Based On:The Clone Wars: Eminence and The Lawless

Rated: K+

Characters: Darth Maul, Savage Oppress, Pre Viszla


You are cold, and you are dreaming.

You can feel the lip of a cup of tea under your hands. The Force swirls, prophetic, and you do not know when you are, although the where is obvious from the cold and the silence of dead starship engines. The Force tells you that someone is waiting for you. Someone is watching, in the cold of space. You can sense them, and their sense prickles on your skin and shakes the ice.

You can feel the weight of the eyes on your eyes, the crackling rime on your eyelashes. Savage is sitting in the chair opposite you, one hand tucked into his tunic, the wound of his other arm frozen over.

"Might we die here, brother?"

You grunt, sigh, do not know what noises you wish to make to answer such an irrelevant question. Death will come or it will not. There are still people outside.

"Stay still." You breathe in again, shift your knees. Still half-expecting the heavy arachnid chatter of your metal limbs from Lotho Minor. You wonder where the witches are, which is not the same as wondering where your family is. You smell in the Force-rich strangers about to break down your door.

The dark side sweeps through you, and in the ache and the ice there is something familiar. Kenobi was here? Is/will be here? He has something to do with the beings in front of you, who clatter into the hold. You start to feel yourself shivering - in what terrible moment had you stopped? - as you try to reach out to your brother. (Consoling your apprentice is not something you learned from Sidious.) So cold even the air flakes. But these intruder-saviors in their masks reek of Obi-Wan and Sidious. You blink up at them, then let your eyes close again under the sleepy weight of the cold. You are reassured. It isn't the cold and pain and worry that accompanies you into the dark of unconsciousness: it is the Force.