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"When you don't believe…remember I will always believe in you"

By: Flower Girl FF7, Krazy Girl, Sina Keang, drgn16 and Ying

Hey Everyone! This is different fanfic then my other ones. One day I was on msn and my friends and I started Roleplaying. This is what happened and some of my own ideas. It's also really original. You have to forget some things of the game. Also it might be confusing. Just try to bear with me here folks!

Thanks to Rose, Sina, Tim, Ying for helping with the Roleplaying!

Also some of this story was officially written by Sina.

Here's the Story!


The story starts with a man sitting in the hills of Winhill. The fields are a delicate green covered in a field of flowers. In the distance, stood peaking mountains, which seemed to guard this sacred place. This is where she had died. And where a piece of Laguna had died as well. Something he could never replace…

Laguna sat in front of a stone grave. Engraved on its surface was the name Raine Loire. She was his life and his everything. When she had died, he never found a reason to live. He felt useless to the world now that peace was brought to the world.

Laguna: "It's been almost twenty years Raine. Everything's changed... I don't think I'm needed anymore in a world so peaceful as this."

He said this while placing white roses on the cold grave that lay in front of him. He waved his dark black hair back from his face. He was a handsome man in around his mid forties. He looked to the sky in sadness wishing he could be with her once more…thinking he had already outlived his usefulness.

But yet…he was to embark on the greatest adventure of his life.