A/N:: No, it's not yet New Year's, but this is a New Year's fic (obviously, if you'll read the challenge prompt word…) so it occurs at the 10 second countdown to the New Year. ;)

FanFic 100 Challenge #:: 095- New Year

Countdown to Love


They catch each other's eye. Unspoken words and passions waft in the air between them.


He smiles at her as his heart pounds so hard it feels as if it will burst out of his chest.


She smiles back at him, her emerald eyes shining with the reflections of swirls of fireworks from the sky.


Minerva takes a step towards him, and his soft lemon scent gently caresses her nose.


Albus, longing desperately for the nearness of her, brushes Minerva's hair with his fingertips.


She slips her hand into his. The tender warmth rushes through her body like a summer breeze through a lush valley.


They are locked in the moment; nothing else, no one else matters.


Did their hearts just skip a beat?


Neither can breathe. In an instant they feel as if they are melting into each other. Yes, this must be what they mean by falling in love.


Their lips become one in a moment of burning intensity. The world around them disappears into nothingness. There is no concept of time; there is only eternity.

"I love you, Albus."

"And I you, Minerva."


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