that it was all settled and that they could carry on as normal. Then a phone rung and Sam and Bobby shook their heads, it was not business as normal for Dean took a deep breath and was about to head to the bathroom but noticed that both exits where covered, so he reached in his jacket, took another deep breath and answered his new phone, "Yes, Mistress".

Sam's hands went into fists and Bobby was at a loss at to what to make of it and how to get Dean out of it. When the phone call ended, Dean turned towards Sam and was about to say something when Sam asked, "So, who is she sending you after, Ellen, me, Bobby, the book maybe." Dean shook his head, "Actually there is a group of werewolves that are killing some vampire friends of hers. It's my first favor / job. Look Sam we came to an arrangement. She won't tell me why she needs me, but she does and we settled on a arrangement. I deal with the jobs that others can't deal with. I'm her own personal hunter of the supernatural"

Sam, "So, another two favors and your free"

Dean, "Not exactly,"

Sam and Bobby, "What do you mean not exactly"

Dean, "Another eleven favors. Look I will understand if you both want to go. I knew what this would cost me, but I could not see you and Dad die on me, not like that. I can always meet back up with you if you want in say 5 years. That's the time limit on the favors."

Sam, "I'm staying. I am going to help you with every favor that bitch wants done and then, we can celebrate. Is there anything else, any other conditions."

Dean, "A few but nothing that matters. Come on Sam, We have werewolves to hunt!"

Bobby watched as they left. He was not surprised to turn and find Lucy leaning against the door frame, "You know, I could send you a lot of business to that car place of yours, if you agreed to a few conditions." Bobby sneered "See you got yourself another hunter, finding a replacement for me", Lucy shook her head, "No, you can't be replaced Bobby, you'll be a thorn in my side for years to come. By the way there is a certain skin-walker that is giving some friends in Las Vegas some trouble, interested."

Bobby, "No"

Lucy, "I got 2 old demon books, that I know are right up your alley." Bobby packed his truck, "No" - Then he paused, "Which ones"

Lucy, "They'll be at your house waiting for you with the address and info. Enjoy Vegas."

Bobby drove away, as she vanished. He did not like her, but she seemed to be on the right side. Bobby looked in his side mirror, maybe Ruby was right, maybe some demons remembered, or maybe some never forgot. He shook his head, he could just imagine the types of friends Lucy had in Vegas.

The End