When I reached the meadow, I saw her. She was sitting next to a red brown wolf. I hesitantly stepped out from the cover of the trees. The wolf, which I recognized as Jacob growled at me. I stopped frozen in my tracks. I didn't know if he was going to attack her, but I didn't want to take that chance.

'Bella, Please come here to me." I called out

She didn't respond. I took several steps closer as the wolf continued to growl. Then I saw Bella reach her hand out and rub the wolf's head. It nuzzled up next to her and sat down. Almost as if he were protecting her, protecting her from me!

"Bella. I'm sorry. Please come home with me." I begged but still she did not answer

The wolf walked away from her, but never lost sight. Jacob changed into his human form, and quickly threw on his sweat shorts. He walked over to me and spoke quietly

"Edward, what happened?" he asked

"Jacob, I don't know what you mean."

"Well obviously something happened otherwise I'm pretty sure Bella wouldn't be begging me to kill her." He said in a worried tone

"She what!" I couldn't believe what he had just said, "Why would she ask that of you?"

"She told me, I would be saving her. That it was a mercy killing of sorts. That she couldn't live with what she was."

"She said that?" I was shocked at her words

"Well actually, it was more like she couldn't live with what she was when you regretted changing her. She said you despised what she had become."

"This is all a horrible mistake. I just need to explain to her-"

I quickly looked around, and saw at least 5 wolves emerging from the tree line.

They circled Bella. But she still wouldn't move. God I've created a suicidal vampire! I thought to myself

Jacob ran over to them "Brothers! Please calm down. Everything is fine, please just go back home, I will join you soon."

Growls erupted from the group and one slowly moved closer to Bella

"Paul! That is enough! Bella is mine! She is my imprint and you all need to leave her alone. NOW!"

Oh god what was he talking about. He had imprinted on Bella. I never knew that. No wonder the poor guy didn't want her to die.

I watched as the wolves withdrew to the shadows and he walked over to Bella and sat down in front of her

"Bella honey. Edward is here. You need to talk to him."

"No Jake. I can't ever see him again."

Her words stung me to my marrow. "Bella! I love you!" I shouted to her

"You say that now, but tomorrow, next month, 10 years. Hell, 100 years from now when I don't blush, when my stomach doesn't growl and you feel guilty about me. I can't exist like that. Exist knowing that whenever you look at me, you'd wish that I where human."

"Bella. I'm the reason you are here now. I saved you. I don't regret that. Please don't ever think I regret saving you. You are my world, my all, my everything. I can't exist without you in my universe. I love you Bella, with every molecule of my being."

I slowly watched as she turned her head slightly, and then back to Jacob. They both stood up together and she walked towards me, looking at the ground. Not meeting my gaze.

"Edward, I love you too. But please, never regret me. I exist because of you. I exist for you. You are my match, and I am yours."

I reached to pull her towards me, and I held her close. I looked over to Jacob. The sadness that was in his eyes, Bella had been meant for him, she was his imprint and yet to save her, he had given her up.

As I held her I looked into his thoughts. He had wanted to tell her so many times, in fact the day of the shooting he was going to tell her, but he never had the chance. All he could do was let her go. With that, Jacob Black blended into the darkness

I pulled Bella's chin up; I made her look into my eyes. When I saw the love and compassion she held there I was taken back. She was, and always would be my angel.

As we approached the house, she turned to me. "I'm sorry for the way I acted earlier. I was being childish and should never have left."

"Bella, you had every right to leave. I hurt you, and for that I am sorry. But please, next time you leave be careful. I thought I was going to need to extract you from one of the wolves. Not a very pleasant option!" I teased

"Is everyone angry with me?"

"No Bella just worried that's all."

We walked up the steps hand in hand and the door flew open.

"Oh Bella! Come with me, we have so much to do!" Alice shrieked in delight

"Alice, please tell me what you are talking about." I looked to Edward, panic in my eyes

"The wedding plans of course!"

"Damn Alice, seriously I've been dead for what, a few days and your already planning the wedding!" She smiled up at me

"This is only the beginning!" I bent to kiss her, never wanting to let her go.