Chapter 11

Bella(Dani POV)

Edward carried me back to the hotel on the way there I kept on playing what I had done in my mind , the blood was still splattered all over me. We entered the hotel only the Cullens , El , Nathan ,and Spike were still there, Edward put me down and I walked over to Nathan I looked and I was surprised to see that he had his arm back

"Nathan how did you?"

"Spike is really good at this kind of stuff."Nathan smiled

Spike shrugged

"So Bella did you ever find out about your power?" Alice asked me.

"I'm not sure." I said

"I know what it is," El said "I saw enough of what you did to Damien, I think when you get really angry theres something in you that takes over and you become someone else , as long as you never get mad like that again I think you should be fine."

I nodded

"So what now?" Nathan asked

"I guess we just go back to living our lives the way they were supposed to be." El said "Promise me you'll come and visit me sometime ok Da- Bella."

"El you can come live with us , can't she?" I looked up at Edward

He nodded " I'm sure Carlisle won't mind."

"Okay," El said "What about it Nathan?"

"Nathan smiled " Of course! What about Spike?"

Spike nodded his head side from side.

"Awww why not Spike?" Nathan asked.

"I need to go clear some things up." Spike said

Nathan nodded.

"Ok, so what now?" El asked

"I guess , we have to move again." I sighed

"Yeah but this time we'll stay there for awhile right?" Nathan asked

"Yeah." I said

"So ready to go home or at least whats left of it?" Edward asked me

I smiled "Yes."


woooooooooooooo the end meow ok the next story I will be working on is 'Red Revenge' which was originally called Sweet revenge and if I do make a sequal to this I'll work on it but I'm not sure if I should write one or not I guess I shall take a Vote!!!:3