"And this is how it feels when I , ignore the words spoken to me."

My Ipod blared as I got out of my truck to walk into school,

I pulled the hood of my hoodie over my head as I got out

he wouldn't understand ,he wouldn't understand how much I loved him,How much this hurt me.

I ran inside the school building and got a late slip from the office.

when I reentered ,the hallway the bell rang so I walked to my locker, I knew he knew that I was here.

"BELLA!" I heard him yell as I walked up to my locker.

"Where were you I thought you were hurt are you ok what happened?"

"And this is how I feel when I pretend I don't feel any pain."

"EDWARD!" I screamed that made him stop

"breath your life into me I still need you I,m still falling breath into me."

"I wasn't hurt , I'm not staying." as I said this I could feel the tears coming.

"Bella what?" I cut him off

"DON'T YOU SEE." I yelled the tears were flowing freely know "I NEVER LOVED YOU! I LIED , I NEVER KNEW WHAT I WANTED OR LOVED , I LIED!"

"Bella what are you saying?" he said his face gave away that he couldn't comprehend what I was saying.

"I'M SAYING I HATE YOU YOU SON OF A BITCH!" I screamed I never thought I would say that to Edward.

I started running then I ran out of the school , but before I did I looked back at Edward his face showed

shock,concern ,sadness, fear and worst of all,hatred he would hate me I knew it especially if he believed me .

"breath your life into me I'm falling I still need you I'm falling breath your life into me I'm falling falling faster breath into me I,m falling falling breath into me breath into me breath into me BREATH!!!!"

I jumped into my truck and started driving, I would leave the note for Charlie just like he said.

I pulled into the driveway , and got out , I ran inside and got out a piece of paper and a pencil I wrote.

Dear Charlie,

I broke up with Edward , I can no longer stay here in Forks , I'm going to Jacksonville to live with mom

I'm sorry . I love you


By the time I was done with it , I was crying.

I heard a footstep behind me and knew who it was immediately.

"You sick bastard." I whispered

"Now, Now Bella." He said, playing with a strand of my hair.

"Thats not a nice thing to say to me now is it," He smirked " Especially since I'm your Fiancee ."