Woot! Halloween is coming up, so- of course- I write a DP Halloween fanfic! I've been wanting to write about this for a while, but I figured Halloween was the best time to get it published. BTW- it is before Phantom Planet….Enjoy:)

"Come on, guys! You can't possibly go…you're fourteen not four!" Sam stared at her two best friends.

They were looking into a costume store. Fourteen years old or not; free candy was free candy.

Danny turned around. "What are you talking about? We missed trick-or-treating last year…why can't we all go together, like old times?"

"Danny, we're fourteen! What fourteen year olds go trick-or-treating?" Sam instantly regretted saying that.

Danny and Tucker looked at each other and burst out laughing. "Hey, Tuck, it looks like Sammy is too embarrassed to be seen with us!"

Sam flushed an angry red. "Sammy? You're dead Daniel!"

Sam chased after Danny, but he instantly disappeared.

"Show your face, coward!"


Sam jumped as Danny reappeared behind her. She spun on her heels and slapped Danny on the face.

"Ow! Sam!" Danny glared at her in mock anger.

Sam turned around; only to smack her face into the plexi-glass wall and fall backwards.

She closed her eyes, preparing herself for humiliation. Three…two…one…

Right as she reached one, Danny and Tucker fell over laughing. She would have gotten up and shut them up, but someone tripped over her foot.

The boys stopped laughing and looked to see who Sam had tripped.

"Mikey?" Danny helped the scrawny nerd onto his feet. The boy had dropped several papers, and he got down to pick them up. The trio joined him.

Sam read a paper. "Amity Park's Second Annual Costume Party and Contest?"

The geek nodded.

"What happened to the first one?" Danny asked.

"There was this guy…with the coolest costume…he trashed the place with his creepy horse…"

The Fright Night, Danny mouthed silently to Sam. She simply rolled her eyes.

The four teens finished picking up the stray papers.

"Thanks guys," Mikey smiled insecurely. "Um, here's a flyer."

He handed Danny a paper and ran off.

"Well Sam, it looks like we'll be needing costumes after all."

"No way. Have you seen the theme for this thing? 'Total Opposites.' No way."

Danny shrugged. "Fine, that's your choice."

"I don't know, Danny. I was kind of hoping we'd get some free sweets this year," Tucker interrupted.

"Yeah, I guess…"

Suddenly, non other than Paulina Sanchez walked up to the trio. She didn't seem to notice them until she bumped into Danny.

She looked up, surprised. "Oh, hi Danny." She glanced at Sam and Tucker. "Manson. Foley."

Tucker looked annoyed and Sam was purple with rage.

Before his friends could say anything, Danny greeted her. "What are you doing at a costume shop?"

With her usual iciness, Paulina answered; "Well, haven't you heard of the upcoming costume party and contest?"

Danny was baffled. "You mean the one Amity Park is hosting?"

"Aren't you too good for Halloween parties?" Sam shot at Paulina.

"Normally, yes. But everyone is going to be at this party, so why not? Bye Danny," she waved and walked into the costume store.

Danny looked back to Sam and Tucker. "Well, I know what I'm doing on Halloween this year."

Tucker nodded. "I'm in!"

Sam watched as her two friends dashed into the store and felt her heart break.

Awww…poor Sam! Gosh, why am I so evil to Sam in all my fanfics? Everyone keeps telling me to stop being so mean to Sam, but I can't help it! It's too easy to be mean to my favorite characters (weird, I know). Don't worry, this won't be a DxP story…sorry this chapter is so iffy…it was a very spontaneous idea, and please forgive me for any of its "iffi-ness." This was a super-short chapter, but I promise the next few will be longer; I also promise to update often (I want this story done by Halloween or very early November!) I hope you all like it….review:)