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Bella's POV

I was walking quietly through the woods looking around as I went. Edward had promised to meet me in our meadow so that we could discuss some of the details for our wedding. I was taken there by Emmet, but he had a sudden feeling that Rosalie needed him, once we were there.

Emmet had gone to hang out with Rosalie while Alice and Jasper were off doing who knows what. Edward was supposed to meet me in the meadow two hours ago, and I had decided to go see if he had forgotten.

While I walked through the woods I could hear the small birds twittering past me humming in my ear slightly. The sky was getting darker as I walked and I slowly ended up wishing that I was out in the open now. I wished that I could as easily find the road as Edward, or any of the Cullens for that matter.

I was walking against the cold and wet leaves when I tripped over a rock and caught myself on a nearby branch. Well, at least Jasper wasn't here. I looked down at my newly scraped and bleeding hand and quickly took out the bandage I had stored in my jeans this morning. I looked up noticing the small shed of white hanging from a tree. Ha! Jacob! He ripped apart another pair of shoes! What is this like his twelfth pair?

As quickly as I thought Jacob's name I felt that smaller part of my heart whimper and quickly went back to focusing on about finding the road. Every time I think of his name, I feel the guilt of terrorizing him again. I feel the sorrow of causing him pain I caused him the year before.

"Where is the stupid road!" I was beginning to be furious. I was so upset now wishing that Edward was with me. He is in SO much trouble for not remembering. I just really hope he didn't do something stupid like running away again. Oh, how I hoped that wasn't true. But what if he wasn't here for something more serious, like another group of vicious vampires. Or other mystical creatures have come into Forks.

I looked out in front of me and sighed. Finally! The open road! I ran up to the street falling every couple feet covering my jeans with grass stains. I was just outside of the forest when I saw it.

I saw a silver Volvo driving way too fast down the road. Coming, coming strait at me. I screamed running in the opposite direction when all of a sudden the Volvo let out a large screech. Edward had obviously slammed extremely hard, down on the breaks. He tried swerving around me, but all of a sudden I felt a large blow come to the side of my body.

I fell hard hitting the ground with a loud thud. My head slammed down hard in a knee-jerk reaction to the fall. My world around me was slowly fading, but I could hear the door of the Volvo slamming, and Edwards's footsteps were suddenly loud with worry.

"BELLA" he roared as he fell landing down next to me. "Oh no . . . no. . ." he said slowly as my eyes drifted off into a sleep. "Bella" he said placing his long cold hand on my cheek "I am so sorry".

Edwards POV

I screamed inside my mind as I saw Bella coming out of the forest. My Volvo didn't have that good of a break system and I was sure she was going to be hit. The car would hit her harder if I got out of the car freely and shoved her out of the way. I slammed down as hard as I could on the breaks. Bella was hit, hard. It seemed like she flew ten feet before she hit the cold ground. I mentally killed myself for getting lost in the discussion with Carlisle.

I swung the door open from my car and ran with all my speed towards my love; my one and only love. The one person in this world who would have my ring around her finger for the rest of eternity. My fiancé is in great trouble with fate. And it is my entire fault.

"BELLA" I bellowed as I got closer to her. I slammed down on the road hard watching her eyes start to drift. "Oh no . . . no . . ." I felt all the guilt in the world swallowing around me. Her eyes were slipping from my sight, her face was becoming paler. "Bella" I said placing my hand on her cheek feeling the warmth of her skin slowly fading. "I am so sorry"

My mind was blank ever since Bella's eyes had closed into oblivion. I ran quickly back to my car and picked up my cell phone. I quickly dialed Alice's number and wasn't surprised when Jasper picked up.

"Edward" he said as calm and smoothly as a velvet pillow.

"BELLA" was all I could muster out of my mouth before I heard Alice screaming in the background.

"Alice?" Jasper was saying with the phone near his mouth. "Alice what is it!"

"Jasper! Bella! Is that Edward!" Alice practically yelled at Jasper making him give her the phone.

"Alice" I'd I could have cried I would have. I had never felt so much despair in my body before. Well except for the times I have been away from Bella for more then a few days. " Bella is- was- she's extremely hurt!"

"Edward! Jasper just called Carlisle. We will be there in a couple minutes. Get her out of the road and into your car. It is about to rain" Alice seemed more frightened then I was. Bella was in serous danger and she needed help as soon as possible.

I looked back down at Bella who was laying face up four feet away from me. I walked slowly over to her picking her up carefully. I felt her heart slowly pounding in her body. I opened the door to the back seat of my Volvo and placed her slowly down on the seats. I placed her head on the cushioning of the door and watched as Alice's yellow Porsche appeared. Carlisle flung himself out of the window and Alice did the same on the other side. Carlisle reached me first and took Bella out of the car swiftly and placed her on the ground once more.

"Carlisle it is about to rain!" I said protesting against placing Bella on the ground

"It will be easier to examine her"

Esme, Rosalie, Emmet and Jasper suddenly appeared around me. Esme came over and gave me a hug.

It will be alright Edward. I really think that Bella is alright. Look at her. Her cheeks are gaining color again. Esme thought to me.

I looked down back at Bella and smiled a small smile of relief. Her cheeks were changing color again. They were becoming rosy once more.

"Bella will open her eyes in twenty four seconds Edward. She has a slight concussion" Alice suddenly was the only one talking. My eyes turned briefly to her then I stared down at Bella.

Bella opened her eyes quickly as if coming out of a nightmare. "Edward!" she said staring back at me with blank eyes.