Me: Hello! Welcome to my Halloween story. The storm hawks are on terra hallow. For those who don't know what that is read my other story Tropica, where it all started. Terra hallow was founded be a female sky knight named Kathy Hallow on Halloween.

Piper: And the storm hawks are visiting and it's Halloween time and trouble is in the air. Even ask Finn.
Finn (looks at Piper) ask me what? ( goes back to aiming rubber band at juice box)

Piper: See?

Me: Yeah I can. I think Finn is trying to dump a bucket of water on Storks head from away again. He's been trying to do that all week.

Piper: The bucket has landed on Aerrow's head and Finn got an earful.

Me: And it's landed on his own. (Laughs)

Piper: And ended shooting himself in the eye.

Me: And so many other things.

Finn: ( lets go of rubber band, knocked of juice box, a bowling ball that rolled over a string that pulled the bucket dropping it on the passing merb head) Haha haha haha haha haha haha haha hahha haha hahaha!
Me: Now it's time for the door.

Finn: Huh?

Me: (grins evilly) you'll see. I do not own the storm hawks.

Piper: The way you write the stories you might as well. This is what your third story started this week?

Me: Yep. All have been Piper X Aerrow pairings. All my storm hawk stories have been and this one will be no different. Now on with the story. And you will know Finns punishment.

Piper was lying down on a towel in a two-piece bathing suit, wearing deep blue sunglasses and scented sunscreen. She well relaxed and had fallen asleep until Finn came running up the beach fling sand all over Piper as a bunch of females ran up the beach after him screaming and yelling.

"It was a mistake!" He screamed as he ran. Aerrow came over to Piper.

"He did what by mistake?" She asked watching as the females tackled and beat Finn.

" He touched a lot of butts." Aerrow answered.

"That was no mistake. He did that on purpose." Piper shook her head. Everyone who meets Finn knew he was a pervert. ALL guys are perverts to one degree or another and Aerrow was good hiding his pervetedness.( is that even a word?) Piper looked down the beach and watched as female after female would start staring at her red head leader. Piper rolled her eyes and shook her head.

" You haven't even touched the water yet." Aerrow pointed out.

"Well I fell asleep tanning. Five minutes of tanning and I fell asleep I have an excuse. What's your's?" Piper looked at Aerrow.

" Waiting for Finn to stop chasing two piece clad gurls." ( I know that's not spelled right but I want you to se it! My computer blocks it along with like two dozen other words.)

" Why?"

"So I can challenge him to a surfing contest. Finn said last night that he was a better surfer. So to prove that am better I'll challenge him."

"And we both know who the better of the two of us." Piper stated.


"Oh really. I'll challenge after you challenge Finn." Piper gave a smirk imagining the contest.

"Your on. Winner pays for dinner for the whole team at the fancy restaurant down the street."

"You are sooo on." (I think we all know what wins right? Piper: Me. Aerrow: No I win! Me: Or not) Finn down the beach as he ran past a bunch of life guards and the females started flirting.

"He Finn… I can surf better than you."

"No you can't. The Finn is better." He did really weird double thumbs up thing of his making Piper roll her eyes.

"Okay then I challenge you to a surfing contest. Winner gets bragging rights. Loser can't say a word. Deal?"


"And has to wash the ship by hand and alone."

"Cool even better."


"That was quick." Piper exclaimed putting her two cents in. Finn looked at Piper funny before grabbing his surfboard and walking down the beach.

"Wish me luck." Aerrow said starting to walk down the beach.

"Aerrow you don't need luck on this. It's all locked up for you. You've skill." Piper smiled. She knew Finn was going to lose no matter what. She watched as Finn and Aerrow surfed a decent wave but it wasn't long before Finn wiped out trying this fancy move Aerrow had pulled. Piper laughed her head off. Finn groaned as he walked up the beach with his surf board. Piper grabbed her unseen surfboard that was under her towel. Her grabbed it and raced down the beach like a bullet. She jumped into the water as Finn stared like an idiot and Piper and Aerrow surfed a another awesome wave and Aerrow eventually wiped out trying to pulled this really hard and fancy move that Piper pulled off no problem.

" Whoa! Who knew Piper could surf." Aerrow climbed out of the water and stared in shock Piper pulled move after move on the wave doing things Aerrow didn't even dream of doing. The wave Finally disappeared and piper sat down on the surf board and paddled for land where many viewers had gathered, many were cheering, most of those being males. When Piper climbed out of the water, a group of guys crowded around her complimenting her on her looks and her skill of surfing. Aerrow was grinding his teeth in jealousy. He walked through the guys.

" Well Piper you were right. You are better." He said nodding.

" I told you."

"Where did you learn those moves?" Finn asked coming in as some of the people went away.

"Practice and training. Did I ever tell you guys that one year on vacation I won a surfing contest on Terra Tropica?"

" NO!" Finn yelled.

"Oh yeah now I remember. When you were 12. You came home so happy. You were screaming and jumping up and down. ' I won a surfing contest. I beat a 25 year old man at it!'" Smirked as Finn's Jaw dropped so far if he was a cartoon it'd hit him in the head.

" And you know what losing means."

"Yeah I'm stuck paying for dinner at that fancy place down the road."

"you guys going on a date?" Finn asked.

" That's one scary date. You, Junko, Stork, and Radar would be there too." Piper answered forever glad her dark skin hid her blush.

" Oh! So it's a dinner for all the storm hawks." Finn said understanding what was going on.

Me: That's the end for now.

Piper: There's nothing halloweeny about it.

Me: Duh. Chapter two I pull out the big guns. Piper will receive two really big scares. One grabbing her ankle and the other grabbing her ankle and coming back to life.

Piper: Huh?

Me: You'll get next chapter.

Piper: Where are my cookies?


Finn: What?! ( walks into room wearing a kiss the cook apron carrying a plate of chocolate chip cookies.)

Me: I want you to make more cookies and while your at it make some cinnamon rolls.

Finn: When will this torture end?

Me: You said you would do anything as long as your punishment wasn't the door.

Finn: I'll go make them. ( runs out of room)

Me: Gotta love that.