Alternate Circumstances,

A Tales of Symphonia parody

Hello, ToS fans! Here's yet another parody fic, about how the story would be changed if the main characters were all shuffled around. I know there are a few others like this floating around out there, but since I was working on this before I saw any of those, it's not really plagiarism. Or maybe it is. Who cares, since I have no intention of making money off this, and bear no ill will towards anybody else who's done a story like this. It's just for fun. I am also writing a serious Zelda story, if you want to check that out. I'm writing this whenever I need a break from that one, so this will be updated approximately whenever I feel like it.

Credit for this idea goes to a person on the GameFaqs ToS message boards known as 'veileddarkness', who started the story known as 'Different Jobs'. I co-wrote some of it, and will be using only scenes I wrote and mostly ideas I came up with from that story for this one, in case they ever want to post their version on this site. I will, however, be keeping most of their shuffled list, since that was how I wrote my stuff in the first place.

Now, if you haven't already fallen asleep or clicked off the page, here's the list of who got shuffled. I've done only the main characters and villains, to avoid too much confusion. Each character will be mostly keeping their personalities from the game, except for when I need them to do something stupid or crazy. If this story makes little to no sense, it is on purpose. Also, this story assumes you are familiar with the characters and situations of Tales of Symphonia, but I'm trying to write it so you don't have to be. Enjoy!

Sheena: Main Character/Idiot

Colette: Mercenary/Mysterious Idiot

Presea: Chosen of Sylvarant

Raine: Chosen of Tethe'alla

Genis: Ninja/Whiny Kid

Zelos: Leader of the Renegades/Pervert

Kratos: Class Genius/Sheena's best friend

Yuan: Evil Villain

Mithos: Teacher/Psychopath

Anna(Lloyd's Mom from the game): Human Ranch Prisoner

Lloyd: Lumberjack/Prisoner

Regal: Assistant Lumberjack

Corrine: Sheena's pet/Noishe replacement

Noishe: Genis's pet, only smaller

Davin: Author/Me

I may have to add to this as I go on with the story, so if you get lost, refer to this first chapter. The story begins on the next page, so read and review, please!