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flashback-means flashback

---- change in time for flashbacks

Changes in font means emphasis

"talking"- Dialogue

'thinking' - thinking

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Sasuke walked up ignoring Orochimaru's hungry stares with years of experience-fangirls-

Naruto followed soon after too innocent to understand his Ero-sensei's looks. Of course certain some ones did and certain some ones weren't happy.

Sasuke was one of those certain some ones. Just the thought of his little Naru getting looked at in any way other than innocent sent out homicidal impulses. Heck he hated it when anyone looked at what was his, but Naruto wouldn't want him to stab everyone's eyes out.

Sasuke looked over to the others noticing they felt the same. But, before they could plot anything unpleasant for their Ero-sensei Naruto came bouncing up.

"Oi guys, guys come on I got my schedule now so let's check." The three boys sighed and held out their schedules:



1st- Drama-215-Orochimaru

2nd- Phys. Ed.-Kakashi

3rd- Science-Sasori






Homeroom- Drama-Orochimaru

1st- Drama-215-Orochimaru

2nd- Phys. Ed.-Kakashi


4th- Art-Deidara

5th- Math-Kazaku

6th- History-Jiriya



Homeroom- Drama-Orochimaru

1st- Drama-Orochimaru

2nd- Phys. Ed.-Kakashi

3rd- Science-Zetsu

4th - Art-Deidara

5th - Math-Kazaku

6th - History-Hidan

7th - English- Iruka


Homeroom- Drama-Orochimaru

1st- Drama-215-Orochimaru

2nd- Phys. Ed.-Gai

3rd- Science-Sasori

4th- Art-Deidara

5th- Math-Itachi

6th- History-Jiriya

7th- English-Iruka

Sasuke smirked Well at least someone can look after Naru at all times. It was a lot easier now that Neji and Gaara were around helping to keep tabs on the hyperactive fox. He had even gotten used to sharing his kitsune with them. Well somewhat. It was last only year that Naruto introduced them…


Sasuke was BORED! School was finally over but his little fox had run off to some god forbidden Summer Camp! Luckily it only lasted two weeks and since he left…two weeks ago he was coming back today. Well today at 4:15 and counting down the seconds was NOT helping Sasuke AT ALL.

So what do Uchihas do when they have nothing to do? Well…they turn on their MP3 players-

'For a moment I wish the sky

would swallow every inch of the city

as you gasp for air tonight!' (1)

-and they listen to emo music!

And so for 4 hours 34 minutes and 53 seconds that's exactly what Sasuke did. Fulfilling his family's tradition, Itachi would be proud. Which makes you wonder why he listens to emo music in the first place.

As you may know Itachi, Sasuke's brother, killed their entire family without mercy. And when poor little Sasu got home from playing with little Naru He was greeted with corpses instead of 'hellos'

So sad…

But at least he had a little blonde angel to help him get over it. Oh how he was grateful for Naruto, but THAT is a flashback for a different chapter.

Now while Sasuke was angsting the doorbell rang and of course Sasuke was the first to answer it. He was a tad bit put off by what he found.

At the door stood his blonde fox but also a little red head well may be not 'little' but at least shorter than Sasuke. But it wasn't that his blonde was with someone else that bothered him because let's face it Naruto's a social butterfly. It was more like how the blood head was standing. He stood just behind Naruto and to the left. His stance was…possessive as if he owned the blonde. And Sasuke didn't like it. He didn't like it one bit!

In fact he would have ripped his blonde away from the green eyed boy if not for Naruto scolding him countless times for being too protective. But in his own defense Sasuke had lost his family and wanted to keep something or someone all to himself.

And so he glared at the boy hoping to scare him off. Too bad for Sasuke, the red head could glare just as hard. Needless to say a glaring match ensued.

"Geez you just meet and you already hate each other! Oh well I'll just have to change that!" Naruto's voice broke through the tension, "Come Gaara, Sasuke."

The red head -Gaara- and Sasuke had no choice but to follow while glaring at each other of course. And since they weren't paying attention they never noticed Naruto had tricked them into a closet. It was a very roomy closet but a closet nonetheless.

It wasn't until the door slammed did they realize where they were.

"Now Sasuke, Gaara will be staying here from now on so you have to get along!" Naruto's voice sounded muffled through the door, "And Gaara you have to get along with Sasuke since he's like my best friend. See you soon!" With that he left.

Inside the closet the two boys stared blankly at one another neither knowing just how to start, nor really wanting to.

"So…" Sasuke started knowing Naruto would never let them out if they didn't talk, "How did you meet Naruto?"

"……Camp." He answered

'Someone's talkative' Sasuke thought.

"So you're an orphan?"

"Isn't that obvious?"

Sasuke was mildly ticked off.

"I was trying to have a conversation! You could help a little!"

