Bella's POV.

The pain, the burning that had moved up so quickly to my womb, making it cold, hard granite, then my stomach. . .

Now I didn't need Sex Ed. I knew how STD's were spread.

I stared at my frowning angel's face, his brow furrowed in worry.

He sat on the very edge of the bed, mopping up my forehead from the dampness, the cold sweat.

The pain never ceased.

It wasn't the pain of a headache, or a migraine, feeling like someone was taking a jackhammer to your head- that was a dull throbbing, like background music, sometimes sharp.

This particular pain however, made it impossible for you to notice anything else, but that.

It was the star of the show, the spotlight was on it, and, Boy, was it performing.

It was such a drama queen.

I'd heard Edward and Jasper describe the change to me before; I understood it completely, but I didn't believe the part about wishing for death while it occurred.

Now I got it completely. Unfortunately.

Wherever it originated, it had to go from there to every cell, every particle of blood, and change it. It had to alter the DNA, making me stronger, faster, more capable of handling things.

It had to stop my need for food, make me inhuman, Needing only blood, but not able to produce my own.

It had to dry out my cells, make my brain, actions, reflexes, faster and stronger. God forbid I have a special ability like Edward.

That might mean more pain.

And I'm so not a masochist.

Edward's POV

Bella. Bella was in so much pain.

It was agony, torture, and I knew it well.

If I could have taken her three days of suffering all over again, I would have.

I caught a scent outside then Carlisle, followed shortly by the rest of the family, was here.

He looked like he wanted to scold me, actually.

But he rushed, and injected a whole lot of Morphine, and some other drugs to ease the pain.

It mightn't have done that job, but Bella blacked out.

Which I was so grateful for.

Then, I noticed everyone's thoughts.

Emmett: You could still have sucked the venom out, you know. And bit her neck instead. You know, let the venom start from a more comfortable place.

I sighed. Ahh Emmett. Always the perverted one.

Jasper: You know bro, I-

Okay. I'm not even going to tell you what Jasper said. I don't want to have that in print for eternity. Plus, it made me a bit nauseous. Or that might just have been Jasper.

Alice: I told you to keep the phone handy didn't I? When she saw me glaring at her.

"You could have been a little more specific with what the problem was going to be, don't you think?"

You would have refused to have sex with her. And she would've been mad, and you, not even liking to say the word 'sex', much less discuss it-you're such a prude by the way-would have been in some deep shit. And, although when she changed, you would've had a mate, you wouldn't have gotten any for a while. So I figured this way was much easier.

"I'm not a prude!" I told her. I wasn't, really.

I just wasn't a nymphomaniac like them. All of them. Including Daddy dearest.

That little outburst got me weird stares from everyone.

Then a simultaneous chorus of, "Yes you are." From everyone.

Except Rosalie.

Which was strange. Then I looked up to see that she was staring daggers at me.

Okay, scary Rose.

Back away slowly. She can smell your fear. Really.

Rosalie: I want a word with you Edward.

I just walked out of the room, expecting her to follow, which she did.

She turned on me.

"What did I tell you, Edward?"

I was going to answer, but then remembered that Rosalie didn't need both sides of the argument to pick a fight.

So I let her continue.

"I said 'be careful'. And what did you do? You freaking poisoned her! This is one of the most memorable moments in a girl's life, and what do you do? You make it the last day of her life! What is wrong with you? What did you learn in the two times you've been to medical school? Did they completely fill your head with sawdust? Well? I'm waiting." She screamed at me.

This was why everyone avoided fights with Rosalie.

You never win.

I spoke softly. "I didn't know that this would happen. I didn't mean for it to happen, And I didn't want it to happen this way. I wanted these two situations to be separate. And, in Med School, they didn't have a class called Vampire Sex Ed, Rose so how was I supposed to know?"

These didn't seem to have any effect on her whatsoever.

"Well you should have known. Vampire Sex Ed 101 Eddie: when you make the change, all the liquid in your body turns to freaking venom! Saliva, sperm, everything! But no, our one and only know-it-all didn't know that!" With that last shout, she turned, and went back into the bedroom where everyone was.

Okay, true, that was probably common sense.

The exact sense I lacked whenever Bella was concerned.

If I'd had any common sense, I would have stayed away from her in school.

And it was my lack of common sense that brought me to my current state of happiness.

Well, not now, but in general.

I'd found my soul-mate.

Who currently happened to be dying for me.