He had to laugh at the absurdity of it.

The way he flaunted all of those rules, the way he turned them upside down.

And it was alright, it was fine.

But it was so strange.

He bent, snapped and shattered those rules, one by one, turning them and moulding them into what he wanted them to be.

If he told the gravity it was sideways, it was so.

If he told the solid that he could pass through, it was so.

If he told the water it was cold, it was so.

And if he told the light he was not there, it was so.

So strange.

He told the world what it was.

He made it the way he wished it, any way at all.

It was his to make, unmake, and bind to his will.

And he didn't even belong there anymore.


A.N. Sorry, but this one had to come out. But I like the way it did.

A bit more deep/angsty/whatever than my other ones, I'll admit, but I quite liked it.

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