"…Naruto talked about you a lot at camp…He said you were a bastard…"


"But after you get past the anti-social attitude you were a pretty nice guy"

Sasuke almost smiled. Almost

"Well Gaara just so you know I don't like sharing so don't expect any time with my Naru." Sasuke stated.

Gaara's eyes narrowed, "Well see about that."

"Gaara! Sasuke! I am not a possession! And I told you to get along not fight!"

Both of the boy's blinked having absolutely no idea no idea how he did that.

"Well that was…"


"I wonder how he does that…" wondered Sasuke.

"Hmmm yeah even in Camp he could sense when some one was gonna beat some one else up…"


And so a bond was formed…somewhat…


"Sasuke" a little blonde whined, "I don't want to go to a new school!"

Sasuke sighed, "Well too bad we are."

Naruto pouted but went inside the building anyway.

When they walked into the front office they instantly heard voices.

"Pein (2) we have students coming get off your lazy ass! And take out some of those piercings!" one yelled.

"Oh Konan calm down no one cares what I do."

"Except the School Board that already hates you!"

"Well last time I checked kids aren't on the Board!"


Naruto looked from the office to Sasuke, "Ne, Sasuke we don't really have to go in there...right?"

Instead of answering Sasuke pulled the blonde into the office.

"Oh children! So… nice to see you." Said someone with bright orange hair, creepy red eyes, and piercings all over his face.

'He was the one being yelled at' Naruto noticed dully.

"Well here are your schedules now…leave."

And so they...left

The boys stopped to check their schedules.

"Sasuke we don't have very many classes together," Naruto pouted.

"Hmmm" Sasuke looked over both schedules, "Well I have homeroom, with Gaara at least and we have 2nd and 5th together. I'm not sure about any of Gaara's other classes…"

"Exactly Sasuke I don't know anybody in homeroom! I'm scared!"

"Well deal with it!"

With that Sasuke walked away leaving Naruto to find his homeroom they met up after homeroom… both on their school tours.

"Sasuke! Sasuke! Sasuke! Guess what! Guess what! Guess what!"

"What?" Sasuke sighed.

"Well Lee was in homeroom with me so it was fun! Plus I made a new friend! Bye!"

And as quickly as the blonde came he was gone dragging a very dazed Neji behind him.

Sasuke blinked and turned to Gaara who looked more than a little lost or maybe angry because he was seemingly ignored…the world may never know…

But one thing was certain when all three of their eyes locked- they had competition.

Of course Naruto being Naruto didn't like to see people not getting along, and he had very good intuition when it came to sensing a war, so he instantly knew Neji, Sasuke, and Gaara weren't going to get along. What did he do about it? He shoved them into a Handy Dandy… Closet! I mean it always works! (Well except for Sakura, Gaara, and Sasuke…) Well you get the point. But now the problem arose where on earth do you find an unlocked closet on campus? Well again Naruto was Naruto and knowing that it's better not to ask.

"Neji, Gaara, Sasuke, Naruto please report to the front office." Blared the loudspeaker.

And of course being the…good students they were they all strolled down to the office. One a bit more excited than the others.

However when thy reached the office they were surprised to see no one there. They were even more surprised when the door was slammed and locked behind them by a grinning Naruto.

Neji nearly had a heart attack not having any idea what was going on.

Sasuke and Gaara merely groaned wondering how the heck they got tricked. AGAIN!

"Well might as well get this over with." Sasuke started.

"Yes tell us…senpai what makes you think you deserve our Naruto?" Gaara continued

"Because fate tells me. It has set in motion the strings of our friendship. Obviously fate deems me worthy and in life that's all that matters" Neji stated.

"Well fate-boy," said Sasuke, "unfortunately Naruto belongs to US-"

"Not a frigging possession teme!"

"Err…is our…friend" Gaara corrected.

"Hmmm seems like you're tied quite nicely around his finger."

They both growled more upset that it was actually true than anything else.

So for an hour they fought- verbally of course and they learned they were all quite alike. And, they reached an agreement: they would protect Naruto from all harm in whatever class they were with him. And Neji was absolutely THE last person in their group.

Some how sensing the battle was over Naruto opened the door and they commenced their tours together each wondering how the heck Naruto managed to pull off the whole 'locked in a room thing'

None of them noticed seemingly innocent blonde smirking over yet another victory.

End Flashback

"Hey, Neji how do you have classes with us?" asked Naruto.

"I signed up for mixed classes with the advanced 7th graders."



"Sasuke-teme, wake up! You fell asleep on your desk while we were checking schedules how rude!" Naruto nearly yelled as he shook Sasuke.

"Naruto calm down if you shake him any harder you're going to kill him," stated Neji.

Naruto pulled his hand back inhumanly fast, "Well in any case the bell rang. Hurry up!"

Sasuke yawned and slowly cot up and walked to the door, "Dobe, hurry up we're going to be late." Sasuke called.


The rest were left to trudge after the running blonde with the exception of Lee who ran after shouting about 'Youth'

Oh what a wonderful start to the new school year… for now…

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